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This is our first video of FAST TRACK – QUICK REVISION aptly said “This is ENOUGH”. This Video covers the chapter Profits and Gains from Business or Profession. Aim of this video is revision of Profits and gains of business or profession (PGBP) in shortest possible time covering 90% of syllabus from examination point of view. However in class we devote almost 20 hours to PGBP which we have tried to condensed in 24 minutes approx. This was tough but I have tried to best of my ability. I know there are topics in PGBP which I have not covered. May be in next video I shall do it. This video is useful for CA, CS, CMA, B Com, MBA students and to all those who are keen to learn tax.

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    how can I download

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    How I can download this video ?

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    was really helpful. If possible upload more videos like this.

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