prpri 5 Best Ways to Learn Stock Market for Beginners 5 Best Ways to Learn Stock Market for Beginners

Once, Warren Buffett- one of the most successful investors in the world, delivered an ultimate piece of advice to beginners or stock market investors. He said-

“Make Investments that You Understand.”

According to him, many people invest in a stock without thinking a bit about it. On the other hand, many think much before investing. Well, neither of this is right.

So, the question arises- how to invest in the right stock? We have a simple and crisp answer to this question – firstly, learn the basic concepts of the stock market. Until or unless you don’t understand what investment means, why it is essential, what kind of place the stock market is and how things work there, you will never be able to do things the right way.

Therefore, in this blog, we have covered a few most effective ways to learn the stock market for beginners. FinnovationZ is one of India’s leading platforms that answers all your doubts about investment and trading.

Without much ado, let us find out how FinnovationZ will help you understand the notion of the stock market clearly.

Some Easiest Ways to Learn Stock Market for Beginners

Some of the ways enlisted below are entirely free of cost. So, you must ensure you take the full advantage of the same and excel yourself.

YouTube Video on Stock Market for Beginners

The 12-minute video with more than 2 Million views is a must-watch for those seeking to learn the concept of the stock market for beginners. Often, beginners come across myriads of questions such as how to invest in the stock market in India, when should they actually start investing in the stock/share market, and more.

This video is aimed at answering all your basic queries and will let you learn the basics of the stock market so that you can start investing right away. Watch the video until the end, so that you don’t miss any crucial aspects of this lecture.

YouTube Playlist of Stock Market

In case you want to learn more about the stock market, then you must watch the YouTube playlist of stock market basics. We are sure that will give you a better insight into the subject and help you start investing as soon as possible. Besides, if you subscribe to the channel, you will receive regular updates on the upcoming IPOs and their detailed reviews that will let you decide whether you should subscribe to them or not. So, what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe to the channel now!

Finnovationz Modules

Some of these concepts might be clear to you yet. Well, you don’t need to worry, because here you get everything in a well-written form. Each chapter is explained excellently with the help of graphs and tables to make them look interesting and make your learning even more fun.

For example, if you want to learn the Fundamental Analysis of Stock , you will need to start from the beginning. You should know how to analyze the balance sheet, profit & loss statement, the cash flow statement, calculate various financial ratios and more. In the module, you will get a complete understanding of the same. Likewise, there are modules on the stock market and fundamental analysis, etc. You must check out now!

Stock Market Courses

Before we proceed, you must know that FinnovationZ is offering a 14-days free trial on all of its paid courses. Isn’t it like a cherry on the cake? Honestly, what could be better than this? 14-days is enough to learn and decide whether you should pay for courses or not.

Everything in the video lecture is explained well with proper examples for each concept. There’s not a single chance of you not understanding the concept. Obviously, the YouTube videos and the playlist on its channel will also help you to a great extent. But with the courses, you will gain a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of the concepts. Everything about the stock market and mutual funds will be clear.

Of course, we understand that such dry topics are generally not the most scintillating of subjects. In order to distill these topics down to the basics, we have included practical examples which will help you to relate these concepts to your everyday life. The case studies, too, will help you relate the theory with the practice. Besides, you also receive pdf notes for the same. Live courses are people’s most favourite as their queries are answered instantly there. So, keep an eye on the same.


Out of all the ways aforementioned, you might find this section the most interesting one. Why? Because here you get rewarded for learning.


It’s simple! It’s known as “Play & Earn” and the name is enough to make you aware of what it could be. In case you didn’t understand, let us make you understand. In the Play & Earn section, you can play various quizzes related to the stock market investment, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, mutual funds, trading, IPO, and more.

FinnovationZ organizes quizzes on a very frequent basis. All you need to do is to register yourself for the same and play on the scheduled date and time. If you win, you will be awarded exciting cash prizes. To add some more fun to your learning, the company doesn’t charge you even a penny for registering for the quiz.

Well, you are intelligent enough to decide whether you should participate in the quiz or not.

With this, we come to the end of this article. But fear not, for at FinnovationZ, the fun does not end. Visit our YouTube channel Finnovationz to connect with us , and become a knowledgeable stock market investor today!

Happy investing!

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