CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti KachhalDo not form anything in your mind,

As to the examination result Pass or Fail.

Sharpen your focus prevent distraction,

As you have infinite potential power inside.


What happened?

If the comments given not suit to you.

Become very brave and cultivate the courage,

As the development of the country depends upon you.


Do not worry about the failure,

Do not cry about the past.

Broaden your vision dear,

As the demand of the time “Run Very Fast”.


The day before exam,

Make the most efficient use of your time.

Always keep yourself calm.

What you have studied that peacefully internalize.


With graceful expression,

Go & attempt your exam.

Never say next time,

As the life in real time takes many more exams.


Last but not the least,

“O Bharat Ke Bhagya Vidhata, Uth Jag Niraash Na Hona Tum,

Manzil Bahut Nikat Hai Dekho, Kadam Badha kabhi Ruko Na Tum.”

Good Wishes for exams to all my dear examinees.

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  1. Sharad Agrawal says:

    Inspiring quote / poem. It’s true, real life takes exam. So even after passing one exam have to enter in to another exam. Always be ready Bharat ke yuva uth kbhi nirash na hona.

  2. Debjani says:

    The most inspiring line in this poem is- As the life in real time takes many more exams! This inspirational poem not only motivates and encourages the young minds but it also helps each and everybody to be hopeful, optimistic and courageous to realize our dreams. Such a good work by you 🙂 please keep it up 🙂

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