Income from house property is one of the important heads of income under the Income Tax Act. The taxpayers have been, in particular, keen to know about the exemptions and deductions available to them on repayment of interest and principal of loan obtained to purchase the house property, if that house property is let out or self-occupied.

This booklet, brought out under the Tax Payers Information Series by Income tax Department, is an attempt to help the taxpayers by explaining the provisions relating to calculation of income from house property in a non-legalistic and easy-to-understand language.

We are attaching below the Book Titled ‘Assessment of Income From House Property’ in Hindi. The book is Applicable for Assessment Year 2013-14 & 2014-15.  The book covers everything you want to know about house property taxation and Availability of deduction U/s. 80C on House property transaction etc.

Download Free E-book on ‘Assessment of Income From House Property’

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One response to “Free E-book on ‘Assessment of Income From House Property’ in Hindi”

  1. sk sharma says:

    my status is individual i am purchased Rs. 80 lacs plot what i responsible T.D.S. u/s 194IA

  2. Amar Davey says:

    Plz send copy of E-book on ‘Assessment of Income From House Property’ in hindi

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