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The Indian Courts have been using online methods to ensure more transparency and at same time the Litigant to know and get update of their matters as and when they want in independently manner as there are cases where the Litigant are not able to get their cases update regularly and hence to bring more transparency, the Indian Court have even started sending SMS and emails. As of now in this I shall inform you how to check your Cases filed at District and Session Court on regular basis and take further steps:

Step 1: Go to https://services.ecourts.gov.in/ecourtindia_v6/

Step 2: Click on “District Court District Court” on Rigth Hand Side, if matter is at District Court and or High Court or Supreme Court. Here we are only talking about District Court matters

Step 3: Upon clicking as stated at Step 2 “District Courts”, following link will come “https://districts.ecourts.gov.in/” wherein the India Map will be shown

Step 4: Click on State your matter is there. For Ex., here is the State of Maharashtra and the link will be shown as “https://districts.ecourts.gov.in/maharashtra

Step 5: Click on the District where your matter is filed. For ex, here it is shown as clicked on Thane Distrcit and hence the link shown is as “https://districts.ecourts.gov.in/thane

Step 6: Go to Right Hand Side and Click “Case Status” and chose method of viewing the case, better you always Click “Party Name” and if this does not work (chances are very less) then “Advocate Name”. Always click on “Party Name” for easy use. Following link will come once “Party Name” is clicked https://services.ecourts.gov.in/ecourtindia_v4_bilingual/cases/ki_petres.php?state=D&state_cd=1&dist_cd=21

Step 7: Select “Court Complex” and do the following:

  • Court Complex: Click where you matter is posted, either at Vashi, etc. Here as an example, taken as Ulhasnagar
  • Petitioner/Respondent: Put the name of Yours or against whom you have filed case
  • Year: Which Year you filed the case
  • Pending / Disposed / Both: Click on the same what the status of your case. If you are not aware, then Click on “Both”

Once Clicked, the list of all cases with similar names or nearby will come. You go to your case and Select “View”. Once Selected your case will appear with all details and if you click on dates which are Blue in Colour, will show the status of each date and you will get to know what has happened in Court. This way you can be updated at all time.

If you are keen to know about this more or else, you can email us at [email protected] or call us.

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