CA Priti Kachhal

CA Priti Kachhal

Why so much stress all around,

Who is purely responsible for such an undesirable sound?

Is this the hectic life style full of tension & stress?

Or to run on our own created airy extensions hence all mess.


Why we define our own boundaries every time,

Thus coming into the trap of unwanted thoughts sometimes.

From stress, tension, anxiety to the feeling of fall of self-esteem,

All these giving nothing but depriving everybody of the mainstream.


Today self-killing & suicidal thoughts are becoming part of life,

And we forgetting the main purpose of coming on the earth of our life.

Might be pressure of number of last dates giving boost to such things,

But to stay positive in all circumstances is the sign of an intelligent king.


Striking the balance between positive & negative and good & bad,

Match the Trial Balance of your life, move & go ahead.

Through adjustment entries the Balance Sheet would definitely be matched,

As there is a room of overcoming bad hence all negativity get patched.


Stress is like a termite, hence shut the stress gate & spread the smile,

Since all round development of our country lies on our shoulders.

Hence along with the knowledge of various rules, laws, and provisions,

We pray to God to bless us our life with a wisdom folder.

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  1. Jatinder Ahuja says:

    Wonderful…U created a stress-free environment for such a moment. I must go through d thought again and again to take the deapth of it in all my moments

  2. Debjani says:

    It’s really a remarkable thing that you take time to pen down all these meaningful, deep, encouraging and inspiring lines because these lines have the power to light up hearts and minds! This particular poem is an eye opener regarding how we are damaging our lives by creating stress and tension. You have such an amazing knack to present it 🙂 kindly keep it up 🙂

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