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CA Radheshyam Sharma

CA Radheshyam Sharma

Today we Indians proud to have our Prime Minister  Shri NarendraModi ji and we as citizen of the country really experienced that we are in safe hand. Today as our Guardian he proved that when we need he is there to safeguard us. As far Economy is concern we have been taken out of ICU now it is our duty to fulfil his dream of 5 Trillion Economy and we must back himlike our father. Today he proved that wisdom is more powerful than Qualification or education. . We all Professionals, Industrialist and businessmen salute our strong Guardian. Recently, the Brazilian President has compared himwith Hanuman which he proved today that he also can save the life of every Indian as his main priority is country not politics because It is not easy task to provide a huge relief package at this juncture especially in deficit budget policy but he can listen the heart bits of all Indian that is why he did it and he did not listen to conservative believers and done what was needed by country at the right time.

Our Param Pujya Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji today announced a Rs 20 lakh crore economic package for what he called “Mission Self-Reliant India” to tide over the coronavirus crisis. “This package is for migrants and farmers who work for the nation day and night, no matter the circumstances,” the Prime Minister said, addressing the nation. The special economic package would be the main component of “Atma-Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India)”, he said.India can become self-reliant. This would be based on 5 pillars:

1) Economy: An economy that takes quantum jumps and not incremental gains.

2) Infrastructure: Infrastructure is synonymous with a modern India.

3) Our system: A system that helps us realise dreams, which is based on tech-driven facilities.

4) Demography: Vibrant demography our strength.

5) Demand: The demand and supply chain, we need to utilise the potential. We need to increase demand in the nation. Each stakeholder must be active.

Announcing a special economic package in a bid to make India self-reliant. Around Rs 20 lakh crores which is around 10% of GDP. Package addresses sectors on which crores depend for livelihood.Package for farmers, for workers, who irrespective of circumstances, work for the nation. Package for MSMEs, who pay taxes sincerely and contribute. Package for Indian industry. This signifies bold reforms, we must move forward. In the last six years, the reforms undertaken, today, in crisis, we are much better off.

Who could imagine earlier that money sent by government reaches farmers in full? This imagined when there was no transport, offices were shut.The reform is in a bid to ensure that such a crisis impacts agriculture in the least possible manner. In a bid to enhance Human Resources and bid to strengthen financial system. These reforms will attract investment and help Make In India.

We will give a new direction to a self-reliant country without depend on Imports, we Indian has ample quality to innovate and produce the best out waste . we surely to grab the global opportunity to make India as super power and by announcing this package he has tried to focus on everyone to make India a self-reliant country, while adding that the package is for labourers, farmers, honest taxpayers, MSMEs, cottage industry etc.He has expressed that this financial package is going to boost the efficiency of all industries across the country.

It will also make way for a ‘Make in India’ boom. “India has resources and talent, it will make the best products, improve quality and supply chain. By taking care of Labour, Farmers he helped us in creating Demand where by helping Industrialist, MSMEs supply chain will be assured

We need to compete for a place in the global supply chain. We must play a big role in global supply chain. Keeping this in mind, various provisions have been made, which will lead to increased efficiency across sectors.

Hawkers, workers, helps – they have faced difficulties in this time and have made sacrifices. Our duty now to make them better off, to work to further their interests. Keeping this in mind, be it poor, be it workers, be it fishermen, be it from formal or informal sector, certain key announcements will be made.

Local manufacturing, local supply chain: We realize the importance now. Local met our demands, local saved us. Brands that are global were once similarly local. When people used them and these were branded, they became global from local. It’s time to be vocal for local

We need to buy local products and spread the word. We must support him and we are sure that we can do this. Our efforts have only increased my faith in him as when he asked citizens to buy khadi and to support handloom workers; we had supported totally accordingly in a short time, demand and sales touched record levels and we made it a big brand too. We got the Good results.

Scientists and experts say that coronavirus will stay with us for long, but we can’t make our lives revolve around this. We will wear masks, maintain distance, but not lose sight of our targets. In Lockdown 4.0, we will follow norms, fight COVID-19 and move ahead. It will be based on suggestions by the states. Details will be informed by May 18 after suggestions from state. We will fight and move forward by following rules. Our responsibility to make India a self-reliant India will be powered by the energy of the 1.3 billion population. With new energy and new determination, we need to move ahead. Who can stop us then we can make India self-reliant; and we will.

About the financial package, it seems it will be around the 10 per cent of the GDP and will address problems of a wide range of sectors as well as difficulties of the migrant workers. The prime minister also hinted at big-ticket economic reforms in coming days, adding details of the economic package will be given by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. “This economic package is for that laborer of the country, for that farmer of the country who is working day and night for the countrymen in every situation, every season. This economic package is for the middle class of our country, which pays taxes honestly and contributes to the development of the country

After this package we must think positive and use our efforts and wisdom and being professional with full knowledge of business I express my views that we India do not need outside support to grow and we have all resources I.e hands and brains by aligning these two we will make India as super Power in Next ten Years as every Indian has capacity to reform ourselves without foreign Investment. Yes we welcome Foreign Investment at our condition without making us financially dependent. Let us start now and make it India as Manufacturing, Technology Hub.



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