We have uploaded Calculator to calculate relief Under section 89(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in respect of Arrears of salary received during the financial year 2011-12.  The Calculator will calculate relief if any which Assessee can claim U/s. 89(1) in respect of salary received in Financial Year 2011-12 pertaining to years prior to that. Calculator will calculate the Relief for Arrears received pertaining to the period from from 01.04.2005 to 31.03.2010 The Calculator also automatically Fills Form 10E with its annexure and Table A Automatically. We also uploaded a calculator which will calculate relief U/s. 89(1) in respect of arrears of Salary Received  pertaining to financial year 2000-2001 to 2011-12.

Section 89(1) Salary Arrears Tax Relief Calculator for  Arrears received pertaining to the period from Financial Year 2000-2001 to F.Y. 2012-13

 Section 89(1) Salary Arrears Tax Relief Calculator for  Arrears received pertaining to the period from 01.04.2005 to 31.03.2010

Developed by- Pranab Banerjee

Users are requested to check the calculator before using the same for correctness of results. We will not be responsible for any discrepancy. Author may be contacted on pranab.banerjee83@gmail.com.

(First Published on January 03.2012)

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67 responses to “Section 89(1) Salary Arrear Tax Relief Calculator”

  1. SANGEETA says:

    please provide me a calculator of relief under section 89(1) (form 10 e) from F.Y. 2004-05 TO 2017-18

  2. Sitaram sharma says:

    Sir, what amount should be filled in the last column i.e. total income for the Fy Year 2017-18 in form 10E calculator of your company.

  3. Prateek Tiwari says:

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly send me tax relief calculator for 89e from FY 97-98 to FY 2016-17.

  4. raj kumar gupta says:

    what is mean by total income of previous year in form 10 e i ? is it mean income after deductions of house rent, conveyance allowance , professional tax and house loan interest and under vi or 80 c?

  5. raj kumar gupta says:

    i have got arrear from december 1988 to februarry 2017 please send me salary arrear relief 89(1) calculator

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