Reset of email address/ and mobile phone number of Authorized Signatory on GST Portal

1. How can I reset the password to login to the GST Portal in case the Primary Authorized Signatory has died or is not traceable?

1. In case the Primary Authorized Signatory has died or is not traceable, you need to approach relevant jurisdictional Tax Officer to retrieve password to the GSTIN allotted to your business. You can check your jurisdiction in the Registration Certificate. Alternatively, you can check the My Profile section to check your Jurisdiction.

2. You need to provide valid documentation to validate the business details related to your GSTIN.

3. Tax officer will check if the said person is added as a Stakeholder or Authorized Signatory for that GSTIN in the system.

4. Tax officer will upload sufficient proof in support to authenticate the activity.

5. Tax officer will enter the email address and mobile phone number provided by you.

6. After upload of document, Tax officer will reset the password for the GSTIN in the system.

7. Username and Temporary password reset will be communicated to the email address as entered by the Tax Officer in your jurisdiction. Next you need to login to the GST Portal available at login using the First time login link. You will be forced to change your username and password after first time login with the Username and Temporary password that was emailed on the updated e-mail address of the Primary Authorized Signatory.

2. How can I set a new Primary Authorized Signatory in the GST Portal in case the Primary Authorized Signatory has died or is not traceable? How can I add a new Authorized Signatory in the GST Portal?

In case the Primary Authorized Signatory has died or is not traceable, you need to approach relevant jurisdictional Tax Officer to set a new Authorized Signatory in the GST Portal.

You can check your jurisdiction in the Registration Certificate. Alternatively, you can check the My Profile section to check your Jurisdiction.

3. Can a Jurisdictional Officer add a taxpayer as an Authorized signatory?

No, a Jurisdictional Officer cannot add a taxpayer as an Authorized signatory. Jurisdictional officer can only change the e-mail and mobile phone number of an existing Authorized signatory. For adding Authorized signatory, the taxpayer need to follow the core field amendment process.

4. Can a Jurisdictional Officer mark an existing promoter/ partner as a Primary Authorized signatory?

Yes, a Jurisdictional Officer can mark an existing promoter/ partner as a Primary Authorized Signatory after proper authentication.

Guidelines For Changing Email And Mobile Number Of Primary Authorized Signatories Mentioned At The Time Of Enrolment Or New Registration.

The steps which need to be followed by the user taxpayer for changing of email and mobile number: –

 Step-1: Login to GST portal  ( with your user id and password.

Step-2: Click on the registration bar and select the non-core amendment.

 Step-3: Click on the authorized signatory tab.

Step-4: Add new authorized signatory whose email and mobile number user wants to use.

Step-5: Go to verification tab and submit the application.

Step-6: After submission of application please wait for some time ( 15 minutes).

Step-7: Login again with user id and password.

Step-8: Go to the authorized signatory tab – deselect the primary authorized signatory check box.

Step-9: Select the newly added authorized signatory as primary authorized signatory (Important: Older mobile and email id will be prefetched by the system. Please ensure to change the mobile and email id to which you want to add.)

Step-10: Go to the verification tab and submit,

[Note: For Company/LLP DSC will be allowed. For EVC submission, OTP will come on newly added email/mobile number]

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    I have registered under GST as proprietor firm.
    My accountant says during registration mobile number/mail id was given by Tax office staff”s.
    Although I tried to log in password/username is not matching.
    Kindly guide me can I change Mail Id/ phone number.

  4. MOHAN R says:

    how to change the email id of the sub user- wrongly keyed in by us in eway bill system

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  6. surya says:

    How can change the mail id and mobile number.
    please help me.


    i want change my email id so please guide me for process


    tell me the procedure of change registered Email id and mobile

  9. Tarunkumar D Trivedi says:

    In fact change of mobile number must be simple and easy, features must be user friendly.

  10. Bharani Nath says:

    How to change Mobile Number or Email ID without adding another Authorised Signatory? We only have one Authorised Signatory for our Company. Please advise.

    • shyam Parwal says:

      How to change Mobile Number or Email ID without adding another Authorised Signatory? We only have one Authorised Signatory for our Company. Please advise.

  11. bodhi prakash vyas says:

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  16. B.SEKAR says:

    ,Sir, My case is somewhat peculiar. In a service export company, one local director and another 2 foreign directors. GST registration was made by giving the DSC of local Director & also as Authrorised signatory. Recently the local director has resigned. New local director was inducted because foreign directors cannot be authorised signatory as per rule. . In the GST portal if I try to fill it up the new director details, & finally it asks the left director’s DSC for approval. How can the left person can approve the new director.

    In second case, the local director was demised and how could I affix his DSC for new director DSC approval.
    I hope, you will get me solution for this and send me email to solve the same. I have verified with so many persons regarding this.
    I am not able to file the returns for the old months
    Expecting your earlier solutions and thanks in anticipation

  17. Anikul Islam says:

    i have change mobile no, & email id but not come any otp in new no its gone old email. & mobile advise me for same, its come first arn in new email. id

  18. ROHIT GOLDAR says:

    SIR JAB HAM STEP WISE STEM KAR RAHE HAI BAAD ME SAVE KARNE PAR PAN & ADHAR (Another User exists with same PAN Number/Another User exists with same Aadhaar Number) MASSAGE AA RAHA HAI TO KAISE HOGA….

