PUBLIC NOTICE NO:  87 /2009-2014, NEW DELHI: DATED:  26th  JULY, 2010

1. In exercise of the powers conferred under Paragraph 2.4 of the Foreign Trade Policy, 2004-09 and Paragraph 1.1 of the Handbook of Procedures (Vol.1), the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby makes the following amendments/ additions/deletions/corrections in the Handbook of Procedures, Vol.2, and 2009-2014, as amended from time to time.

2.         In the statement of Standard Input Output Norms (SION) as contained in the Handbook of Procedures (Vol.2), 2009-2014, as amended from time to time, amendments/corrections at appropriate places as mentioned in ANNEXURE “A” to this Public Notice are made.


The existing import items uder SION A3627 shall stand modified as per Annexure attached to this Public Notice.

This issues in public interest.

(R. S. Gujral)


(Issued from F.No.01/83/162/1045/AM10/DES-IV)


Sno. Export items Qty Sl.


Import item Qty
A 3627 GlassVials/Phials/Ampoules/

Perfume Bottles /Nail Enamel bottles/ Foudation Bottles/ Miniature / Cream Jars (Glass Scrap/Cullet Route)

1 Kg 1 Glass Formers namely, 0.620 Kgs.
(a) Silica (other than Fumed Silica)
(b) Borax / Boric Acid
(c ) Phosphoric Acid
(d) Arsenic Trioxide
(e) Rutile
2 Intermediates namely 0.020 Kgs.
(a) Aluminium Oxide
(b) Zinc Oxide
(c) Zirconium Oxide
3 Modifiers namely 0.240 Kgs.
(a) Magnesium Oxide
(b) Soda Ash
(c) Sodium Nitrate
(d) Potash
(e) Potassium Nitrate
4 Other Special Additives namely 0.080 Kgs.
(a) Clay
(b) Selenium
(c) Nucleating Agents (Titanium Dioxide)
(d) Barium corbonate
5. Packaging material
(a) PP/HDPE/LDPE and Paper & Paper Board net +5% wastage
(b) Wooden Sheet/pallets net +1% wastage

Note: Under the heading former Sl. No.1, the item Borax/Boric Acid should not exceed 0.10 kg.

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