Introduction: The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) welcomes a new Executive Director, Mr. Jithesh John, who officially assumed office on December 1, 2023. This significant development follows his role as the Economic Advisor in the Ministry of Power, showcasing a seamless transition within the governmental spheres.

Detailed Analysis:

1. Professional Background: Jithesh John, an Indian Economic Service Officer of the 2001 batch, brings with him over two decades of diverse experience in the Government of India. His extensive service has spanned across crucial sectors such as Finance, Energy, Infrastructure, and Small and Medium Enterprises, making him a seasoned professional well-versed in multifaceted economic landscapes.

2. Educational Credentials: Armed with a postgraduate degree in Economics, Mr. Jithesh John has not only accumulated practical experience but also boasts a strong theoretical foundation. This amalgamation of academic prowess and hands-on expertise positions him strategically in navigating the complex challenges prevalent in India’s economic sectors.

3. Leadership Role at IBBI: As the newly appointed Executive Director at IBBI, Mr. Jithesh John is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping and implementing strategies related to insolvency and bankruptcy. His expertise becomes particularly crucial given the varied sectors he has previously served in, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the economic intricacies at play.

4. Strategic Vision: With a proven track record and an extensive background in the financial domain, Mr. Jithesh John is expected to bring a strategic vision to IBBI. His leadership is likely to influence policy decisions, foster innovation, and contribute to the overall growth and stability of India’s economic landscape.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Mr. Jithesh John’s appointment as the Executive Director at IBBI marks a significant chapter in the organization’s leadership. His wealth of experience, coupled with a strong educational foundation, positions him as a key influencer in steering India’s insolvency and bankruptcy strategies. As the nation grapples with economic challenges, the appointment of seasoned professionals like Mr. Jithesh John reflects a commitment to bolstering financial resilience and ensuring robust governance in critical sectors. This transition is poised to impact the economic trajectory positively, and stakeholders eagerly anticipate the insights and initiatives that Mr. Jithesh John will bring to IBBI in the coming years.


Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India 

No. IBBI/PR/2023/16

1st December, 2023


 Mr. Jithesh John takes charge as Executive Director, IBBI.

 Mr. Jithesh John took charge as Executive Director, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) in New Delhi on 1st December 2023. Immediately before joining, he was serving as Economic Advisor in Ministry of Power.

2. Mr. Jithesh John is an Indian Economic Service Officer of 2001 batch. He has completed more than 21 years in Government of India in various capacities. He has experience of working in Financial Sector, Energy Sector, Infrastructure Sector and Small and Medium Enterprises sector. He has a post graduate degree in Economics.

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