CS Ashutosh Shukla
CS Ashutosh Shukla

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I am a Company Secretary having an exceptional command over legal drafting, legal research, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, alternative dispute resolution, and NCLT matters. I love tackling complex corporate law issues.
Member Since: 03 May 2023
Total Posts: 9
Qualification: CS
Location: PATNA, Bihar, India
Company: N/A
Designation: N/A


Institute of Company Secretaries of India

Job Skills

Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance, Legal Drafting, Legal Research, NCLT, GST, Audit, Risk Management, NPA, CSR, Related Party Transaction, Insider Trading, Listing, Corporate Finance, MSME, Microfinance, Strategy, and Merger and Acquisition.

CS Ashutosh Shukla 's Posts

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