A. FAQs on Viewing Cause List on GST Portal

Q.1 What is a cause list in GST?

Ans: When an application is filed/referred or order has to be rectified by the authorities or to be declared as void ab initio, a date of hearing is issued by the Tax Official and communicated to the parties by the GST Portal.

A cause list of all such dates is maintained in the GST Portal. This cause list can be printed/ saved in PDF.

Q.2 From where can I view the cause list under GST?

Ans: To view the cause list, navigate to Services > User Services > Cause List option.

3. Is the Cause List updated in real time?

Ans: Yes, Cause list is updated on real time basis.

4. Can I view cause list without logging to the GST Portal?

Yes, you can view cause list without logging to the GST Portal.

B. Manual on Viewing Cause List on the GST Portal

How can I view the cause list on the GST Portal?

To view the cause list of appeal applications on the GST Portal, perform following steps:

1. Access the www.gst.gov.in URL. The GST Home page is displayed.

2. Navigate to Services > User Services > Cause List

Note: You can access Cause List without logging to the GST Portal with your credentials.

GST Portal Image 1

3. Cause List Screen is displayed.

GST Portal Image 2

4. From the Type of Authority drop-down list,  select the type of authority.

5. From the State drop-down list, select State in which Application was filed.

6. From the Jurisdiction drop-down list, select Jurisdiction in which Application was filed. This is not mandatory field.

7. Select Date using the calendar.

Note: In case you don’t select any date, System will search and display the Cause List of the current day.

8. Click SEARCH.

GST Portal Image 7

9. Cause List of the day will be displayed. In case of no hearing scheduled for the day, following message will appear “No hearings are scheduled for date”.

GST Portal Image 8

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