1. The income tax return filed by the taxpayer is processed by the Central Processing Centre (CPC) of the Income Tax Department.  The CPC (Centralized Processing Centre) in Bangalore is in-charge of handling all the primary processing of assessments. The CPC processes return without any interaction with the taxpayer and in a jurisdiction-free manner.

2. After processing the ITR, the department sends a notice cum communication to the registered e-mail address. The registered e-mail address is the one you use while e-filing your returns.

2.1 As technology is growing, so is the Income Tax Department. Now with the sending of Intimation u/s 143(1), a text message is also sent on the registered mobile number:-

2.2 TEXT MESSAGE:- ITR for AY 2020-21 and PAN abcxxxxx1r has been processed at CPC. Intimation u/s 143(1) has been sent to your registered email ID. If not received check-in SPAM folder.

3. If you have not received an e-mail communicating processing of your Return. You can find out the communication status from e-filing website in the following manner.

3.1 Login to https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home

3.2 Go to view return > My Account > view e-filed Return > Income Tax Return >

Go to view return

3.3 Click on Ack No. – AY 2020-21. The following details will be displayed:-

Click on Ack No.

4. TIME LIMIT FOR INTIMATION UNDER SEC 143(1): Intimation under section 143(1) can be sent by the department within one year from the end of the financial year in which the return of income is filed. For Example: If the return for FY 2019-20 was filed on 31/10/2020 then no intimation shall be sent after 31.03.2022.

5. PASSWORD TO OPEN INTIMATION The notice you receive via e-mail will be a password-protected file. Your password will be your PAN in lowercase followed by your date of birth. For example, if your PAN is ABCDE1234F and your date of birth is 03 June 1966, your password will be abcde1234f03061966.

6. FORMAT OF INTIMATION: Intimation under sec 143(1) for Assessment year 2020-21 is in the following format:-

Intimation under

7. VERIFY THE DETAILS: The next step is to check that the personal details provided in the notice are correct. Pay special attention to the name, PAN, and address. Once you’re sure all the details are correct, you need to compare your income tax computation with that of the department

7.1 The details in the intimation notice will have income details along with details of any tax-saving deductions reported by you with a table indicating the amount as computed by the department under section 143(1)  in the following manner:-

intimation notice

8. There will be following three possible scenarios:-

8.1 DETAILS PROVIDED IN THE TAX RETURNS MATCHES WITH COMPUTATION BY THE DEPARTMENT: In case the details provided in the tax returns matches with that of the computerized returns, and the tax return has been processed without any adjustments. Intimation notice received will be with no demand or no refund and the taxpayer need not do anything.

8.2 REFUND IS DUE. If there is any income tax refund due, then the income tax department will automatically transfer to the bank account indicated for this purpose in ITR once it is processed. It would be reflected in the intimation notice as well

The department will only notify that income tax refund has been processed without asking for any bank accounts.”Therefore, taxpayers are advised not to fall for SMS or email stating that income tax refund is due and that it is required to provide bank details to receive the same.

8.2.1 HOW TO CHECK THE REFUND STATUS:  In case, refund is reflected in intimation notice and it has not credited to your bank account ,you can check status in the following manner

Google -“REFUND STATUS OLTAS”. You will navigate to the  site:https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/refund-status-pan.html Enter your PAN No.

Enter your PAN No.

Refund Status will be shown as follows:

Refund Status

8.3 MISMATCH IN DETAILS: There may be a case where the income reported by the taxpayer in the ITR under each head (in one column) is not matched with the income under that head as computed by the income tax department (in another column).

There will be a discrepancy in the taxable income computed by the tax department and what the taxpayer has filed in his ITR due to following reasons :-

(a) Arithmetic error (if any)

(b) Incorrect claim – For example, a taxpayer has claimed deduction available for specific purposes ie deduction available to sr. citizen claimed by a normal taxpayer

(c) Loss claimed by the taxpayer – Return for the previous year for which set off of loss is claimed was furnished beyond the due date

(d) Disallowance of Expenditure in the Audit Report is not considered in computing the total income indicated in the Return filed

The taxable income computed by the department can be higher or lower due to which it will either show that such taxpayer has to pay additional tax or that a refund is due to him.


