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Shaifaly GirdharwalIt is really sad to find that so many people use LinkedIn but they don’t understand what it is all about. When you are going to create your profile on a website like LinkedIn your approach must be very professional, serious, to the point and decent. We are here for some benefit, professional benefit. First thing to do is differentiate between LinkedIn, Facebook, meet up and dating sites. You may be shocked but I have seen so many guys here behaving extremely unprofessional. Some people try to know the personal details, some people ask for a dinner, some even go far and ask for a date and some may even start flirting directly. I guess there must be some girls who even got marriage proposals here (If any of the readers please share in comment, I would love to see that). I am just listing some of the points we should take care while using LinkedIn.

1) Profile pic:

It’s really funny to see the amazing profile pics like a pic showing a boy having shower (If you don’t believe I can give you the link to his profile) or girls having sexy and intimate profile pics here. Some people don’t take care about uploading a clear and high resolution pic and some forget to take care of background in pic. I saw a pic recently clicked in group of friends. It could have worked if they were colleges although even that will not be appreciated. LinkedIn is your professional face online, so you got to make it as professional or close to how you want to present yourself when you for a job interview or a business meeting. All of us like fun and enjoyment but for that we have Facebook. Here we are supposed to show our professional competence. Your profile image is your first introduction so choose it carefully. A pic in professional attire with a soothing background is enough, you don’t need to show your sexiness here.

Avoid following clicks

a) Marriage party or birthday party pics

b) Pics in casual dresses like nightwear

c) Pics showing casual posture like laying down on bed,or laying on a couch

d) Pics in fun places like swimming pool, sea saw or on playthings.

e) Clicks with background having logo of some brand or company you are not associated. This will give a wrong impression and so many people may assume that you work there without going through your profile.

2) Connections: Be careful before sending a request to connect or accepting any request. If you will bombard your profile with so many people it will fill your dashboard with useless stuff. This will result in a wastage o time and resources. Time is less so try to make its optimum utilization. Even if you are here for marketing your product or services, adding useless people will waste even double of your efforts.

3) Communication: Avoid these things while communicating on LinkedIn

a) Asking personal question

b) Flirting: like praising too much for physical appearance

c) Asking for personal contact details especially again and again when someone has already refused it.

d) Sending spam messages

e) Group messages unless you are sure that all in group will be interested

4) Approach: Here we approach people with a professional connect and for professional reason. You may also have connected to so many people and have joined so many groups. It is important to keep your approach professional. Don’t start argument on useless things as this will be in feed of so many people and will result in wastage of their time.

Keep it extremely professional, serious and show your strength. Discuss topics related to work and workspace related topics so that it can serve it’s real purpose for all of us.

(Author Shaifaly Girdharwal is a Cross border business set up and process outsourcing Consultant)

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  1. Ram S says:

    You have given an in-depth study of LinkedIn. It is certainly true. To day so many social webs has started for people to waster their time. Even WhatsApp is used by people without responsibility. But LinkedIn is also doing their part to bring in this kind by unnecessarily indulging in the privacy of peoples and asking them to LinkedIn. Altogether we should beware how much information we put in to because there is one more angle started by news papers and communication writing to you that we want to make video of your company for publicity etc., through email via the information collected. Overall this social and Net Technology is indulging into bad area more than good area. Even the technicians never wanted to come and visit you but want to visit your PC through TeamViewer only. So overall we are now living in a high tech dangerous forest.

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