Ministry of Commerce & Industry

Department of Commerce

Directorate General of Foreign Trade

New Delhi

Policy Circular No. 38 (RE-2008) 2004-09

20th November, 08


All Regional Authorities

All Commissioners of Customs

All Development Commissioners

Subject: Relaxation of ban for export of non-basmati rice by two 100% EOU units – regarding monitoring of export quantity.

Attention is invited to Notification No. 59 dated 18th November, 2008 and No. 38 dated 15th October, 2007, read with Notification No. 93 dated 1st April, 2008, Notification No. 37 dated 3rd September, 2008, Notification No. 38 dated 5th September, 2008, Notification No. 39 dated 16th September, 2008 and Notification No. 55 dated 5th November, 2008, vide which export of Non-basmati rice stand prohibited.

In partial relaxation of ban on export of non-basmati rice imposed vide Notification No.38 dated 15th October, 2007 and above subsequent Notifications, it has been decided by competent authority that the following two 100% EOUs shall be permitted to export non-basmati rice as per quantity and terms and conditions as under: –

Name of 100% EOU Quantity of Non-basmati rice Minimum Export Price
M/s Venkatachalapathi Modern Rice Mill, Abhishagapakkam, Pondicherry 12,500 tonnes US $ 1000/ tonne
M/s Bharath Exporters, R.R District, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. 12,500 tonnes US $ 1000/tonne

3. The export of non-basmati rice by the above 100% EOUs shall be during Kharif Marketing Season 2008-09. The quantity of non-basmati rice exported by the aforesaid 100% EOU firms shall be monitored by Development Commissioner Vishakhapatnam Special Economic Zone, Vishakapatnam and Jurisdictional Customs Commissioner (for M/s Bharath Exporters, Hyderabad); and by Development Commissioner, Madras Special Economic Zone, Tambaram, Chennai and Jurisdictional Customs Commissioner (for M/s Venkatachalapathi Modern Rice Mill, Pondicherry), to ensure that quantities to be exported by individual firms are not exceeded as mentioned in Para 2 above. In this regard, a weekly report should be sent by Development Commissioner(s) and Jurisdictional Customs Commissioner(s) to the Office of DGFT regarding value & quantity of non-basmati rice exported by each individual firm to enable this office to report to Cabinet Secretariat on a weekly basis.

4. This issues with the approval of Director General of Foreign Trade.

(Anil Aggarwal)

Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

Fax 23062240

(Issued from F.No.01/91/180/846/AM08/PC-III)

Copy to

(1) Development Commissioner(s), Vishakhapatnam Special Economic Zone, Vishakapatnam;

(2) Development Commissioner(s), Madras Special Economic Zone, Tambaram, Chennai

(3) Commissioner, Customs, Hyderabad

(4) Commissioner, Customs, Pondicherry / Chennai

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