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CA Priti KachhalSo dear students, your examination forms filling process is complete,

Hence, set your pre-exam studying policy, very clearly, to compete.

With a prayer from the heart, reset your schedule, taking key factor as the time.

Singing & smiling move onto your schedule, become a superstar & shine.


Moving onto schedule requires close attention in between,

Assimilating the study material, let all negativities be clean.

Perfection in designing the schedule will calm your mind,

Honestly following the study schedule will bring success in time.


Let yourself bloom with the 1st ray of Sun,

Your daily-regular-continuous study, will bring lots of fun.

Meditation & Exercise will increase your energy level,

Eating right with proper rest will boost your concentration level.


The day is not far when success will, definitely, touch your feet,

You’re close to your destination, just without stress, cross the present street.

Have complete faith in yourself, in your work & in almighty God,

Leave no stones unturned, you’re blessed by well-wishers ‘n’ compassionate Lord.

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2 responses to “Pre-Exam Studying: “A Well-Planned Policy””

  1. Sachin says:

    All the best for the exams!! Let all the hard work payoff.

  2. Debjani says:

    This poem by you is like the ‘evening star’! Just like the evening star guides us in finding our path, in the same way this wonderful poem will surely guide the students in finding their way to success 🙂 Your poems are such an inspiration to each and everyone 🙂

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