No MGC/A/6181, dated 5th April 2021.

Sub : SOP for implementation of the “Break the Chain – Micro Containment Zones”

Copy of my D.O. letter to Commissioner of Police, Mumbai may kindly be perused. To ensure compliances of Micro-Containment Zones, following SOPs shall be followed in letter and spirit :-

1. Any Co-operative Society having more than 5 active Covid Positives shall be sealed and treated as ‘Micro-Containment Zone’. Such society shall put up a board at the outside gate informing visitors and deny them entry.

2. All restrictions of Micro-Containment Zones like control over ingress and egress shall be monitored by the society.

3. In case of default, the society shall be fined 10,000/- in the first instance by BMC officials.  Any subsequent default shall attract a fine of Rs. 20,000/- for every subsequent instance.

4. A Police personnel shall be deployed at the entry gate of every sealed building henceforth to be addressed as Micro-Containment Zone.

5. All online e-Commerce deliveries including delivery of newspapers, food items, essential  items,  etc. shall not  be delivered beyond the Society Office of the building and it shall be the duty of the concerned society to device mechanism for further delivery to the concerned flat owner.

6. No egress shall be allowed except with the concurrence of the Secretary/Chairman of the Society and the Police personnel deployed in each of these Micro-Containment Zones and that too for exceptional cases only like medical emergencies and board exams of the students.

7. It shall be the duty of the office bearers of the Co-operative Housing Society to compulsorily seal the flats containing asymptomatic positive patients. Any lapse on the part of the Society will be a deemed fault on the part of Society which may attract a fine of 10,000/- and repetition of the same will invite a fine of Rs. 20,000/- to be enforced by BMC officials.

8. The Police official posted in each of these Micro-Containment Zone shall ensure control over ingress and egress in each of the Micro-Containment Zone.

9. The Police official shall also oversee strict implementation of these guidelines by the office bearers of the society and in case of any lapses, may bring it to the notice of the BMC Ward officials.

10. Any asymptomatic positive patient in home isolation within the flat, shall not move out of the flat premises and if found violating it, an FIR shall be filed by the Ward officials against such asymptomatic positive Patient.

11. BMC / Health officials and Medical Professionals shall be entitled to visit and enter such Micro-Containment Zones for medical/health monitoring Purposes.

12. Home collection of  swabs  in  such  Micro-Containment Zones by testing laboratories through their employees in proper gear shall be allowed.

13. Arogya Setu App to be downloaded as per GOI Guidelines.

All ACs are hereby directed to ensure strict compliance of these SOPs with the help of Police personnel by keeping them informed as mentioned in the D.O. letter to Commissioner of Police attached herewith. The Zonal DMCs shall monitor the implementation of this SOP by surprise visits and phone calls to such places.

(I. S. Chahal)
Municipal Commissioner

All Ward Assistant Commissioners.

All Zonal D.M.Cs.

All A.M.Cs.

Download SOP for implementation of the “Break the Chain – Micro Containment Zones”

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