Many GST Taxpayers Struggling (While Filing GST Annual Return -GSTR 9) to GST Inputs Reconciliation GSTR 2A. Here Introduce GSTR 2A Reconciliation Excel format for Simplifying the Reconciliation of GSTR2 A Data(Online Generated) with Your GST input Data.

Just Copy & pasting Data’s From GSTR 2A (Online Imported data) and Your GSTR (Input) Workings in this Excel Sheet and you file GET the Following Results,

1. GSTR Not Filed Tax Payers (With GST Value)

2. GSTR Filed by Suppliers but We not Taken Input

3. GSTR Filed by Suppliers With Shortage of GST(For Instance, 11 Months GST Filed but not Filed 1 Month, Invoice Value Rs. 10,000 But return Filed as Rs. 1,000, Etc.,)

4. GSTR Filed By Suppliers With Excess (For Instance, if We have lost any Input invoice for not taken input credit – Supplier A Issued 3 Nos(Inv No. 1,2,3) invoices for Apr 17 but we have taken input only 2(Inv No. 1,2) Nos of invoice)

5. Overall The summary sheet explains the difference between Your GST Input taken(Workings) & GSTR 2A Online Data for Take steps to Rectification.

Would you like to get This GSTR2-A Reconciliation (Free of cost) Excel format, Kindly send a mail to Below Mail ID [email protected]

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  1. madhan.krishnan says:

    Dear All, Now Upgraded GSTR 2a Reconciliation Advanced Utility available. Periods enabled 2020-21 & 2021-22. Would you like to get Upgraded tool please send mail.

  2. Shrikant Gore says:

    Just downloaded, 2a reconciliation I will check and update shortly,
    Meanwhile i am awaited your upcoming tool of automatic removal of spaces and bold lines.

    Shrikant Gore

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