In case there is an amount due and the tax is payable as per the department’s calculation. If you agree with the tax amount payable you would be required to pay the amount of outstanding taxes.

In case you do not agree with the calculations done by the income tax department you can opt to file an online request for rectification of your income-tax return under section 154 or file an appeal under section 246A.

11. TIME LIMIT TO RESPONSE AGAINST INTIMATION: The time limit of 30 days from the date of receiving the intimation is given to the recipient of the notice. If the recipient fails to respond, the return is processed after making the necessary adjustment(s) u/s 143(1)(a), without providing any further opportunities in this matter.

12. REQUEST FOR REPROCESSING THE RETURN: In case you have received arrear and claim for relief under section 89(1) in  Assessment Year 2020-21, you may have received the below text message from the Income Tax Department in context with the filed  ITR :-

“Dear Taxpayer, For ABCxxxxxDE and AY: 2020-21 claim of relief u/s 89 of IT Act was disallowed inadvertently. Error is regretted. Order u/s 154 rectifying the intimation would be issued expeditiously”.

 If you have received such an error that means there is some clerical error from the Income Tax Department end, it says the error is regretted and the order u/s 154 rectifying such error that happened at the income tax department, they will rectify the same by the intimation that would be issued expeditiously.

In case, you have uploaded Form 10E correctly and even then your claim of relief is not considered, you can either wait for correction from the department for rectified intimation or else you can request online for reprocessing of your return. Follow the steps indicated below to file a reprocessing request:-

(a) Login to your Income Tax Portal Dashboard

(b) Select Income Tax Return, under “View e-Filed Returns/ Forms”

(c ) Select the Acknowledgement Number for the relevant assessment year

(d) Select the “Submit rectification request” link

(e) Under Request type, select “only reprocessing the data

For AY 2020-21, the reprocessing option is not yet active. You can wait for some more time for submitting the reprocessing request.


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  1. Sameer Raje says:

    I have twice received refund failure on a IT refund due to me for AY 2020-21 inspite of my Bank Account being validated. Please advise how this can be resolved. Again they are asking to raise a refund re-issue request


    Sir, Basis the mail on 29th March 2021 from IT department I submitted the revised return and tax deposited for Ay 20-21. The original return was filed in Sept 20 via clear tax website . I received the intimation as well on 5th April 2021.. However I came to know from my friend that I have deposited extra tax by mistake as while making calculation of High transaction amount I entered wrong figure and hence my tax was calculated extra. What option I have to claim the refund. Pl advise.

  3. Vikram says:

    Dear Ma’am/Sir,
    I submitted ITR 3 on 29th Sep 2020 and successfully e-verified it. However, it has still not been processed. I have a large loss that needs to be carried over (especially given that this year my profits have to be adjusted with that loss). I filed a grievance and the IT department asked me to wait a month back. Is there anything else I could do to get my returns processed?

  4. Uma Rani says:

    Dear sir/mam
    I have submitted my itr on 5/08/20..i got intimation mail on 05/12/20..but still now am not get my refund.. Status shown as refund determined and send out to refund banker.. When I expect my refund??

  5. Iqbal Qasim says:

    Dear Sir/Mam
    Have submitted my ITR in August 2020, received the intimation letter on 8 Feb 2021, but till today have not received my refund. Shall I assume it will not be refunded this year.

  6. Ashok Ahuja says:

    I have submitted my ITR 3 on 3/10/2020 But till date it is not processed yet as last month of next FY is to pass. Is there any time limit or dead line? When I can expect it would be processed? I have checked no outstanding demand there

  7. Ashok Ahuja says:

    I have submitted my ITR 3 on 3/10/2020 But till date it is not processed yet as last month of next FY is to pass. Is there any time limit or dead line? When I can expect it would be processed? I have checked no outstanding demand there

  8. Mayur Bawangade says:

    I received an email of initimmation u/s 143(1) for original itr and refund has been initiated but I had filed revised itr also.. Will my refund stop? What to do pls help me out

