Taxpayers can expect faster refunds from the I-T department this year as the ambitious centralised processing centre of the department will start functioning to full capacity.The Bangalore based processing centre of the income tax department has been adding to its technical strength over the months and will include all I-T returns and generate subsequent refunds from across the country in a seamless manner by start of April, a senior tax official said.

The processing centre will handle returns filed on paper and those filed online and will also bring down the usual time of 1-2 years taken to receive refunds by an individual and TDS taxpayers to under six months, the official added.

The CPC would enable the department to cope with rapid growth in the number of taxpayers and consequently lower the volume of work handled by I-T officials. It would allow the department to bring in more efficient processes in tax administration, the official said.

Eventually, the I-T department plans that the CPC model would be brought to more cities across the country, having gained experience from the initial CPC.

The Bangalore CPC was initially fed with the I-T returns data from Karnataka ] and Goa regions to enable it to process 20 lakh paper returns and 60 lakh returns filed online.

The data migration to the central processing centre has also been achieved and the centre will process returns from all parts of the country now.

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  1. R.LGARG - ADVOCATE says:

    Income tax Deptt enjoys the position od aythoritative status and any body raises finger , the result is their fingers are cut. some amicable and respectable solution is to be find out particulalrly under the present I.T. scenario. some time the refunfd are not despatche a lame excuse is adopted that the addresse was not available or address was wrong. there can be 101 excuses . when ECS is available why it is not implemented. i suggest that delay in refunds should attract higher interest which should be recovered from the defaulter in person

  2. TDS says:

    This is again a hoax for the very reason that AOs have been ignoring applications for rectoification, refunds for several years and various other adjustments are pending for years and the stock reply of the Deptt and Ombudsman is that records for earlier years are missing (which of course can be traced out at a very high cost to the hapless tax payer). This will never happen unless cash for transfer/postings at every level from top to bottom and unions’ intereference in annual transfers for securing best and most wet posts for their active members and also unless the administration sections in the CBDT are overhauled from time to time or the officers and officials in these places are regularly searched by CBI. But who has t6he courage?

  3. veena says:

    I hope it becomes a realitity. Another big problem faced in recieving refunds is that when u recieve a refund after 5 yrs they pay u interest only for 1 year. on enquiry it is found that the refund voucher was made after 1 year but never delivered to you. the finance minister needs to look into this matter.

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