F. No. S/43-Gen-200/2019-20/PSO/JNCH

Date- 13.05.2020

Public Notice : 67/2020

DIN- 20200578NU00003U76B9

Subject:- Procedure to issue EDI Port Clearance/Advance Port Clearance reg.

Attention of all the Shipping Lines/ Steamer Agents, Members of trade, authorized representatives and all other stakeholders is invited to the Board’s Circular No. 17/2020-Customs dated 03.04.2020 & Public Notice no. 41/2020 dated 03.04.2020 JNCH on the subject matter of “Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period-Section 143 AA of the Customs Act, 1962” and Public Notice No. 48/2016 dated 07.03.2016 on the subject matter of “Simplification of Customs procedure for Port Clearance reg.”

2. The Port Clearance is granted in terms of Section 42 of the Customs Act, 1962. The following documents are required to be produced for Port Clearance along with Application (Format of application is enclosed as Annexure-A).

  • Light House Certificate
  • NOC from Immigration Department
  • Port Health certificate
  • Income Tax Certificate
  • Load Line Certificate
  • Safety radio certificate
  • Safety Equipment Certificate
  • Ship Registry Certificate
  • Port Dues Certificate

3. On receipt of such application, concerned AC/DC should verify correctness of entry inward & entry outward from system, light dues payment calculation, genuineness of all certificates for the concerned vessel and thereafter grant Port Clearance in EDI.

4. As per Para 2(ii) of Board’s Circular No. 02/2015-Customs dated 15.01.2015 issued vide F. No. 450/221/2014-Cus IV ,Mumbai Customs-II has adopted the procedure for issuing Advance port Clearance Certificate to the Shipping/Steamer Agents by issuing Public Notice No. 48/2016 dated 07.03.2016. Vide Public Notice No. 48/2016 dated 07.03.2016 JNCH, it is instructed that Shipping/Steamer Agents may avail the said facility by submitting one time continuity bond (Advance Port Clearance/Edi Port Clearance) to the Deputy/Asst. Commissioner of Customs, Preventive General, as per the format annexed (Annexure-I). The continuity bond shall be executed on stamp paper of Rs. 500/- being stamp duty. This Bond/Guarantee letter executed for the Advance Port Clearance is issued on the condition of submission of following documents within seven days from the sailing of the vessel

    • Inward Clearance certificate for the Vessel
    • Outward Clearance certificate for the Vessel
    • Immigration NOC for the Vessel
    • PHO Certificate for the Vessel
    • Ship Registry Certificate

4. (i) Accordingly, Advance Port Clearance shall be issued by concerned AC./DC. Before granting of sailing permission, Advance Port Clearance along with following documents should be checked by preventive officer.

    • Inward clearance certificate for the vessel.
    • Outward clearance certificate for the vessel.
    • Immigration NOC for the Vessel
    • PHO Certificate for the Vessel.
    • Load Line Certificate.
    • Safety Radio Certificate.
    • Safety equipment Certificate.

Certificates/documents not submitted at the time of Advance Port clearance are to be submitted to concerned AC/DC within seven days from the sailing of the vessel by the Shipping /Steamer Agents

(ii) The Shipping /Steamer Agents are required to undertake that the vessel will be neither carrying any dangerous drugs nor any consignments of Arms and Ammunition, fissionable material like Uranium, Plutonium, Thorium in the same bottom.

(iii) Advance Port Clearance once issued shall be valid for 03 days and same can be extended 03 times for three days each

(iv) The Shipping/Steamer Agents should also bound themselves in event of any failure on their part to submit the above said documents within seven days from the sailing of the vessel, suitable action shall be initiated against them by the Customs as per provisions under Customs Act, 1962.

5. Further, due to the lockdown in light of COVID 19 enforced by the Government of India, the shipping/steamer agents have expressed their inability to submit the continuity bond in cases where continuity bond expired on 31.03.2020. However, they are submitting an undertaking that they will be providing a continuity bond/guarantee once the lockdown period is over. In view of current circumstances, this office has allowed the same based on the undertaking as cited supra. They should also undertake to submit all the relevant documents as required within 07 days after sailing of the vessel as per past practices.

6. It is highlighted that till the lockdown is over, scanned copies of above mentioned documents along with letter of undertaking shall be submitted through their registered email id to [email protected] .After due verification of documents and that there is no alert against the Vessel, Port Clearance/ Advance Port Clearance Certificate duly signed by the competent authority will be uploaded on the sender email id with the attachment.

7. Further, the Boarding/Preventive officer allowing the vessel to sail should ensure that all the formalities are complied with prior to departure of vessel and also endorse the same on Port Clearance Certificate.

8. Except for the modification mentioned above due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all the provisions of the earlier Public Notice inter alia pertaining to Port Clearance shall remain unchanged.

9. Above Public notice shall come into effect immediately.

10. In case of any difficulty, the Shipping Lines/Steamer Agents may contact the Deputy/Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Preventive General at [email protected] or over Phone No. 022-27274756 or 022-27274781.

Commissioner of Customs (Gen.)
JNCH, Mumbai Customs-II.

Copy to:-

1. The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone- II.

2. All the Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone- II.

3. All Addl./ Joint Commissioners of Customs, Mumbai Zone- II.

4. All Deputy/Astt. Commissioners of Customs, Mumbai Zone- II.

5. The DC/EDI for uploading on the JNCH website.

6. Office Copy.

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