  9. Anup V says:


    For AY 2019-20, i had foreign income and my company had shown it under section 89.
    1. First i filed under ITR1, and i got intimation to pay tax.
    2. Next i filed revised ITR2 correctly and filled section 90 DTAA and then i got mail that file has been transferred to AO, i thought that AO will contact me or mail me and ask for the details. But no one called me or mailed me either. Then i got intimation once again to pay the tax which is huge !!
    3. Then recently on March 2021 i went to AO to settle things, and he asked whether i had submitted Form 67 or not !!
    4. I said no and he directly rejected my proofs and told to pay tax, it felt as harrasment to me.
    5. Then i came and submitted Form 67 and rectified ITR2 to reprocess it again…[ for AY 2019-20]

    Question is: Will it be considered now ? Or if again they ask me to pay, what would be the next step from my side ?

    1. Arnab B says:

      Hi Anup,

      I have similar issue where I did file ITR-2 & claimed relief under u/s 90 but I didn’t submit Form 67. I got an intimation demanding extra tax went & met the AO but the officer said to pay tax, seems unfair.

      Did you get a solution?

  10. Mukul Khanna says:

    Hello Anita Ji,

    I have filed original ITR1 in Aug’20 and Revised ITR5 in Dec’20 but intimation 143 received yesterday as per original ITR1 only. Do I need to wait as automatically one more intimation for refund will be raised against revised ITR5 or any other process to follow?
    Revised ITR has more refund amount than original ITR

  11. Mayur Bawangade says:

    I have received intimation u/s143(1) for my original itr 139(1) and refund has been initiated but not credited yet. Also due to some minor mistake I had filed revised itr 139(5) which is not processed yet. Does the initiated refund stop by bank if they process revised itr?
    Kindly help me out what to do the next.

  12. Niraj says:

    Hi, I received Intimation U/S 143(1) for AY 2020-21 asking to pay tax of Rs 6250 as tax on regular assessment. Also in the table A: Details of unmatched Tax payment – Advance Tax and self assessment tax, the reason for mismatch is “Challan is not available for the AY”. However i had paid the Self Assessment tax of Rs 6250 ( under Minor Head 300 – Self Assessment tax) and filled the Challan details in TDS before filing the return in Dec 2020. I also verified online that Self Assessment Tax was received by TIN in Dec 2020 just 3 days after.
    Moreover in the Intimation u/s 143(1), my self assessment tax amount is recorded under “As computed by taxpayer” but is zero under ” As computed u/s 143(1) and hence Tax payable demand occurs.
    Was something done wrong by tax payer or its seems like a computation error u/s 143(1)? Can you guide how this can be responded and rectified?

  13. sagar satija says:

    Hi There,

    I recieved 143(1) intimation today, just wanted to know does the office only send email notification or do they send a hard copy as well.

    If yes, to which address do they send the hard copy, can anyone advise.

    To address on PAN card or address used while filing the ITR

  14. Prateck Singh says:

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,
    My ITR is successfully being processed dated on 5th Dec 2020 and Intimation order has been sent dated on 18th Dec 2020 as well portal also shows that refund details. Whereas when I am checking the same on the refund portal it says that Assessing officer has not send the details to the refund banker. Please suggest me what to do in this case.

  15. Pruthvi c g says:

    Hi sir
    One of my client has not e verify the ITR for the A Y 2017-18 in that year he has a refund. In Dec 20 I have sent the singed ITR. The ITR received acknowledge received.Can he get refund. Pls guide me for further.

  16. Pratik Kanade says:

    Sir, I have filed form 10 E before filing ITR-1. Now, they have disallowed the form 10 E. And notice under 143(a) has been issued for demand of tax….Can I resubmit revised form 10 E for same assessment year 2020-21..If yes…please guide me detail procedure…Thanks in advance

  17. Kumar Gaurav says:

    I had received arrear salary so I filled form 10E and claimed relief us 89 but my claimed us 89 disallowed and they send intimation regarding outstanding tax ..what to to?

