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Given below are updates on functionalities which were made available on GST Portal recently:

(A)  Functionality related to GST Registration which were made available on GST Portal recently:

(i) Facility to apply for Revocation of cancellation of Registration has been enabled on GST Portal. This form will enable Tax payers whose registration has been cancelled via Suo-moto Cancellation process, to apply for revocation of cancellation of registration.

(ii) Facility to apply for grant of Unique Identity Number to UN Bodies/Embassies/Other Notified Person has been enabled on GST Portal (refer Rule 17(1) of the CGST Rules, 2017).

(B) Functionality related to GST Return which were made available on GST Portal recently

(i) Facility to change return frequency (Form GSTR 1) for normal taxpayer: Taxpayers whose turnover is above Rs. 1.5 Cr and who have wrongly selected option as quarterly filing, will be able to choose the option of monthly filing , provided the taxpayer has not filed any return.

(ii) Form GSTR 2A: Now the details of Form GSTR 1/GSTR 6 relating to sections of B2BA (amendment in Business to Business Supplies details), CDNA (amendment in details of credit note issued earlier), ISD & ISDA (amendment in ISD invoice), as indicated by supplier taxpayers, will be reflected in auto-generated Form GSTR 2A.

(iii) Removal of validations for equal amount of CGST and SGST in Table 4(B)(2) of Form GSTR 3B: The auto population and auto calculation of data in CGST/SGST amount has now been removed in table 4(B) (2) – ‘Others’ of Form GSTR-3B. Instead of the system making the computation of equal amount based on entry of one field, both fields can be filled by the user. This means that if SGST reversal amount is Rs. 100/-, taxpayer can now enter CGST amount less than or more than or equal to Rs. 100/-. There is no change in other tables of GSTR-3B.

(iv) Generation of auto drafted Form GSTR-4A related to B2B inward supplies, Debit/Credit notes for composition tax payer, is now available to them. This will be an auto drafted and read only form, based on data uploaded from the saved/submitted information by supplier taxpayers in their Form GSTR-1/5.

(v) Facility to amend Form GSTR 5A : The persons registered for OIDAR Services (Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval) have been provided with facility to amend the transaction details of their previous month’s filed return. The user can now edit, save and submit the previously filed records with respect to their tax period, POS and interest. The filing can be done for the amended records as well as of the current records.

(vi) Facility to file amendments in Form GSTR 6, in table 6 & 9, has been made available to ISD (Input Service Distributors) on the portal.

– Earlier IGST credit could be distributed only by ISD if the unit ( to which credit is being distributed by ISD) was located in the same State, as that of ISD. This was not allowing ISD to distribute IGST, in such cases. Now, ISD can distribute credit of IGST either as IGST or SGST (UTST)/CGST, when the receiving unit is in the same State as that of the ISD.

– Reset button in Form GSTR-6 has been enabled for ISD now. Even after “Submit” button is clicked and entries are posted to the liability register reset option will be seen. This is to enable them to rectify any mistakes made at the time of data submission and to correct the same with the newly provided reset button.

– An Offline tool for Creation and submission of Form GSTR 6 statement, is now available on GST Portal to ISD.

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(C) Functionality to apply for GST Advance Ruling (Form ARA 01) 

Facility to apply for Advance Ruling (Form ARA 01) has been enabled on GST Portal. Now an applicant can file online application, for obtaining advance ruling and make required payment of fees, at GST portal.

(D) Functionality related to GST Refund which were made available on GST Portal recently

(i) Statement Upload Functionality in RFD-01A: Taxpayer has been provided with a functionality of uploading statement, after providing details of invoice like invoice no, Shipping bill number and other details, while filing refund application in Form GST RFD-01A. The refund processing officer can view and download this statement in CSV format for further processing.

(ii) Tracking ARN for Refund functionality: Taxpayer has been provided with a facility to see information about transmission status of export data/records to the Customs portal (ICEGATE) from GST portal, to track the status of refund of IGST paid on goods exported out of India. This can be accessed by the following path: (Login>Dash board> Services> Refunds > Track Refund Status)

(E) Facility to search for details of tax officials on the GST Portal

Facility to search for details of tax officials on the GST Portal has been made available. To access the information, follow the given path: (Dash board> Services> User Services > Contact).

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  1. Dr. Arun Draviam says:

    A Residents Welfare Association is a mutual society; it is not a service provider to its Members. The contributions the Members pay is not income in the hands of the Society; they are merely receipts. (Bangalore Club Case). How the same contribution becomes liable to service tax upon crossing Rs. 7500 per month per person and Rs 20 lakh in aggregate exceed as turnover – a concept new and strange to a non-commercial entity like a welfare society. If the 2 conditions are to be fulfilled cumulatively, there should be no RWA which has more than 22 members.
    At one level Govt encourages group housing societies in the context of growing urbanization and at another level societies should be made of a few privileged persons. Or should each floor in an apartment form a society of 20 flats? Are we talking about inclusiveness or individuality in this modern India?

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