prpri The Wrong Piece – An underperformer team member The Wrong Piece – An underperformer team member

In any organization, We all work as a team and the success and failure of any organization depend upon the various members, it’s just like a puzzle where every piece has two play its part. In any given puzzle all parts are right we just need to place them in correct position but in the corporate world, it’s not always the case. We often come across a piece (Team member) that is not at all fitting in the organization or better to say he is disturbing the entire team. It may be because of any reason the incoming member is not fitting in, The first and primary reason is that he is “newcomer” people need time to accept the change and in the initial face if new member shows some sort of friction his way forward is difficult and the team develops an opinion on him very initially. This issue can be resolved over time as people start understanding the new member and he also adjusts himself as a part of team and then it’s called a match, Where the team starts working towards a common goal.

However, it is not always like this many times we observed that new member is not different due to his change of orgiansation and he has come to new place, It is something different in his nature itself, in process of proving himself  he has tendency of  proving wrong to the existing people, without knowing much about the subject matter and challenges what the existing team member are facing, He start complainin for existing team and there start a friction story and than the culture of organisation may gets disturbed if the newly joined member has joined at some significant position. He may try to drive the entire process in completely wrong direction in proving himself. In such competitive world in such cases seniors needs to understand the flow of team and needs to check through corrective measure and try to build healthy environment as much as possible and needs to control a team member whoever creating friction in team whether he is old or new.

Then comes the final piece where the new member is hired and given due importance However, He is not fit for the place at all, and over the time it is realised that the new  member also doesn’t posses the required set of skills as well, it just somehow he cracked the process of recruitment and got in the environment such type of members are not only harmful for the productivity of existing employee but are more harmful for overally organisation as well. Organisation needs to identify such resource and take appropriate action as early as possible.

Conclusion :- “A great place to work is not the place where people earns more, it is the place where they enjoy there work more and it is only possible when a friendly team is made. Where they trust each other more where they support each other more”. Seniors needs to ensure this. They need to identify the wrong piece in current team and needs to change his behaviour and if it than also if he doesn’t change, That member needs to change and it is equally important in case of new member as well, The recruitment process itself needs to be developed in such a way that wrong piece can not cross that firewall (Many organisation taking psychological test as well for this ) and even after that regular feedback needs to be taken and friendly environment is need of an hour than only Quality resource will stay.

Stay safe stay healthy.

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