A payment gateway is a technology that allows businesses to process payments from their clients either physically as in the point of sale technology or using software online. White labeling legally permits a product or service belonging to one company to be renamed and rebranded under a different company’s brand.

So, a white-label payment gateway allows business owners or brands to process customer payments with its official name while still using third-party services. A typical example is Paystudio: white label payment gateway.

Why You Should Use a White Label Payment Gateway

Who Needs a White Label Payment Gateway?

Every business that has clients who pay for its service or product can adopt a white label payment gateway. They can rebrand it to fit their brand image including name and logo, integrate it into their website, and process payments. From blogs with readers that pay a subscription, online stores, e-commerce platforms, payment service providers, resellers, SaaS providers to gaming platforms, this service can be useful.


How Will a White Label Payment Gateway Benefit Your Business ?

Swift On-page Payments

One of the fastest ways to lose a client’s confidence is to redirect them to another website and cause a prolonged or difficult process of making payment. It is at this point of the funnel that most prospects fall off. Using readily available white label payment gateway services allows businesses to give their customers a seamless process.

It Saves Time and Resources

By adopting a white label product, companies save the time, energy, and money that could have been put into designing and testing the perfect payment product and service. They can avoid taking on additional risk management and compliance responsibility. Also, the resources needed to maintain a service of this kind will be provided solely by the white label payment gateway.

Brand Recognition

In addition to the ease of rebranding the service with a company’s brand name and logo, a payment gateway integrated into the website gives the company an edge over its competitors and increases brand value and recognition.


There is no wisdom in trying to reinvent the wheel and spend resources creating something readily available. Paystudio has built on the latest software development and security techniques to provide companies with reliable payment solutions so that they can compete at any level and focus on keeping every other thing running smoothly.

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