Government of Maharashtra has made it mandatory for all dealers to file their VAT returns only through electronic format.

Dealers can e-file periodical returns from any place at any time through Government of Maharashtra website  ( ) using the Internet. Government of Maharashtra has taken lot of measures to ensure that the return filing information is made available to all dealers and tax collection departments to avoid any operational hurdles.

Prerequisite to generate Annexure in Tally. ERP9 for filing your EVAT Return

1. Press F11 (Company Features) –> Statutory & Taxation. In the displayed window, fill in the VAT Registration Number in the ‘VAT TIN (Regular)’ field

2. Download the e-return templates (i.e, FORM-231.xls, FORM-232.xls and FORM-CST.xls) from the Govt of Maharashtra website  ( ) and copy to Tally.ERP 9 installed folder.

Note: Please do not delete any sheets from the excel documents

3. In all the Purchase & Sales Vouchers, it is vital that the VAT/Tax Class is specified.

Steps to generate Annexure in Tally. ERP9 for filing your EVAT Return

Step -1

Go to Gateway of Tally –> Display –> Statutory Reports –> VAT Reports –> E-VAT Forms

Step 2

In the export configuration screen,

– Excel format is hard coded here

– Specify the Return period and other details
– Click ‘Yes’ to export

Step 3

– Go to the Tally Install Folder on your computer.
– Open the MS-Excel template
– Click on ‘Press to Validate’ button
– If there are any errors, the same will be reported in Errors sheet of the same file
– By default, the validated file will be saved as ‘Rem.xls’ in  My Documents.

Step 4

– Log on to provide the Login ID and Password ( The user has to be registered with the Maharashtra VAT Department to have possession of the Login ID and Password based on the TIN Number)
– After logging in using the Login ID and Password, select ‘Submit E-Returns’
– Click on Browse and select the validated ‘Rem.xls’ from My Documents
– Click on ‘Validate & Upload’ to upload the file

Source: www.tallysolutions. com

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