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ACTION means an ACT towards your vision

Friends I believe we all have read lots of success stories since our childhood. These kinds of stories motivate us to succeed in particular way in our life. BUT my question is,

What success is?

Where it comes from?

What we have to do to achieve it?…


Let’s try to find out the answer.

In 1980, one sample survey was conducted with a sample size consisting 40 successful person of that period and after detailed questionnaire about their successful life, it was found out that 68% of success or achievement of their goals depend on the action done by them towards their vision.

I believe thinking and planning is a first step towards a successful life, but you can only make it once you actually take action on it. So action is a recipe which takes you towards your goal and that’s why PABLO PICASSO said “ACTION IS THE FOUNDATIONAL KEY TO ALL SUCCESS.”

It’s the action that you take each day create the results of your life.

There is one rule which says that there is a direct relationship between the attempt to make and your likelihood of eventual success in achieving your career goals.

I know so many people, who know exactly what they should do or should be doing, but they get stuck in here and now they don’t move a task toward completion. Where people fail is when they just stay at the starting block.

Why do they wait? It would be different if they didn’t know what the ultimate goal was. I’m talking about people who know what is expected, don’t act and then can’t understand why they are not where they would like to be.

If a new salesperson gets up early each morning, works hard, plans his day, works steadily all day long and continually works to improve his skills, he is going to be far more successful than another salesperson who fails to do these things.

Success factors in life and in your career goals follow an action and a lack of action, not a lack of perfection will lead to failure.

As you pursue any of your goals, there came many obstacles but it’s important to remember that obstacles are rarely roadblocks. Instead obstacles are often opportunities to look at things a little differently.

One of the reasons people choose not to act is the fear of making mistakes. However, mistakes are a part of the learning process and part of what can move you forward. If you never try, you’ll never identify what works and what doesn’t. The only problem occurs if you are unable to act for achievement of your goals. All your experiences and all events and circumstances of your life are nothing but the reflections of your own action.

Let’s have a general example.

Most of you after your 10th Board exam planned what you have to do in life. Say you have decided your goal that you want to be a Doctor…but what’s after that. For becoming a Doctor the decision may be taken in few weeks or in a month but you have to work for it for about 6 – 8 years for achieving your goal.

Let’s all of you take a minute and rewind your past and think what had you planned for your life and had you achieved it.

YES or NO!!!

If no, it’s a time to wake up and pull your shocks to act because to carry your vision you must develop a positive action and there is no magic or shortcuts for success and its only depends on your ACTION, ACTION and ACTION.

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