In case of assessee who has to obtained and upload Audit Report under section 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961 has to file income Tax Return for the same previous year. As there are some information or data which are same in Income Tax Return and in Tax Audit Report. So assessee has to take care about the data or information which is available or mentioned in Tax Audit Report should be considered in filling the Income Tax Return.

Here I have tried to reconcile the Income Tax Return form 3 with Tax Audit Report. I have tabulated these clauses in Income Tax Return with corresponding clause in Tax Audit Report.

Reading sequence is as below:

At first In ITR 3 column, I have given the clauses in ITR 3. Opposite to it, I have stated corresponding clauses in Tax Audit Report relating to this clause. For e.g. in ITR 3, there is clause of Audit Information. Opposite to it, there is corresponding clause no. that is Form 3CD- 11a. It means In form 3CD 11a, we can get information relating to clause Audit Information of ITR -3. I have just mentioned clause no in Tax Audit Report. Detail discussion of each clause in Tax Audit Report is not subject of this discussion.


Clauses in TAR to be referred

Sr no Clause No
1 I Part A – General Form 3CB – Point 1, Form 3CD Part A
Name, PAN, Address Form 3CB – Point 2 and Point 1
Assessment Year Form 3CD Part A Point – 7
2 2 Audit Information
[a1] Are you liable to maintain accounts as per section 44 AA ? Form 3CD – 11a
[a2i] If no, Whether during the year Total sales / turnover / gross receipts of business exceeds Rs. 1 crores but does not exceeds Rs. 5 crores ? Form 3CD – 40a
[b] Are you liable for audit under section 44 AB ? Form 3CD – 8
[c] [1] Date of furnishing of the audit report ?

[2] Name of the auditor signing the tax audit report ?

[3] Membership No of the Auditor

[4] Name of the auditor

[5] Proprietorship / firm reg no

[6] Permanent Account No [ PAN] / Adhar no of the proprietorship / firm

[7] Date of report of the audit



Form no 3CB and Form No 3CD

[ At signature place where audit signs and other details are stated here. ]

[d] [ii] if liable to audit under any Act other than the Incometax Act, mention the Act, section and date of furnishing the audit report ? Form No 3CA
4 Part A BS

Part A Manufacturing Account

Part A Trading Account

Part A – P & L

Presumptive Income cases

61 Computation of Presumptive Business Income under section 44AD

62 Computation of Presumptive Business Income under section 44ADA

63 Computation of Presumptive Business Income under section 44AE

Refer Audited Balance sheet

Refer Audited Mfg Account

Refer Audited Trading Account

Refer Audited P and L Account

Form 3CD, Point 12

Form 3CD, Point 12

Form 3CD, Point 12



[Mandatory in Audit Cases]

OI1 Method of Accounting employed in the previous year Form 3CD – 13a
OI2 Is there change in method of accounting Form 3CD – 13b




Increase in Profit or Increase in loss because of deviation, if any as per ICDS

Decrease in Profit or Decrease in loss because of deviation, if any as per ICDS

Form 3CD – 13d


Form 3CD – 13e

OI4 Method of closing stock employed in the previous year

[ a to e clause ]

Form 3CD – 14a

Form 3CD – 14b

OI 5 Amounts not credited to profit and loss account, being





The items falling within the scope of section 28

The proforma credits, drawbacks, refund of duty of customs or excise or service tax, or refund of sales tax etc

Escalation claims accepted during the previous year.

Any other items of income

Capital receipts, if any

Form no 3CD 16a





OI 6 Amounts debited to profit and loss account, to the extent disallowable under section 36 due to non fulfillment of conditions specified in relevant clauses





Any sum paid to an employee as bonus or commission for services rendered, where such sum was otherwise payable to him as profits or dividend [ 36[1][i] ]

Any sum received from employees as contribution to any provident fund or superannuation fund or any fund set up under ESI Act or any other fund for the welfare or employees to the extent not credited to the employees account on or before due date [ 36[1][va] ]


Form no 3CD 20a


Form no 3CD 20b


OI 7 Amounts debited to profit and loss account, to the extent disallowable under section 37




Expenditure of capital nature [ 37[1]]

Expenditure of capital nature [ 37[1]]

Expenditure laid out or expended wholly and exclusively not for the purpose of business [ 37[1]]

Expenditure on Advertisement, in any souviner, brochure, tract, pamphlet or the like, published by a political party [37[2B]

Form no 3CD 21 a

Form no 3CD 21 a

Form no 3CD 21 a

Form no 3CD 21 a

OI8A Amounts debited to the profit and loss account, to the extent disallowable under section 40










Amount disallowable under section40[a][i]. on account of non compliance with the provisions of Chapter XVII-B

Amount disallowable under section40[a][ia]. on account of non compliance with the provisions of Chapter XVII-B

Amount disallowable under section40[a][ib]. on account of non compliance with the provisions of Chapter VII of the Finance Act, 2016

Amount disallowable under section40[a][iii]. on account of non compliance with the provisions of Chapter XVII-B

Amount of tax or rate levied or assessed on the basis of profits [40[a][ii]

Amounts paid as wealth tax [ 40[a][iia]

