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Out of circulation in one stroke.


Funding stops to Terrorists, Naxalites and Underworld.


Blow to insurgency, no more schools being burnt and no stone petters to be found.


Fiscal deficit of India set to reduce.


Small vendors have started using Apps and card machines.


All jewellers are being issued forms to declare their Gold Stock on day to day basis.

Source- bjp.org


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  1. HARSHA KUMAR says:

    Yh, its a good bold decision which could not take any other PM in India, its history of Indian Democracy. I salute Modiji for doing such a decision though it demoralise his image in his own Gujarat community. I being a proud Indian solute him with my heart !!!

  2. Suryaprakash soni says:

    By the step of Govt. black money will be out. But there was not home work before ban on Rs.1000 and 500 notes. for the sake of punishing some anti social people, honest and poor persons are dead in this process. Bad peoples are 5 to 10 % and 90 % honest persons are dead in this process. Modiji should go to villages be seated there and feel hardship of people. 90% Indians are living in small villages and town. This process is like murdering common man. If some one of minister’s family is dead than they can feel the reality. Advance planning was required before ban on currency. No body like this type of death in his family. Let some family members of Ministers to stand in queue and die like common man than they can feel the reality. The supply chain of new currency should be so easy that nobody be force to die. Ministers could not feel the worst position of 90% the people of India. because they have full facility and making “Gutteer Masti” form national fund. Govt. should not issue of new 2000 rupees note, there will be again black money in the form of Rs.2000/-notes. Modiji should not only think about rich men. Please think about poor and middle men, people are forced to die. Peoples are struggling to get new currency and standing in queue at Banks and on the other hand Income Tax department is issuing notices before the end of financial year to file their IT Returns. What is this ? totally corruption. Officers will get bribe in lacs and carors of rupees, they will harass the common man and black money will go them and they will distribute to their higher authorities and also to the ministers. Please issue sufficient small size of notes like 100, 200, and 500 and not more than this. The new currency of Rs.2000/- is source of saving black money again. We are old men of “Jan Sang Party” time. Please do not go behind western culture, that is not good and suitable to our country. Please do home work properly before any action. I think your ministers and IAS officers do not like you (Modiji) and they gave this plan to keep you out of politics by angry peoples of India in this way. IAS officers have no knowledge of life of common man and poor man. They wants their own welfare and not of the peoples of India. Please be aware of your ministers and officers, they will destroy you (Modiji”s life) no doubt. If any thing is felt bad from my words please excuse me. God bless you (Modiji). Jay Bharat.

  3. Chidambaram says:

    Media don’t cover good things since they are involved in creating sensation to the public for raising their TRP Rating. Second, most of the media are covering paid up news only and many channels does involve in fixing.

  4. ravi says:

    some harsh action also should be taken against perpetrators of doing corruption when demand money for doing routine work specially for processing of Govt/Non-Govt deputed assignments.

  5. K Sampath says:

    This is a bold and right move. It is only a beginning against black money. More surgical strikes are required even if baby steps like banning cash sales for Jewellary, white goods, hospitals, colleges. Govt should come out with more steps immediately so as not to let up the heat on black money hoarders

  6. Anil says:

    I appeal all patriotic Indians at home or abroad,
    Spread all messages about how modiji is working to remove corruption and black money.there are people who oppose him for their vested interests only and do not think about our country. We people are very lucky that we have got such a prime minister for the first time.

  7. sreeharinarayana says:

    RBI instruct All the banks to provide and release more machines to accept debit and credit cards so that physical cash necessity is reduced and common man can use his money in the bank through debit cards. The govt should release rs 500 new notes immediately to ease small trader business.

  8. pradeep says:

    to promote banking practices in small business firms, cash transactions should be reported in tax audit report and a cess be levied on cash transactions taken up during one financial year over n above a threshold limit. it will deter the firms to deal from dealing in cash beyond a limit. Sec 269SS & 269TT can also be amended like Sec 194C ie single bill of 30000 and total bills of 100000 in one year

  9. A.BANERJEE says:

    It is one of the most courageous steps taken by the present Govt. in the interest of the country. Thanks for this article which should be posted on the Facebook.

  10. pradeep says:

    If govt make a policy to levy lower rate of tax on individuals than all forms of corporate bodies, most of the trusts, cooperatives & companies floated for handling black money will die out their own death.

  11. Raj says:

    Something is better than nothing. Due to vote bank politics, no political party could or will take action against the black money hoarders. At least without any risk to government, the Modi has done something.

  12. SASTHAMANI says:

    The Govt should have carried out lots of raids on hoarders of black money particularly in the houses of MLAs, MPs and ministers present and past. Merely freezing the present lot of black money, simultaneously printing 2000 Re notes is an act of a villain. Why no raids on Vadhera, Jayalalitha, Yedurappa, Sharad Pawar, Kadgari and so many hundreds of those looters. Masses continue to be gullible and very very tolerant. It is “Kalyug” you see.

  13. MADHU MADATHIL says:

    To reduce money using in market why introduce 2000note instead of small currencies. big notes used for hawala balack money like it will increase within oneyear unless stop 1000 & 2000 not withdrawn by govt. common people needs small monies. it is only political gimmicks not other. mostly goverment withdraw or increase the period to help those who interested or court interfere sure the balnce some days spend low level people sufferrings the result.

  14. Krishna says:

    Wonderful article. This is really an eye-opener to idiotic politicians like Forgery wall, Mamata Banerjee who are attacking the Govt without knowing the facts, Send a email of this copy to all mainly to Gulam Nabi Azad, Kabil Sibil, sonia & Rahul. let them understand the benefits of demonetization, Hats off to Mr. Modi for his courageous action

  15. Syed Najish Ali says:

    This is for time being only unless and untill the basic reason be find out and be action against them.
    Apart from this, the mentality of people need to be changed, even 99% people wants to avoid taxes and other govt dues of his personal income as possible as it can be done whether calling himself true supporter of the nation.

    Further of course the objective of govt is good but planning is not well. Our 75% people are residing in villages where electricity, water, road is very common problem yet.
    There are very few ATM and Bank branches in villages and most of them showing out of order because of poor IT infrastructure. Villagers are also not so literated also.
    Because of above mostly they are dealing in cash.
    From the above scheme, only fake money will be abolished, rest will be continue.

  16. Kapil Kamat says:

    What about the cases against those who actually have black money in forms other than than cash. Other form of black money is already in the system.
    What measures the government is going to take to eradicate that black money from the system.
    Also, political parties should promise that in future they will fight elections withour black money.

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