RPA, Block chain, CAAT, etc. sounds C- suit words to apply at times. Let us build basic wall based on bits & pieces blended by story.

The story is based on teaching a new joinee ABCD of the audit by his senior whose vein is well equipped with audit flow. Here he begins to transform knowledge by telling a tale.


Character of the story are:- 1) Mr.Sun the senior partner of M/s Bright Ltd and  2) New joinee Mr Shine

Today after completing interview and paper work at M/s Bright Ltd, Mr Shine was worried about the pandemic phase induction with senior of audit department.

Shine: 1st day, 1st mail with subject line “15 min of audit ABCD! I should go through all concepts of audit and I don’t know what sir will ask today?

Sun: Hello Shine, welcome to the organization and meet our other staff members as well. So, 1st tell me what you thought about the training today from the mail?  How it will be taken forward?

Shine: Thank you sir and team for warm welcome. From subject of the mail, I thought in training you will ask me few questions and I have to answer within short span of time as it has to be completed within 15 min.

Sun: Oh that’s funnyJ! I have crossed my half century in this department and synopsis of that in 15 minutes to any new joinee sounds surprising. I wrote it just to begin our training with a tale instead of direct presentations, workflow, manuals and circulars.

Shine: That sounds fascinating, what I thought about induction was the same about presentations and all.

Sun: You have to draw conclusions from this and explain them in the next session and also ensure you do it by becoming a wave of wind change. Let us begin.


A= Agile

B= Brainstorm


D= Due Diligence

E= Evolve

F= Fragile

G= Gamut

H= Haste

 I= Independence

J= Judgmental

K= Knowledgeable

L= Lead

M= Marvelous

N= Niche

O= Observation

P= Practicality

Q= Quality

R= Robustness

S= Skepticism

T= Tactfulness

U= Uniformity

V= Vigilance

W= Walkthrough

X= Xclusive

Y= Yield

Z= Zeal

“Agile is the audit alarm to sustain in today’s time. So, brainstorming begins by building base for the subject. Come; let us craft it by using computer aided audit techniques. Do remember doing due diligence despite of any topic. Effortless will be working in any environment if we evolve ourselves with emerging pace. Don’t fix into fade away phase fetched by fragile focus. Get going by gathering the gamut of guts.

Now our journey takes a step ahead with following qualities queued up…

Hurdles to be handle with care by heartfullnesss without haste. Independence instinct be always intuited in our ink. Judgmental gist with knowledgeable mist will lead to marvelous niche. Observatory eye ends the opaque odds. Practicality paves path to precise pose. Quality quest be quoted on our card. Robustness to ride the roadmap race. Skepticism shot with tactful thought takes us to uniformity mode and vigilance wave wraps up the vibrant voyage.

Walk through of all above ought to yield audit at the speed of thought with zeal to charge xclusive fees.

Shine: That was awesome sir, how you beautifully blended aspects of auditing into bouquet of basics. I will surely try to draw conclusions in this manner in next session.

Sun: Sure after listening to your learning’s, I will take you through next ladder of ABCD to learn C-suite soon. Good bye

 Shine: Thank you sir.”

Hope our ABCD to audit is all astonishing!

Thank You


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