Amount paid by way of royalty, license fee, service fee etc. as per section 40 [a][iib]

Amount of interest, salary, bonus, commission or remuneration paid to any partner or member inadmissible under section [40[b]/40[ba] ]

Any other disallowances


Form no 3CD 21 b[i]

Form no 3CD 21 b[ii]

Form no 3CD 21 b[iii]

Form no 3CD 21 b[vii]

Form no 3CD 21 b[v]

Form no 3CD 21 b[vi]

Form no 3CD 21 c

Form no 3CD 21 b[iv],[vii],[viii],[ix]

OI9 Amounts debited to the profit and loss account, to the extent disallowable under section 40A




Amounts paid to persons specified in section 40A[2][b]

Amount paid otherwise than by account payee cheque or account payee bank draft or use of electronic clearing system through a bank account or through such electronic mode as may be prescribed, disallowable u/s 40A[3]

Provisions for payment of Gratuity [ 40A[7]

Any sum paid by the assessee as an employer for setting up or as contribution to any fund, trust, company, AOP or BOI or society or any other institution[ 40A[9] ]

Form no 3CD 23

Form no 3CD 21dA

Form no 3CD 21e

Form no 3CD 21f



OI10 Any amount disallowed under section 43B in any preceding previous year but allowable during the previous year  

Form no 3CD 26A


OI11 Any amount debited to profit and loss account fo the previous year but disallowable under section 43B  

Form no 3CD 26B


OI12 Amount of credit outstanding in the accounts in respect of Excise duty. Service tax, vat sales tax, CGST, SGST, IGST, UTGST  

Form no 3CD 26C and 27a


OI13 Amounts deemed to be profits and gains under section 33AB or 33ABA Form no 3CD 24
OI14 Any amount of profit chargeable to tax under section 41 Form no 3CD 25
OI15 Amount of income or expenditure or prior period credited or debited to the profit and loss account [net ] Form no 3CD 27b




In the case of Trading Concerns

In the case of Manufacturing concern

Form no 3CD 35

Form no 3CD 35b

8 SCH S Details of income from Salary Form no 3CD 16d
9 SCH HP Details of Income from House Property Form no 3CD 16d
10 SCH BP Computation of income from business or profession




Profit or loss included in 1, which is referred to in section 44AD/44ADA/44AE/44BB/44BBA/44DA

Income credited to Profit and Loss account [ included in 1] which is exempt

Depreciation and amortization debited to profit and loss account

Depreciation allowable under Income tax act.

Form no 3CD 12



Form no 3CD 16d


Form no 3CD 18

Form no 3CD Annexure A Depreciation schedule.

11 Sch DPM DOA DEP Depreciation on Plant and Machinery Form no 3CD Annexure A Depreciation schedule.
12 SCH CG Capital Gain Form no 3CD 16e


13 SCH OS Income from other sources Form no 3CD 29Ba
14 SCH CYLA Details of Income after set off of current years losses Form no 3CD 32a,b,c,e,e.
15 SCH BFLA Details of income after set off of Brought Forward Losses of earlier years. Form no 3CD 32a,b,c,e,e.
16 SCH ICDS Effect of Income Computation Disclosure Standards on profit Form no 3CD 13 d,e,f.
17 SCH 80 G Details of Donations entitled for deduction under section 80G Form no 3CD 33.
18 SCH VIA Deductions under Chapter VI-A Form no 3CD 33.
19 SCH EI Details of Exempt Income Form no 3CD 16d.
20 SCH TPSA Details of Tax on secondary adjustments as per section 92CE[2A] Form 3CD– 30 Aa
21 SCH GST Information regarding Turnover / Gross Receipts reported for GST Form no 3CD – 4
22 Verification Form 3Cd – Part A


The importance of the Tax Audit Report is such that, data or figure mentioned in TAR is audited. So government naturally prima facie keep trust on it and consider for Income tax computation. So if there is difference in figure quoted in Income Tax Return and Tax Audit Report, then in such situation figure quoted in Tax Audit Report will considered by Income Tax Department for Income computation purpose. So one can get intimation u/s 143[1][a] on that basis. For eg. In Tax Audit Report in clause 21c, amount debited profit and loss account being interest, salary, remuneration etc is inadmissible u/s 40[b]/[ba] of the Income Tax Act is Rs. 100,000/. But in Income Tax Return, if assessee did not mentioned this amount in clause 8A[h] of Other information. Then in such case, Amount quoted in Tax Audit Report in Clause 21c will considered and inadmissible amount Rs. 100,000/ will be added to income of the assessee though it is not mentioned in the Income Tax Return.

It is the duty of the Tax Consultants, to explain the effect of Tax Audit Report clauses on Income Tax liability to the Assessee.

Here I have consider ITR 3 only so Clauses of ITR 5 and other returns are not discussed here.

So, it is utmost important to first study the Tax Audit Report before filing of Income Tax Return because it will avoid unnecessary litigation to the assessee.


Disclaimer: Above discussion is made for general information purpose. Please go through and let me know, if there is any error or omissions or other views, if possible which will helpful to all professionals. Thanks.

CA Shirish Vinchurkar,- Chartered Accountants. Chalisgaon Maharashtra. [email protected]

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