The Council in its 238th (adjourned) meeting held on Saturday, the 17th September, 2016 noted various serious and grave financial and other irregularities and non-compliances committed at WIRC including non-approval of annual accounts and non-holding of annual general meeting. Keeping in view the best interest of the ICSI and in order to investigate the matter, the Council has taken certain strict and corrective measures. Consequently, the powers of Chairman, WIRC and Secretary, WIRC have been suspended pending the investigation.

In this regard, Members of the ICSI are advised not to believe in rumours and refrain from circulating any baseless and derogatory comments in social media or otherwise. The ICSI reserves the right to initiate disciplinary or other action against those who in violation of this Advisory are found publishing any baseless information or making or publishing derogatory or defamatory comments against the Institute, Council or its members.


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One response to “ICSI advisory on suspension of WIRC Chairman & Secretary”

  1. BS Chaudhary says:

    It is a truly sad day for WIRC which has given legends to the central council. The current office bearers of WIRC seem only interested in politics and corruption and full time behaving like they are in a party / fashion show uploading selfies on social media. Even the central council members from WIRC are upto no good. misusing office for furthering their own personal careers. Is this what this great institution has come to?? If we elect such immature people then we have to suffer the consequences.

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