As we aware that, lots of times we faced may difficulties regarding E-filing, refund, rectification, etc but we usually avoid to complaint against it thinking in a way that the process is very much lengthier or tedious and hence Income tax Department has been come up with solution to our this problem which is called as ‘ E-Nivaran’ facility on E filing portal for all users irrespective of whether they are registered or not. Therefore, today I am covering this topic through my article with the motive of enlighten you all regarding this user friendly facility provided by department.


The ‘e-Nivaran’ offers a paperless mode of lodging the complaints, uploading necessary documents, getting the complaint processed and track status of redressal of the same. User can submit Grievance related to Assessing Officer, e-Filing portal, Centralized Processing Centre (CPC), TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System (TRACES), Directorate of Income Tax (Systems), National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL), Unit Trust of India (UTI) and SBI-refund banker.

All major issues on which grievance may arise are categorised into sub-heads. User need to choose the correct category and sub-category along with user enterable personal information. If the grievance does not fall under any of the sub-category, free text field is also provided to capture the grievance. Documents if any required to be submitted to substantiate the grievance can also be uploaded.

Matters which cannot be treated as grievances:

  • RTI Matters
  • Court related/ Subjudice Matters
  • Religious Matters
  • Grievances against Foreign Government
  • Suggestions
  • Grievances against government employees concerning their service matters including disciplinary proceedings etc. unless the aggrieved employee has already exhausted the prescribed channels

Taxpayers can submit the grievance through the following ways:

  • Submit the Grievance if user has not registered at e-filing portal
  • Submit the Grievance if user has registered at e-filing portal

Detailed process of the same is as under:

1. Submit the Grievance if user has not registered at e-filing portal

Steps Particulars
Step 1 Visit the ‘e-Filing’ Portal
Step 2 Go to the ‘e-Nivaran’ menu located at the upper-right side of the page, Click ‘Submit Grievance’
Step 3 Select ‘Do not have PAN or TAN’ -> Click ‘Submit’ -> Go to ‘Grievance’ tab -> Click ‘Preview & Submit’
Step 4 Enter the six-digit OTP recieved at the given Email ID and Mobile Number ⇒ Click Validate

Some related useful screenshots for better understanding are as under:

Home page

E-Nivaran Income Tax - Without login 1

Option to choose ‘’Do not have PAN’

E-Nivaran Income Tax - Without login 2

E-Nivaran Form

E-Nivaran Income Tax - Without login 3

2. Submit the Grievance if user has registered at e-filing portal

Steps Particulars
Step 1 Logon to the ‘e-Filing’ Portal
Step 2 Go to the ‘e-Nivaran’ menu located at the upper-middle side of the page -> Click ‘Submit Grievance’.
Step 3 Agree the Grievance Discalaimer.
Step 4 Read all instructions carefully -> Go to ‘Grievance’ tab -> Fill the ‘e-Nivaran’ form -> Click ‘Preview & Submit’

Some related useful screenshots for better understanding are as under:

E-Nivaran option after login:

E-Nivaran Income Tax - with login

E-Nivaran Form

E-Nivaran Form

Some example of the important useful option under this E-Nivaran are as under

1. Grievance Related to CPC are as follows


1. Status in eFiling shows “ITR-V received” but no acknowledgment received from CPC

2. Received ITR-V ack from CPC but the status in eFiling does not show as ITR-V received

3. Posted signed ITR-V more than 15 days ago but no ack received from CPC

4. Others

B. Processing

1. Once again received notice u/s 139(9) from CPC even after filing correction 139(9)

2. Unable to upload correction u/s 139(9) as communication Ref and PIN is failing as invalid

3. AO has confirmed that there is no outstanding demand but received a notice u/s 245 from CPC

4. Claimed Tax credits are appearing in Form 26AS but credits are not allowed

5. TDS/TCS credits are appearing in Form 26AS and no data entry errors but credits are not allowed

6. Advance Tax/SAT credits not given at CPC though the credits are available in Form 26AS

7. Difference in total income between “As computed” and ‘As entered” in order, please clarify

8. Already paid the demand amount but CPC has sent demand again

9. Others

C. Refund

1. Got the intimation order 10 days ago showing refund payable but not received the refund

2. The status in efiling shows “Refund determined” but not received refund

3. Raised “Refund Reissue” request 7 days back but refund not received

4. AO verified the legal heir and informed CPC but not received refund

5. Refund status at TIN-NSDL shows as “Refund paid” but not received refund

6. Refund payable adjusted against the outstanding demand, please clarify on the adjustment

7. Others

D. Rectification

1. Online rectification filed 3 months back but not received the order

2. Received rectification order from CPC which is the same as earlier order. Please clarify

3. TDS/TCS credits are appearing in Form 26AS and no data entry errors but credits are not allowed

4. Advance Tax/SAT credits not given at CPC though the credits are available in Form 26AS

5. AO has confirmed that there is no outstanding demand but received a notice u/s 245 from CPC

6. Already paid the demand amount but CPC has sent demand again

7. Others

E. Communication

1. Status in eFiling is “Return processed at CPC” but not received the order

2. Raised “Resend Intimation” request more than 10 days ago but not received the communication.

3. Please confirm the email id to which the order has been sent

4. Others

2.  Grievance Related to e-filing  are as follow –

A. My Profile

    • 139(9) Defective Return
    • Compliance related query
    • How to Fill ITR Return/Forms
    • How to open ITR-V
    • How to Raise Rectification Request
    • How to Revise Return
    • ITR-V Receipt Status
    • Pre-filled XML Related Query
    • Issues in ITR/Other Forms

B. My Account

    • Add/Dis Engage CA/ERI
    • Form 26AS/16 Related Queries
    • How to Download XML/ITR/ITR-V Receipt
    • Intimation Related Query
    • Legal Heir Request
    • Profile Updates
    • View Form 15CA
    • XML/ITR/Forms Not Available

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  1. Paritosh Kumar Sarkar says:

    I filed return for my Late mother as legal heir representative in Dec 2020. Assessment order is received. But received no refund order from AO.
    What to do?