  19. Sumer Singh says:

    Sir please GST me email&mobile number change karne ke liye guidelines de

  20. Shankara Narayanan.V says:

    The mobile and e-mail id registered at the time of obtaining TRN can only be changed by visiting jurisdictional office by filling an application physically. This would be normally be the jurisdiction of service tax/excise. There is no option in online to change authorized signatory’s no & e-mail id.

  21. kondi says:

    It’s not working for Proprietorship firm. It says aadhr exit etc…..

  22. Mohd Gulzar says:

    Dear Sir,
    When i try to change email and mobile no of existing proprietor. Then show email, mobile no, aadhaar no already exist. So how can i change proprietor email and mobile no?
    Please reply me as earlier.
    Thanking You

  23. Nazmul Haque says:

    You have to add 1 more person as authorised signatory having pan & Adhar number and check as a primary authorised signatory and submit the application with otp receiving on new mobile & email id.

  24. Chetan Nalwar says:

    GSTN will enable non core amendment by end of Sep 17 or 1st Week of Oct 2017 till then, the same cannot be filed. For proprietor you can use Authorized Representative option.

  25. Vj says:

    No, its not working. It says Aadhaar Number & PAN already exists while Adding new Authorised Signatory. Secondly there is no help on the portal for this issue nor replies received for any resolution sent against queries on helpdesk and moreover there is no limitation on time. Time limit is only applicable to the Registration holders.

  26. Montu Sharma says:

    It’s not working on Proprietory Firm

  27. suresh says:

    It’s not working,unable to edit ..

  28. NOOR HASSAN says:

    Its didn’t worked. we cannot use same PAN & Adhar while adding new Authorised Signatory

  29. Rajesh Prasad says:

    How to Change the Trade Name for my GSTIN Registration.

    The Legal Name & Trade Name has been submitted as same i.e. the Name of the Proprietor has been filed. I want to change the Trade Name with the name of my Firm… How…?

  30. Neelakanth Vishnu Marathe says:

    How the above procedure will help-full for proprietor?

  31. Madhav says:

    How to cancel the GST Registration? As I am below 20 lakhs.

  32. CA Mayur Arora says:

    I think this is not the right way to do it,

    You can simply change the contact and email ID mention for the primary contact person without adding secondary person .

    Further to add other person you to get NOC and attach his photo also. No need to take this lengthy and wrong route where the person is same and we just want to edit mobile no. and email ID

  33. S KUMAR says:

    We have active GSTIN No. But we don’t have Login ID and password.We checked with local gst help desk and found incorrect email ID and my mobile number.It was registered by someone else.How can I change email address and Login?

  34. Anvita says:

    Dear Sir

    How to change trade name in GST

  35. DILIP jain says:

    How to change period of validity in GSTn reg-6 certificate I want to effective date as 1-7-17 instead of 19-8-17 I have made sale n purchase in july17 I want to file GST 3b for July which atpresent not accepting on GST portal account

  36. anu says:

    how to change address in gst

  37. CA. Nitesh Kumar says:

    One of our client has got registered under GST by their advocate. Both mobile no. & email id was of advocate while registration taken. Now, the advocate has passed away and neither mobile no. nor email id with the client, even login credential (Login ID & Password) was not given to client then now how we will be able to rectify it and filing of return make possible. pls. guide us.

  38. shyam saran A says:

    But in the case of sole proprietorship, the system is not allowing to add a additional person for authorised signatory. Please suggest us a way out for changing the phone number and mail ID

  39. Rajneesh Harsh says:

    I have done the procedure as confirmed above but when i opt for authorized signatory as a new one it does not allow to change the number and mail id and prefeched the older one. Can you please confirm how to do this.

  40. GULAB ROHIT says:

    how change trade name in gst and change address in gst


    Please tell the procedure how to change registered Mobile No. and E-Mail ID as our Advocate harass us because every time OTP goes to his M.No. and E-mail and to get OTP from him is a project. Thanks

  42. A S Hiremath says:

    Very Good Information. Thank you so much Sir.

  43. Manali Bhagtani says:


  44. reena says:

    digital signature required to follow procedure

  45. Babu says:

    Thanks I was waiting for same topic

  46. N D Shreenivaas says:

    Its not possible for Proprietorship organisation since duplication of PAN not allowed


      I tried this but while i save the page it shows PAN, Aadhaar already exist.
      Is this possible, I authorize my son first and than again change to my self . My gst registration in Huf Prop.

  47. Shageer says:

    I tried this but while i save the page it shows PAN, Aadhaar already exist.

  48. Ankammanaidu says:

    How can i change photo of authorised signatory or trade name of the business? Can you please the information!

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