  18. Sushil Gangwal says:

    My return filed for FY-19-20 has been assessed and Intimation u/s143 (1) has been issued. It is revealed from the intimation that they have wrongly deducted Rs 6000 from my refund and rest of the amount is deposited in my account. They have given the reason for Rs 6000=00 as outstanding demand u/s 220(2) and details are given in the annexure which states the demand reference no and order date 18-12-2020. I have not received this order, may be because wrong email was quoted by me which is closed now. The demand is for the AY 2014 as mentioned in Annexure. Now how to get the demand notice/ how to know what for IT dept has deducted Rs 6000=00 as there was no pending demand was being shown on IT site which I have checked previously many times. Your valuable input please.

  19. Om Prakash Mundra says:

    I have filed 2 revised return U/s139(5) before processing intimation U/s143(1) but 143(1) was processed on first revised return basis.

    Shall i require to file rectification u/s 154 or wait for processing of second revised return

  20. Lajwant says:

    Hi there,

    I have received intimation 143(1) stating “you have a refund for AY 20-2021.
    I have compared both columns and no differences were found except refunded amount with interest as some amount of tax was already deducted which later refunded with an interest by income tax dept.
    Do i need to be worried about anything and what should be the next course of action please.

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Rajapandian says:

    I have ITR filed for the Assessment Year 2020-21 on 1st-Oct-2020, and successfully e-verified on the same day. But almost 4 months since there is no change in the status, and haven’t received my refund yet. What should I do to claim my refund?

  22. Prashant Maniya says:

    I did not get any email notification from income tax department related to demand, however when I check income tax site login, it shows under Worklist >> For you action that you have outstanding demand since 2 month back.

    My filer says that you should have received email from income tax department which is not in real case as I checked all my emails and in junk also but there is no email related to demand.

    How can I receive demand email from income tax department as demand email contains pdf with all details.

  23. Raj says:

    Hi, I have received an intimation 143(1) wherein it has mention you have a refund of 20-21. When I am checking the status it is mentioning ‘NO RECORDS FOUND’ along with these pointers.
    1) Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to refund Banker. Please contact your Assessing Officer.
    2) If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status)

    Please suggest what to do in this situation. We filed the return in mid December, been approx 2 months now. Also, received the intimation in the last week of Dec.

    Should we wait for the refund or do we have to talk to AO? Request you to pls advise. Thanks

  24. Sharan says:

    Hi, Thank you for the details. I tried using Service Request for resending of intimation 143(1). However, the Income Tax Website was only providing till AY 2016-17.
    When I clicked the ITR Processed Page for link of Intimation Order, it said no intimation order found. I am trying for AY 2020-21. Can you kindly guide me in this matter?
    Thank you

  25. Anjan Kumar Patra says:

    My ITR is showing as processed, but when I tried to open intimation order, Pop up is showing as intimation order is not available. What to do now.

  26. VIVEK SINGH says:

    I got income tax notice u/s 143(1) and i checked the pdf computation send by the income tax department the details in it same and no mismatch than what should i do now


    Intimation u/s 143(1) not received though SMS mentioned that it has been sent by E-mail. Checked even SPAM folder it is not there. You have suggested to one of the readers to raise service request but it seems they have discontinued service request submission after AY 2016-17. Kindly suggest.

  28. Mohamed Noufal says:

    I got intimation on 20/12/2020 and itr efile the shows return processed by 4/12/2020 itself,but refund is not yet credited and i contacted sbi helpline and they informed they didn’t got any refund order from cpc…what should i do now…?

  29. Somya Mittal says:

    I had filed ITR for A.Y. 20-21 & received order under section 143 (1) on 20-12-2020. My refund is due to be received. On 06-01-2021 I had pre validated bank on ITR site. But still I had not received my refund. Every time CPC cell says that refund will be received in 4-5 days. But 15 days had passed I had not received my refund.
    NSDL site says that “Assessing Officer had not sent refund to refund banker”. How can get my claim?

  30. MAHESWAR says:


  31. Divyakumar says:

    Hi, In my worklist under demand, I can see a demand raised with section 143 after my ITR was raised. My ITR for AY20-21 is in processing state and the demand matches around the amount paid during ITR. I am not sure how and what to respond as I have not got any email or sms for the same, nor can I find details for the calculation of demand. Please guide

  32. Shweta says:

    Hi Mam..
    Very detailed article.

    Do we any idea how much they usually take to process a return with Foreign Tax Credit from Salary income?

