pri Notice for not filing Annual GST Returns before expiry of due date- Tax Terrorism? Notice for not filing Annual GST Returns before expiry of due date- Tax Terrorism?

Dye date to file Annual return GSTR 9/GSTR 9A for Financial Year 2017-18 is 31st August 2019 but CGST Delhi Zone has started issuing notice to those who have not filed such returns till date even before the expiry of due date i.e. 31st August 2019. In notice issued on 19th August 2019 it has called those who have not filed such return as defaulters although they still have time to file.

Interestingly Notice also ask to Comply within 7 days from the date of notice i.e. on or before 26th August while due date is 31st August 2019.

Notice clearly seems to be result of Over Enthusiasm of Officer and Pressure from Seniors and also shows the lack of any sympathy towards taxpayers from GST Officers and is clearly against the Recent Message of Honourable PM in which he has asked Tax Officers to Behave rationally with Taxpayers.

Such notices ads further fuels to talk of Tax Terrorism under Modi Government. Text of the notice and screenshot of the same is given below-



Dated: 19/08/2019

Dear Taxpayer

Subject: Notice to return defaulter u/s 46 for not filing the Annual return GSTR 9/GSTR 9A

Tax Period: 2017-18

Type of Return : GSTR 9/ GSTR 9A (Annual Return)

Madam/ Sir

Being a registered taxpayer, you are expected to furnish an annual return u/s 44 of CGST Act 2017 for every financial year electronically for the supplies made or received and resultant tax liability discharged for the concerned tax period by due date. It has been noticed that you have not filed the said return till date.

2. You are, therefore, requested to furnish the said return within 7 days failing which you shall not be entitled to take input tax credit in respect of any invoice or debit note for supply of goods or services or both after the due date of furnishing of the return under section 39 for the month of September following the end of financial year to which such invoice or invoice relating to such debit note pertains or furnishing of the relevant annual return, whichever is earlier.

3. The late fees for not filing the GSTR 9 within the due date is Rs.200/- per day. This is subject to a maximum of 0.25% of the taxpayer’s turnover in the relevant state or union territory.

GST Notice for Not filing of GSTR 9 and GSTR 9A

GST Notice for Not filing of GSTR 9 and GSTR 9A


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  1. Rakesh Bansal says:

    the govt must retire those persons who is crupt and new appoint those person who is qualified experience advocate, ca, cs and cma in gst and dtc code.

  2. Dwarkadas Bhutada says:

    Unable to implement. Trying to create more presures on the professionals. Professional still requesting to extend the last date to 31-10-2019. Govt. says it has extended several times. Govt. has extended several times because the form GSTR9 were not ready till April2019

  3. Rajesh Sehgal says:

    Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas Sabka Vishwas Kaha hai logo.All business houses and professionals should shut their computer system for 15 days.govt.or officials ki akal thikanay aa jaigi.
    All country is in grip of flood but they have no humanity to see how people are suffering help karna to ek taraf tugalaki farman zari ho rahe hai.

  4. vswami says:

    If diferently percieved :
    The most important thing one is obliged to ASK is,- why taxpayers have to be constantly kept on tenderhooks ; for ages now, for no fault of them; but what is wholly and exclusively attributable to the fact of inept drafting- terms /phrases impudently used by the law- / rules- makers, withy unlimited authoritative powers, with locale in the “North or South Block ‘ with no second thought ?
    To briefly dilate :
    Filing “by” or “within the” or before expiry of the “due date”, “till date” or…., – such other equally insensible / absurd terms, interchangeably but inadvertently used, inherent with scope for potential controversies / otherwise easily avoidable disputes / litigation , to eternity ?-
    X instead of, far more clear language – SAY- “on or before the due date”


  5. S MANOHARAN says:

    The Gst department servants and other govt dogs having union The govt dogs things tha they are lords and the tax payers are begers because the tax payers have no union to object the section rules which circulating by the varies department. The taxpayers faced many problems for 17 18 due to technical snags suffered in lot but the department dogs misuse of their power and showing that thay are having power to do any thing what they think and when We as taxpayers hast to start ALL INDIA TAXPAYERS AND VOTERS ASSOCIATION TO control the govt dogs and the policy makers

  6. Somani sourav says:

    Sarkar ko yaad rakha chea busniess man ko paresane krogi to desh ki halat karab ho sak thi hai business wala tax or job deti hai

  7. Shyam says:

    All appeals made by various professional bodies are going unheeded. Basically, it is the fault of these professional bodies, in every letter or write-up, they are using an avoidable phrase “Honorable Prime Minister” or “Honorable Minister of State for Finance” etc. whereas they do not deserve to be called like that.

  8. chandrakishore vandhare says:

    Dear professional ,
    We all should have to go on strike and oppose the forcefully implicated GST law and rules because all the tax payers and professionals are working under pressure since last two years, so we have to think all about

  9. Deepak says:

    Jis jis GST Department wale ko gstr 9 nahi aati usko
    Khud pahe 1 gstr9 6 hours me file krke dikhayo
    Hum 31 aug se pahle all over india 3 din me sare gstr9 file kr dega.

  10. vasantbhadri says:

    Instead of tax payer filing return IT department after collecting tax must prepare the statement and send to tax payer. This burden on tax payer must be stopped.

  11. DAYARAM AMLANI says:

    समय के पहले नोटिस देनेवाले अधिकारी को नौकरी से निकाल देना चाहिए और जेल भेजना चाहिए…..

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