A PDF tool with all the features users might need for personal and business use is either a hard thing to find or too expensive for most.

Even though there are a lot of one-dimensional programs that deal with just one or a couple of tasks well, we wanted to ease your search for an all-in-one option by bringing your attention to Able2Extract Professional 14 – the new and improved version of the PDF software whose conversion features we covered some time ago.

This time around, it’s time to focus on the advanced, yet simple-to-use feature Investintech’s developers implemented in this latest version: the ability to sign PDF right from your computer and add an extra layer of protection to your important documents.


Electronic and Digital PDF Signatures

Sign-HelpAs more and more services are migrating online, it’s essential to have a tool that can help you quickly sign documents and send them back in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the ability to apply cryptographic signatures to PDFs means that the document you signed is secured from modifying without your approval.

Able2Extract Professional 14 makes PDF signing a straightforward process while giving users a lot of choices for customizing the signature itself.

Before we get to a step-by-step guide on how to sign PDF, it’s important to point out that there are two types of PDF signatures:

  • Electronic (image) signature is primarily used to approve the content of a received document or state that you’ve read it.
  • Digital (cryptographic) signature is an electronic signature with a unique, encryption key applied to them, meaning that they are legally binding and used to add an extra layer of security to a business document sent over the internet.

Able2Extract can deal with both. To access the feature, you should open the Digital Signatures panel.

From there, you will be able to:

  • Create multiple electronic signatures (by typing, drawing, or importing an image).
  • Apply digital certificates stored on a USB to image signatures.
  • Verify digital signatures and check if the document had been changed after signing.

How to Sign PDF

When you click on the Choose Signature… button found in the Digital Signatures panel a new dialog will open up where you can create a new signature, choose the one you already made, and see the list of digital certificates you have installed.


To add a new signature, click on the Create… button. When satisfied, click on Add and the signature you created will be added to the signature selection window.

From there you can proceed to sign the PDF or check the Digitally Sign the Document checkbox and select the digital certificate that should be applied to the image signature you made before signing.

The last step is to place the signature – just click on a designated box or a signature line to apply it. Alternatively, click and drag to have complete control over the signature size.

How to Validate Digital Signatures 

Digital signature validation is somewhat of an automatic procedure when it comes to Able2Extract Professional 14.

When you open a PDF file with a cryptographic signature applied to it, you will immediately see a little padlock icon next to the document’s name.

The padlock can be green, orange, or red:

  • A green one means that the signature is valid and that the document wasn’t edited after signing.
  • An orange one means that the signature itself is valid, but the authenticity of the PDF content might have been compromised after being signed.
  • A red one means that the digital signature itself is invalid.

Click the specific signature in the Existing Digital Signatures panel to get more information about the signer and the certificate applied.


Final Words

The PDF signature feature is far from the only added to the newest version of Able2Extract Professional.

If you want to check out PDF to Excel conversions powered by artificial intelligence, improved PDF forms editor, or any other feature for PDF editing, creating or converting to other popular file formats on Windows, Mac, or Linux, download Able2Extract and give it a go for 7 days free.

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