  33. R K Gupta says:

    While filing return for FY 2019-20, wrong e mail ID was written by me . However afterward on reliving my mistake, I corrected the same in the profile sectio, my return has been processed on 29/01/2021 but the intimation under section 143(1) sent by IT department not received although aSMS has been received on the very same day. When I open my return , IIT shows “download order” but on pressing this option , it is shown as “no order available”. Plz let me know how I can receive intimation

  34. Priya says:

    I filed an original ITR for AY-21-22 and then filed a revised ITR which has been processed by the Department. I had a claim of refund in the ITR, but in the intimation order, there is no refund available, even though amounts as per ITR and assessment match fully.
    Please guide me as to the course of action I should take.

  35. Priya Goklani says:

    I filed an original ITR for AY-21-22 and then filed a revised ITR which has been processed by the Department. I had a claim of refund in the ITR, but in the intimation order, there is no refund available, even though amounts as per ITR and assessment match fully.
    Please guide me as to the course of action I should take.

  36. Sidhwartha says:

    Kindly help here. I received an SMS from Income-Tax stating that the ITR for AY 2020-21 has been processed and Intimation u/s 143 (1) has been sent by email. However I didn’t receive any email from Income-tax. When I checked the online efiling portal, it did mention the the SMS and email was sent on 3rd Jan 2021 but when I try to download the ITR intimation it says “intimation order not available”.

    Please help on what should I do. I tried contacting CPC helpdesk but even after trying for the whole day couldn’t connect to someone. It is either busy or nobody picks up the phone.

  37. Harshada Bhandari says:

    I have received the intimation and the status of my ITR is processed but the refund amount is not credited to my bank account. Could you please suggest what would be the issue.

  38. Jyotiranjan Dash says:

    I have received the itr intimation message and email on 19th of December but not received refund till now. What are the possibilities and how many days it will take?
    Any actions needed from my end ?


    My ITR has been processed and showing completed
    Further notice u/s 143 (1) sent on mail but it is not available on my registered email.
    At what email ID I have to write email to IT Deptt. for sending in other emial the notice u/s 143(1) adready issued.

  40. Sumit Biswas says:

    I was supposed to get a refund but the intimation shows “Your return for A.Y. 2020-21 has been processed. There is no payment due.” The status is still in progress. Can you please advise if any further action is required from my side to get the refund.

  41. Oscar Pereira says:

    I have received an intimation for the refund on 28th December, 2020,
    The status on income tax website shows ITR processing completed, However when checked on tinnsdl website there are no details of the refund or its date of refund.

    Can you please let me know what would be the time taken or next step of the refund procedure.

    Awaiting for your kind response

  42. Bharath says:

    My IT return status is “Return processing is in progress” updated on 29/11/2020.
    And then I have received the ITR Intimation u/s 143(1) email/Message on 19/12/2020.
    could you please let me know how long will it take to process my returns?
    Does anything need to do from my end?
    (Note: I have checked my account details, Everything correct)

  43. vswami says:

    Quite a useful article of timely assistance. All the more commendable seeing that the author has been good enough to, departing from convention, care and painstakingly clarify/meet the readers’ points of doubt /concerns.

  44. Prashanth says:

    My IT return has the status “Return processing is in progress” updated on 10/12/2020, can you please let me know what does this mean and how long will it take to process my return,

  45. Sajeeth says:

    I have submitted ITR-1 on 30-July-2020, now I can see the status as “Return processing is in progress” from 29-Nov-2020.
    Still it is not processed. any help on this would be much appreciated.

  46. A Kunar says:

    I am a NRI and filled my ITR 2 in first week of October but still my ITR has been not processed. I know there was some delay in ITR processing but now they started so my question is they started just ITR 1 or ITR 2 also?

  47. Dileep Kinge says:

    I filed ITR on 27.12.20 and received SMS on 28.12.20 from ITD that it has been processed u/s 143(1) but in the efiling login account it is still showing ‘in process’ and also no email received till today on 29.12.20

  48. Parth Kaura says:

    I filed my itr on 1st August and e-verified the same on that date only. Still the status is e-verified only. There’s no change in status. Anything required from my end?

