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The MCA21 portal requires some settings to be done on your computer. For smooth login, upload of eforms, signing of DSC or using any other MCA service available through the MCA21 portal, please make the following settings.

1. Java Settings in Control Panel

2. Java Settings in Internet Explorer

3. Java Settings in System Properties

4. Troubleshooting Java Block Alert

1. Java Settings in Control Panel

1. Click Start > Control Panel.

2. Double click the Java The Java Control Panel box is displayed.

3. In the General Tab, click the Setting The Temporary Files Setting box is displayed.

4. Click the Delete Files The Delete Files and Application box is displayed.

5. Select the following options and click OK.

a. Trace and Log Files

b. Cached Application and Applets

c. Installed Application and Applet

6. Click OK in the Temporary Files Setting box.

In case Java 7 is installed in your computer

7. Click the Security In the Security Level slider, move the slider to Medium.

8. Click the Apply button.

9. Click the Java Tab

10. Click the View Ensure only one version of Java is present, either or In case more than one version of Java is there, select the lower versions and click the Remove button and click the Apply button.

In case Java 8 is installed in your computer

11. Click the Security For Java 8, you will not get the Medium Security level.

12. Click the Edit Site List Ensure that http://mca.gov.in is added in exception list.

13. Click the Apply button.

2. Java Settings in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer

2. From top-right corner of the window, access Tools > Internet Options. The Internet option tab page is displayed.

3. Click the Trusted Sites

4. Click the Sites button.

5. Make sure http://mca.gov.in is in the Websites list. If not, click the Add button and add the http://mca.gov.in in the Website list.

6. Click the Close

7. Click the OK button.

3. Java Settings in System Properties

1. Click Start > The Explorer window will be displayed.

2. Right click and select the Properties menu from right-click menu. The System Properties dialogue box is displayed.

3. Click the Advanced

4. Click the Environmental Variables

5. Make sure that latest Java is set in the JAVA_HOME and Path variable.

Note: Please make sure JDK is installed in your system or not. If not install JDK (Java Development Kit as mentioned in Browser/System Requirements in Login page of MCA portal)

4. Troubleshooting Java Block Alert

You may get the Java Block alert when you login using DSC, upload E-Form or Register Digital signature Certificate. In case the Java Block alert is displayed, either update the java or select ‘Run this time’. But make sure you resolve this alert.

You will get a Warning/ Informational message as shown below. Click the Retry button.

Next a confirmation message is displayed, as show below. Select the Run button.

Make sure that you resolve Java Blocked alert every time or update it to latest version.

Note: – Whenever you install a java, always try to use offline Installer and turn Anti-virus and Firewall off during installation.


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  1. anilp says:

    Laughable, because you need to keep one system exclusively for this with the recommended versions. When any of these multiple software owners issue an update, you no longer can service on MCA portel. In a free world, using multiple software and insisting users to have system requirements of given denomination is simply ridiculous. Nobody is setting any standards for software updates and MCA does not guarantee automatic upgrades. Result chaos!

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