prpri How to Change Name on Physical Share Certificates How to Change Name on Physical Share Certificates

Need of Change the name on Physical Share Certificates:

There are multiple reasons why people change their name. Major Examples are Due to Marriage, Astrological Believes, Due to Divorce etc. For the reason whatsoever, people change their name, it is recommended to update the new name on all the important documents such as PAN, Aadhar, Voter id, Passport, Shares and Securities, Insurance etc. Today we are writing about, “How to Change the name on Physical Share Certificates.

Recently SEBI Simplified the process to notify the name change on Securities held in Physical Form. According to SEBI, the move would help in simplifying the “procedure of change of name in individual Beneficial Owner’s (BO) account”. The depository participants (DPs) shall collect the self-attested copies of above documents and maintain the same in their records after verifying with the original document, the SEBI circular said.

The depositories are directed to implement the above provisions in three months. Further, depositories should have the system to keep the audit trail of the name change in the BO account similar to that of the address change or any other change of coordinates.

SEBI has also asked depositories to make amendments to the relevant “Bye-Laws, Business Rules and DP Operating instructions for the implementation of the above decision, as may be applicable or necessary”.

According to the regulator, the circular is being issued in the interests of investors in securities and to promote the development of securities market.

Change the name of Physical Share Certificates:

Any Shareholder who is desirous of Changing/Updating his/her name in the Share Certificates possessed by him/her will have to make application to the Company/RTA along with following documents:

1. Request Letter mentioning the reason for the name change.

2. Affidavit.

3. Attested copies of Marriage Certificate or Gazzate Notification.

4. Self Attested copy PAN Card duly notarized.

5. Self Attested copy Address Proof duly notarized. (E.g. Aadhar/Voter id/Driving Licence/Bank Statement etc.)

6. Original Share Certificate.

How to Obtain Gazzate Notification:

1. Prepare an Affidavit on Rs. 50/- Stamp Paper and get it Notarised by Local Notary Public of State mentioning the reason behind the name change.

2. Publish an ad for Change in Name in Two Newspaper, one English, and one Vernacular Language.

3. Visit Depart of Publication of your state with Self Attested Copy of PAN Card, Address Proof, and 2 Passport.

4. The Department will print the change of your name in the Gazette. The amount charged for Gazette notifications varies state to state. (Approx Rs. 1000/-)

Name Change Procedure on Physical Share Certificates: The Company/RTA may raise any queries or demand any other documents as per their policies.


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  1. Parin Shah says:

    There is mismatch in Fathers Name on share certificate. I went to Gazette office for name change but rejected on the ground that Son cannot apply for Gazette for name change of his father and father needs to apply it for his name change. Now, father is already passed away and cannot apply to it. So, son is also unable to apply and hence, Gazette is not getting done. Now, company asks for court order and do not accept affidavit and surety. Please guide what to do. Thanks

  2. Vaidehi Bhooshan says:

    My father bought some shares of reliance industries limited having my name as joint holder, now after his death how can I get the certificates in my name as primary holder???

  3. Mahesh Fofandi says:

    sir, whether Co-op Hsg Society can insert wife name in the Share Certificate without informing to Husband owner of the House for just letter giving by wife

  4. Durgesh Chandra Kulshreshtha says:

    I have to change my name from D. C. Kulshreshth a to my full name as it appears on PAN card and adhar card on physical share certificates. Please help me.

  5. Chandrakant Singhal says:

    On behalf of my Grand Father Shyam Lal Goyal, I am writing this..

    My Grand Father has expired last year but he had 500 SBI shares in physical format on the name of Shyam Lal Agarwal.

    But on the Pancard his name is shown Shyam Lal Goyal.

    Please help us, how to get it rectify and transfer into his demat account.

    Details are as follows

    Name – Shyam Lal Goyal
    Folio No. – 02685165
    No. of Shares – 500

  6. Anjana J Adavi says:

    My name in the share certificate is ANJANA ADAVI, but my name in PAN Card, Aadhaar Card and passport is ANJANA JAGANNATH ADAVI. In the circumstances, is publication of advertisement re: change of name in newspapers and Gazette mandatory?

  7. Abha Saxena says:

    In share-certificate Surnme ”SAXENA” erroneouly could have not been mentioned by Share-company.
    How it ”Surname”could be added after name mentioned in share-certificate

  8. rikhab daga says:

    For change of name from maiden name to married name in case of woman holding share, if Bank account is in new name, or Pan is in new name ,adhar is also in new name, why there is insistence on marriage certificate or gazette notification. Sebi should look into.

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