  49. Umesh Prasad Singh says:

    I filed ITR for AY 2020-21 seeking relief u/s 89(1) by pre-submitting form 10E claiming refund; but I had not filed ITR for the relevant previous FY 2018-19 for which arrear pension relief sought.
    I got processed message u/s 143(1) with allowed relief mismatching my claim. As there is no explanation forwarded therewith what I infer that only figures of my FD intt earned in 2018-19 and arrear component of pension received in 2019-20 are available on Form 26AS the same have been considered as my 2018-19 gross income and has been processed/calculated for determining my tax liability for 2018-19, without allowing any deduction/exemption.
    Or, is there any other scenario ?
    Is there any remedy ? I am losing approx Rs 17000/-
    I should have been atleast allowed deduction u/s 80TTB to the qualifying amt of Rs 50000/- as being sr citizen.

  50. Sankaranarayanan says:

    My Original ITR 1 for the AY 2020-21 is processed and refund received. But my Revised ITR 1 submitted within the due date is not yet processed. Intimation u/s 143(1) for the original ITR 1 is also received. How to request for processing my revised ITR 1 and get additional refund?

  51. Subhashish Sarkhel says:

    I have received this sms Dear Taxpayer, For COSxxxxx5G and AY: 2020-21 claim of relief u/s 89 of IT Act was disallowed inadvertently. Error is regretted. Order u/s 154 rectifying the intimation would be issued expeditiously. I have already filled 10E form before filing ITR-1. Now the relief u/s 89 for previous years arrear is not considered and demand equal to relief amount with fine is showing in e-file – response to outstanding demand section. What should I do?

  52. Bhupendra yadav says:

    didn’t recieve the refund amount but i have recieved a mail stating that imy refund is processed. It’s been may days but didn’t receive any refund amount. And I have checked the refund status and it shows no records found. Please give any suggestions how to proceed further.

  53. Nandini says:

    Hi. Very nice article. I submitted my ITR, I got error as 10E is missing, I found that my claim was due to foreign tax credit, uploaded form 67. Now, I have received mail for ITR proceeded, but my claim under relief 89 is not considered. Do I have to upload form 10E again? Also, no Annexures in form 10E refers to foreign tax credit. This is confusing, can you please advise. Thank you

  54. roshan says:

    I didn’t recieve the refund amount but i have recieved a mail stating that imy refund is processed. It’s been may days but didn’t receive any refund amount. And I have checked the refund status and it shows no records found. Please give any suggestions how to proceed further.

  55. S.R.Halbe says:

    I have received SMS that my return for AY 20-21 has been processed and intimation u/s 43(1) is sent by email. If not received check the spam folder. However, I have not received any email so far. Lodged a grievance but no communication. Tried to contact CPC but in vain. What should I do?


    My ITR for AY-2020-21 has been processed. But, intimation letter is not received . On logging into the IT site, “Intimation letter is not available” is being shown.
    Kindly help me, how could I get the intimation letter.

  57. Prabhakark hodadalu says:

    I have received the notice under section 143(1) with remarks that”form26AS doesn’t cotain/contains partial ammountsof TDS with respect to TAN mentioned in TDS1/TDS/TCS to the difference amount of Rs5869 which I am asked to pay but in 26AS form all deduction are shown, on inquiry with CPS Bangalore (infosys technology) they have given a ticket number 201200015190 and asked me to wait for, and it’s already one month since 143(1) have been served to me, now should I respond online for reprocessing or should I wait as per their instructions over the phone

  58. MARUTHI PRASAD says:

    I had received the message like this –Dear Taxpayer, For AOVxxxxx2M and AY: 2020-21 claim of relief u/s 89 of IT Act was disallowed inadvertently. Error is regretted. Order u/s 154 rectifying the intimation would be issued expeditiously. What is the next step I want to follow. Pls give suggestion. TQ sir

  59. Ajay Kumar says:

    My initial ITR was defective but on receipt of notice I filed the revised ITR within 3 days. It has been more than a year now, but inspite of repeated lodging of grievance, it has not been processed yet. Replies from CPC are either evasive or incorrect- they seemed to be even unaware about the revised ITR. Really a terrible state of affairs with incompetent officers and a failed system.

