To be an Entrepreneur, herein saying as Employer, is the toughest job to do in India for its non-ending laws and legal compliance as Employer and sometime the laws though has good intention but is so infinite that it just de-motivates the fresh Entrepreneurs and also experience entrepreneurs.

There is no hidden fact that to start business itself is a huge and risky step taken forward as it includes huge financial risk and then upon its start, many laws and various laws only act as deterrent. You will find a separate business model in India which works as consultant who takes care of all the labour laws compliance and other consultants who takes care of factory inspector, government inspector, etc. However, a gutsy and risk-taker Employer always wins the first race and make his business run and do all he can do under laws of India or else to ensure that the employees are treated as partners and give all the facilities. It is further no hidden fact that one will find many precedents on how employer shall act, how employer shall have its committee, what employer shall do, not do, etc but what there is very less talk about the role, ethics and responsibilities of Employee towards Employer.

Employees - Understand Your Responsibility

There is no doubt an employee run the show of every business and Employer only ensures that business is going as per plan. There is nothing wrong to say that “Employees and employers have a symbiotic relationship”. Employee shall understand that the actions of an employee is a mirror to its company’s image and hence employees are responsible for behaving in ways that are beneficial to the companies that employ them and, at the very least, they should not do any unnecessary damage to their employer’s reputation

Employees have its own responsibilities towards their employers irrespective of any responsibilities documented or not. Certain responsibility which is shared is as under:

  • They (Employee) shall ensure that whatever work or responsibility is given to them (Employee) is completed on time and as per the requirement for which such work or responsibility was given as it is on each employee to ensure completing the work or responsibility as if not, then it is a clear waste of time and it is not you (Employee) who suffers but Business suffers which means indirectly Employers. Employee shall understand that business runs on paying “interest on money” and not money and interest on money is payable every day till business lasts and hence the whole onus is on employee. As whole onus is on employees, the organisation does appreciate the employees by keeping awards function for best employee, best work ethics, best department in terms of work, bonus, etc., which is nothing but to keep the motivation going on.
  • They (Employee) shall ensure completing the work carefully, sincerely and seriously as they (Employee) shall never forget that there are department which looks into employee’s regular activities and their work nature and also remember that you (Employee) are bound by terms and conditions which will go against employee.
  • They (Employee) shall never get into politicise mood and shall ensure that work is done on trust and hence there shall never an iota of mindset to put others in danger and this will only create a bad image of yours (Employee) and not else, if not today but someday very soon.
  • Try to be loyal even if you (Employee) have any issues as with issues you (Employee) are being paid, remember that.

Employees shall be aware of the following:

  • That if Employees have a rights and entitlement against the Employer, Employer has the full power to act upon employees which fails to act as per the role given to Employee and any action can be taken by Employer within the bracket of laws which may include warning, written apology, suspension, termination, action, court case, etc depending upon the case factuality.
  • That the employee may also be demoted based on the bad performance and any demotion is a very bad image and in most of the employees it gives stress and depression which is not good for mental health and family welfare of such employees.
  • An employee shall always remember that he/she is just taking care of small department and the Employer has to take care of many such departments as it takes of Business which is more troublesome and hence a trust is imposed on such employees. The employee shall make sure that he is honest with his Employer during his job with the employer, put the interests of his employer above his own, take care of the company assets in all aspects, protect confidential information and do all as is required to be done and infact as if it is his business. An employee must respect his duty of loyalty regardless of the industry he works in or position he has.
  • You (Employee) shall never publicly criticize your (Employee) employer even if you (Employee) are unhappy at work or for any other reasons as today or very soon the news will reach to employer and you (Employee) will be in bad position even to share the eye contact. Even if your (Employee) point is good but this act does amount to defamation unless the matter is not being heard by any departments which is very rare in any business now-a-days. Please note that you (Employee) shall not intentionally damage the employer’s reputation. You (Employee) shall also avoid making public comments.
  • An employee shall understand that maintaining a good work culture is also its responsibility for the reasons that as an employee in an organization, the employees must adhere to the policies and regulations followed in the organization
  • As stated above, Employee shall understand that they are the partner in the development of business and infact their responsibility directly contributes to the development of business. The employees play a pivotal role in the growth of the business and also for the profitability and without the assistance of the employees there cannot be possibility of profitable business.
  • They shall realise that an employee cannot retain any company properties nor can share any information and if so, even in case of no written agreements, heavy damages can be claimed against such employee and this will seriously hamper the growth and even in mostly cases to find a job in any good organisation and hence for your own mistaken, employee puts the stake of its family in dark

The purpose of this Article is to bring awareness to employees to know its duties as many times an employer provides all in his capacity to its employees and hence employees shall reciprocate positively to employers.

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