pri Foreign Assets and Liabilities Annual Return (‘FLAAR’) Foreign Assets and Liabilities Annual Return (‘FLAAR’)

As per FEMA Regulations, 1999 requires any company who has either made Overseas Direct Investment (‘ODI’) or received Foreign Direct Investment (‘FDI’), to file the Foreign Assets and Liabilities Annual Return (‘FALAR’). The companies have to report the current financial year’s FLA as well as the previous year(s) assets and liabilities. In the case where a company does not have any foreign assets or liabilities for the current year but has outstanding FDI or ODI from the previous years, it must file the FLA annual return indicating their outstanding assets or liabilities.

Changes in Filing Process with effect from 28th June, 2019 as notified by RBI vide their Circular No. RBI/2018-19/226 A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 37 Dated June 28, 2019

Points Filing Process till 28th June, 2019 Filing Process W.E.F. 28th June, 2019
Procedure of filing Offline i.e. Every company was required to submit FLA return (Excel Sheet) through E-mail to the official e-mail of RBI Online
Acknowledgement No such acknowledgement System generated acknowledgement
Provisional Accounts FLA Return can be submitted based on unaudited (provisional) account FLA Return can be submitted based on unaudited (provisional) account
Due Date 15th July of the following financial year 15th July of the following financial year

Salient Features of Revised Foreign Liabilities and Assets Information Reporting (FLAIR) System:

  • RBI would provide web-portal interface to the reporting entities (
  • The existing mechanism of email based submission of FLA forms will be discontinued.
  • The requirement shall come into force with immediate effect and would be applicable for reporting of information for the year 2018-19.
  • FLA Return is required to be filed by 15th of July every year.

Indian entities which do not comply with the said requirement will be treated as non-compliant with FEMA

Also Read- How to submit online FLA Form (Company/LLP/ Others)

Schematic representation of Entity User Registration  

User Manual for FLA User Registration Form (Company/LLP/Others)

At the time of User registration, entity needs to attach Authority letter and verification letter.


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  1. vswami says:

    BUDGET (no. 2) 2019 (FM’s Speech)

    As may have been heard,, the Govt., has benevolently added a few more to the extant list of ‘abbn.-s’ , for the cmmon man to just try and remember- if that is of any concern !

  2. vswami says:

    Own Contribution :
    Teatime musings (jEst for timepass) :
    ‘FEMA’ nd ‘FLAAR’ ?< Time Now to begin with, for one and all concerned to get familiarised , not to make any mistake, with all such increasing number of abbreviations being used, by the day. Needs to be noted , often, difficulty could arise in first identifying whether that is an 'abbn' used, say, to denote/refer to a 'person'- a professional poltician (need not necessarily be a persona grata) or his 'pet '(animal or creative idea or ideology close to his heart) , fancied policy benevolently conceived of for 'publc consumpton', so on and so forthwith.

    May be interestng, for 'common knowledge' (of a different specie to pass muster) , to know from readers of the dailies, users of the other liike type of media, et al, about such or similar predicaments routinely confronted with .

    Examples- 'GST' , innovatively taken to represent/ construed to mean not one thing , depending on the whims of individual coincerned; and confusing but like soundng – GTD (not a synonym ?)
    A (self-confessed) QUIXOT

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