  60. R RAJENDIRAN says:

    I wrk in MES (MoD) dept & retd. Every year they are ddt tax from my payment, but they have not intimated to IT dept. Due to the problem, IT authority press me to pay the dues while filling ITR. Pl guide me how to deal this situation ( is there any Lr/guide line)

  61. Sheetal says:

    Your assessing officer has not sent this refund to refund Banker. Please contact your Assessing Officer.

    If this refund has been sent by your Assessing Officer within the last week, you may wait for a week and again check status.

    What is the meaning of above message.

  62. Rajesh says:

    Dear sir after filling the return, ITR V will be mailed by the Department or the Taxpayer is to himself and post to CPC after Signature. Please calrify

  63. Radhika Janardhan says:

    I have filled my returns on 26.10.2020 same day
    for mine and my husband. My husband’s returns has been processed last month itself. Mine is stuck no alone responding.

  64. M says:

    Received a text that intimation mailed. However, no mail received even in spam. E-filing website status also does not mention that ITR processed. What can be relied upon as far as current status is concerned? If the return was processed as per the SMS, why would it neither be on email nor feature in the income tax login?

  65. SEKAR V. says:

    Why is there so much delay in getting 143(1) and refund despite computerisation?
    Also updation of 26AS is not yet done( 26.12.20) for my spouse . She is unable to complete the ITR-2 despite readiness since July 2020 for e fiing. CBDT must extend time limits for all tax payers upto 31Jan 2021 positively, or should cancel penalty for late filing.

  66. Nithin says:

    “ITR PROCESSED WITH NO DEMAND AND NO REFUND”..What is the meaning of this status. Is there any mistake in the e-filling.Can i get returns or not? .please answer my question.

  67. Thakur Prasad Thakur says:

    Tax rate reduction required.
    Exemption s should be abolished.
    This would increase tax base and justify the tax payment
    Jai Hind

  68. Mahendra Pratap says:

    I have received this message Dear Taxpayer, For BSLxxxxx3L and AY: 2020-21 claim of relief u/s 89 of IT Act was disallowed inadvertently. Error is regretted. Order u/s 154 rectifying the intimation would be issued expeditiously. Ye smjh nhi aa rha hh kis liye hh aur kya kah rha hh

  69. K A Sreenivasan says:

    I got SMS that my return has been processed and sent email. But till now I haven’t received intimation through email. What should I do?

  70. Nisha says:

    I have received a text message from IT that my return has been procrrsed, but i haven’t received 143(1) neither on email nor its available on IT website, what should i do?

  71. G U K Narayanan says:

    I have been credited with refund but no intimation notice under 143(1). When searched the status shows “assessment is under process”.

  72. Neerja says:

    I had filled tax return for my deceased husband online after talking permission from the income tax department.A return of 40000/ was due to me.I had done this in the year 2016.The amount was cleared but have still not received it as they say that the account no.given by me does not match with my husband’s account number.I have tried all sorts of online things available and have sent all the documents twice over to CPC but in vain.Will appreciate if you can help.
    Neerja T Sharma

  73. Sanjiv Chaudhary says:

    I hv retired in July 2020 from PSU .
    I don’t get any pension.
    I hv invested my money in FD , SCSSin Banks , RBI Bonds and PO .
    Do I need to pay advance tax if yes then When? And if No then when?
    Please confirm

  74. Ramanathan says:

    Please relieve senior citizens from having to file e return, especially for those who have no other income from securities, business etc. Please reintroduce paper return at income tax department . This move will help a lot of people like me who have been religiously tendering returns with near ignorable income,whereas there are scores of them who have not tendered any return,I understand,are left scot-free.
    Information technology is good and convenient for those who can afford financially and intellectually.
    Are you aware of the cost of maintaining a mobile with internet connection.
    During this pandemic situation,it is really harsh and hard to be constrained to do so .I haf been tendering my returns pre e-filing era with.little difficulty.
    I go to chier commissioner office in Trivandrum and tender my return in less than five.minutes.
    Your e filing is combursome,taxing, needs the assistance of an expert.

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