  2. Paritosh Kumar Sarkar says:

    I applied for PAN Jurisdiction change for change of Permanent address from Berhampore West Bengal to Gandhinagar Gujarat on 15 Feb 2021. Matter is still pending. Sending daily email request. matter is still pending. What should I do next?

  3. Venkata Ramana Chemudupati says:

    Whome I should address at CPC, Bangalore to claim the Refund adjusted to out standing demands which are Removed by order U/s 154 of the IT act-1961.

  4. Rajiv Singh says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam,

    I beg to state that ,I had submitted Mr. Rajiv Shantilal Singh (Myself) Individual Income Tax Return -AY 2019-20 on 14/08/2019 – THE INCOME TAX DEPARTMENT, Banglore -CPC – Ref File Attached.

    But, the I.T.Department-Banglore CPC have not taken necessary action till date ,I have called 100 times to CPC but no response received from the entire team, Pls refer my call details register number -09757071964, I begged to register the said complaints but no one bothered to register the same and was rudely denied by CPC Team members, Later after complaining multiple times,I got successful in registering few complaints ,Number listed – 200200068865 & 200200068865 ,But after registering complaints ,queries ,priority for my refund status nothing worked, I am pained to say that entire CPC team was callous in my case including ITR Team also, I am still shocked that all complaints,queries & refund status is still under process.

    Kindly, take necessary action of my 2019-2020 Refund on Priority.

    Thanking you,

    Details :

  5. T.Ambadas Rao says:

    I had filed revised return 139 5 after getting refund which is almost 6 months back I had gone through nivaran greievence request also online …showing as pending let me advice how to proceed to get revised file refunf

  6. Phool Lata ogra says:

    My question is a) can AO raise a claim for non payment ( though paid) for 12 years old return
    b) Has AO the power to change the amounts of 1) income from salary / pension & income from other sources & workout the tax payable @ of10%+ cess & then raise the demand as outstanding amount. Is it haresement or indirect way of corruption.

  7. shaweta bhardwaj says:

    Hello Sir,

    This is related to ITR, my employee is not providing Form16, and every month tax was deducted from my salary. Now while checking whether this tax is submitted to Govt, it’s not.

    Please help me what action I should take.

    Thank you

  8. Subhraranjan Senapati says:


    I have filed for ITR refund since 06/2018. But, till date, my request is in the e-verification stage. Please guide me in this context.

  9. chetan says:

    my client a.y. 2017-18 return submitted but form 26as year previous year field. hence not show 26as this year tds. hence income tax notice for demand .. pls solution

  10. Venkata Raman Kumar Rekapally says:

    This relates to my tax return filed for AY 2016-17.I paid all the required taxes, TDS deducted from bank income and other incomes and also advance tax and self assessment taxes paid by me appear in form 26AS.However I have received a demand notice U/S 143(1) for payment of the entire tax already paid along with interest .Can someone help please?

  11. Parvesh chander bhalla says:

    Dear income tax office

    I have submitted ITR on 16 -Jul 2017 for the financial year 2017-18. The refund of 1000 Rs. is still not recieved .Pls refund the due amount at the earliest. My Details of PAN is as under .

    PAN No. ACMPB0876H
    Ackowldgement No. is 879128700160717
    Name : Parvesh Chander Bhalla
    Contact No. 9891977960


  12. gurdev lal surila says:

    Sr citizens loaded with more income tax in 2017-18 than the previous year having income in between 350,000 to 400,000.———————————————- suppose sr citizen have an income of 360,000— income tax during 2016-17 will be after rebate Rs 1000 (6000-5000) and during 2017-18 tax will be after rebate Rs 3000 (3000-0) that is to say Rs 2000 (3000-1000) more than the previous year.—please approach the income deptt for rectification this ambiguity by changing rebate limit of 350,000 to 400,000 for sr. citizens. thank you.

  13. Ulhas Vairagkar says:

    Thank you for the detailed guidelines. My income tax return for AY 2014-15 and 2015-16 has not been processed. I have already registered my grievance on the Income tax website as explained in the article 10 days back but have not received any response. The status column says ‘open’. How do I escalate it to get it resolved?

  14. Udit Bansal says:

    One of my client is providing doctors to a organisation as per their requirement. Organisation is making payment to them after deducting tds @ 10% under the head professionals being doctors provided by him. My question is whether tds deducted @ 10% is correct or not?? Whether this agreement fall under the head contract and tds to be deducted @2%? Email – [email protected] Please reply.

  15. Paras Chhajed says:

    A person hold a PAN card issued by IT deptt. He is receiving his TDS certificates generated through TRACES site with the same PAN. When he tries to register on efiling site for efiling of return of income the message is “PAN does not exist”. He contacted efiling help-desk and he was told to contact NSDL. NSDL says that it is not its job. What remedy does one have in such a situation? Kindly guide. Thanks

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