ID Proofs Compulsory During Train Journey in All Reserved Classes from 1st December 2012

With effect from 01.12.2012, one of the passengers booked on a ticket for undertaking journey in any reserved class will have to produce any one of the prescribed proofs of identity failing which all the passengers will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged accordingly.

This provision shall, however, not affect the existing provision of Tatkal scheme where during the journey, the passenger is required to show the original proof of identity indicated on the ticket.

The number of prescribed proofs of identity have been increased from nine to ten by adding following identity card to the list of prescribed proofs identity:-

“Photo identity cards having serial number issued by Public Sector Undertakings of State/Central Government, District Administrations, Municipal bodies and Panchayat Administrations”

This information was given by the Minister of State for Railways Shri Kotla Jaya Surya Prakash Reddy in written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha today.

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  1. V.S.Prasad says:

    Penalising all the travellers for want of ID proof is some what idotic issue. Because already the travellers have purchased tickets and paid the railways the required fare, then simply for want of ID proof how can they be penalised?

  2. vijayendra says:

    Instead of penalising the genuine travellers who may forget/lose their IDs while travelling, why not the Railways cancel the bookings arrangement by private agencies since in most of the cases it is these agencies who indulge in malpractices like mass bookings/fake bookings. The Railways may open more counters at prominent places in the cities/towns say at busstands, post offices and banks. This matter certainly deserves a rethinking on the part of Railways.

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