The file contains GSTR 3B Computation in MS Excel with following functionality:

1. Optimum utilization of Input tax credit is automatically calculated.

(Section 49A read with Rule 88A which requires IGST to be setoff first with IGST liability, if any balance is left out then IGST Credit has to be ustilized before use of CGST or SGST credit.

If you do not utilize IGST Credit optimally then You may end up paying more tax in subsequent months)

2. NIL Rated total value available in Computation.

3. Fully Automatic Late fees Calculator Added.

4. Taxable Value Total Available in computation.

5. Rate wise computation on just one click.

6. GST liability and Credit set off as per GST Rules

7. RCM

8. Easy to use with Instructions.

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  1. Gautam Kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    We are manufacturer exporters and wish to clarify as below:
    We issued tax invoice charging IGST against export but accidentally SB filled against LUT.
    So IGST not utilise.
    How we will reverse it.
    Please suggest.
    Best regards
    Gautam Kumar
    Cell : 9917034447

    1. says:

      Dear Sir, you may amend the shipping bill in accordance with section 149, amendment of any document is permissible – However, after goods are cleared, amendment is permissible on the basis of documentary evidence in existence at the time of clearance.

      Extract of S.149
      Section 149 Amendment of documents – Save as otherwise provided in sections 30 and 41, the proper officer may, in his discretion, authorise any document, after it has been presented in the custom house to be amended

      Provided that no amendment of a bill of entry or a shipping bill or bill of export shall be so authorised to be amended after the imported goods have been cleared for home consumption or deposited in a warehouse, or the export goods have been exported, except on the basis of documentary evidence which was in existence at the time the goods were cleared, deposited or exported, as the case may be.

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