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This Excel Sheet calculate your portfolio in real time. Benefits of the sheet is that you have a complete scenario of your portfolio (total Gain/loss at the moment, total brokerage actual gain/loss including brokerage etc.) at a glance with out opening any site, where you need to check the prices of your stock one by one. its also show whether your stock is todays gainer or loser by changing its current price column colour (Green of gainer & red for Loser). This Sheet requires Internet connection & takes automatic updates in every 2 minutes.

Just activate the data connection after opening the sheet. First make your portfolio by finding & coping the stock name of yours from the Gainers or Losers sheet & paste the same in the Stock name column in main sheet, Put your Purchase Price, Qty & the brokerage % applicable to you in the brokerage column for one time.

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0 responses to “Calculate your Portfolio in real time on Excel”

  1. skjain says:

    A protected sheet? The very purpose is defeated. Maintaining a free account at moneycontrol would give more comprehensive view and analysis.

  2. Prasenjit Paul says:

    Dear Ganesan, Activate data connection from the option menu arriving just below the menu bar.

  3. GANESAN says:

    Data not refreshing. How to activate the data connection.
    Mine is always running broadband connection.

  4. Rajinder Sandhir says:

    Dear Tax Guruji,

    Questions: –

    1. Does the table update whenever it is viewed?

    2. Could not set up the table as could not locate my shares viz., Mastershares (MF), SBI, L & T, Oswal Chemicals etc.

    3. Could not arrange table in alphabetical order.

    Thank you for the very informative news letter.

    Rajinder Sandhir

  5. Prasenjit Paul says:

    Dear KJO & Sanjeev,

    Please mail me your requirements at I will send you the Excel sheet tailor made for you.

  6. sanjeev vable says:

    Dear Sir, CAo P.Paul has prepared very exclusive but my stock list more than his ready made column, prepared by him. His Excel Sheet is protected. Please help me to add more stocks. otherwise very purpose shall be defeated. Regards. Sanjeev

  7. kJo says:

    Its excellent.. but if i need to add more script then what to do as you have set password its not allowing me to add additinal scripts..! Can you help..??

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