In the annals of history we find various events where we see that those who considered values of time reached somewhere and earned name fame & wealth.

In our life value of time is more than anything else in the world. If time is lost it cannot be regained. If any other thing is lost it can be gained in our life. Similarly, in our childhood we learn many good things from our parents, teachers, good friends and neighbors. If that early childhood period is lost it never comes again in our life time. If in our youth we never put to ourselves to great hard work, we cannot move parallel with the world of today. Everyone should do maximum hard work in his youth. That energy, that potential, that capacity to do work never comes again in life . Day to Day it goes on diminishing. Therefore, the youth should not waste their time and it should be utilized in doing some concrete work which will make a nation strong.

Now let us talk about our old age. Old age comes to everybody. May be a small poor man, may be big man, superman or very rich person or you can say a king. This is a natural phenomenon. Now who has done good deeds in his youth may cut fruits of his labor. A person is unable to do new projects in his old age. Old age is meant to concentrate on our soul because our soul is ourselves and nothing else. The body is deteriorated. Man is mortal. In old age a person should be detached from wordily affairs and should think to obtain Nirvana which is the ultimate path for every living creature or earth.

In this way no one should waste even a single second or friction of second and it should be properly utilized. Mahatma Gandhi said the way to attain wisdom and God is continuous working.

Every professional whether an Advocate or a chartered Accountant should do hard work , prepare the case in decent manner . Hard work never goes waste . A professional if he works diligently will definitely bring relief to the client . Relief to the client is more important than the professional fee which will automatically come .

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    1. skjain1147 says:

      Continuous work means hard work and wisdom comes if hard work is done . Practically we see people around us those who are hard worker and those who are lazy and do not realize the value of time .

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