All the Custom duty Notification including Tariff and Non Tariff issued by Custom department in respect of budget proposals/provisions in Union Budget 2010-11.

Read our earlier Post on Major Amendment in Custom Duty made in Budget 2010-11 at the Link given below:-

Budget 2010-11: Summary of Major Amendment in Custom duty Laws

Notification are as given below:- Please click the Notification No. to view the Notification.

S.NO. NOTIF.NO Explanatory Memorandum
1 15/2010 Seeks to amend Project import Regulations, 1986
2 16/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.154/94-Cus dated 13.07.1994
3 17/2010 Seeks to amend Notifications 172/94-Cus, dated 30.09.94; Not. 31/2003-Cus, dated 01.03.2003 & Not. 62/2004-Cus dated 12.05.2004
4 18/2010 Seeks to Rescind three Notifications

(1)  33/03-Cus , dated 01.03.2003 ;

(2)  39/05- Cus , dated 02.05.2005 (3) 79/2009-Cus , dated 07.07.2009

5 19/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.42/96-Cus, dated 23.07.1996
6 20/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.25/99-Cus dated 28.02.1999
7 21/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.21/02-Cus, dated 01.03.2002.
8 22/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.25/02-Cus, dated 01.03.2002.
9 23/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.21/05-Cus, dated 01.03.2005
10 24/2010 Seeks to amend Notif.No.20/06-Cus, dated 01.03.2006
11 25/2010 Seeks to provide exemption from customs duty on electrical energy other than the supply from SEZ to DTA
12 26/2010 Seeks to provide exemption from Special CVD to Electrical energy, when imported in to India
13 27/2010 Seeks to provide exemption to films, gaming software etc from customs duties
14 28/2010 Seeks    to       provide  exemption from      special additional        duty       of     customs to parts, accessories of mobile phones, battery chargers & its parts etc.
15 29/2010 Seeks to provide exemption from special CVD ( additional duty of customs) on specified goods
16 30/2010 Seeks to provide concessional customs duty of 5% on all equipments, instruments etc. required for initial setting up of Solar Power Project or facility.
17 31/2010 Seeks to exempt packaged & canned soft ware from customs duties.
18 18/2010 (N.T.) Seeks to amend notification 2/95 dated 01.01.1995 so as to amend Anti dumping rules.

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  1. keo says:


    Pls let me have Customs Tariff Notification for Project Imports [ poultary, Aqua, Marine ] based on union budget notications 2010-114 I had imported poultary equipemts but chennai customs is asking Cusotms Tariff Board notifcation for Basic Duty 5% on these items Pls proivde cutoms duty tarif to match @5% else how to approach Customs Tariff Board early approval for the Poultary Products imports under Project Scheme, though Government Announced in the Budget Last March 2010

    your help is highly appreciable pls sir


  2. manoj patel says:

    Dear sir,
    please give me detail Of custom duty , excise duty & antidumping duty on PVC Flex Media. i want to import from CHINA To INDIA.

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