Extract of letter dated 8th May 2015  written by Hon’ble Ms. Anita Kapur, Chairperson of the CBDT

The number of existing income tax payers is low compared to the potential. The gap between the potential and the actual tax payers appears to be wider in the case of tier-II cities and towns.

2. Considering the priorities of the Government and the need to widen the tax base, a concerted and focused effort in mission mode is required. We have to strive for adding at least 25 lakhs new assesses per month during the current financial year.

3. The strategy to achieve the target of adding at least 25 lakhs new assesses per month during the current financial year is slated to be one of the thrust areas of the Annual Conference of Pr.CCsIT/Pr.DsGIT/CCsIT/DsGIT scheduled to be held on 25-26 May 2015 at New Delhi.

4. The assessment and investigation charges have been the mainstay of the Department’s efforts to widen tax base. I request you to come prepared to present and discuss specific strategies for widening the tax base of your own region and at national level.

5. While you may send a brief note on the suggested strategy by 20th May 2015, it’s requested to forthwith focus your attention on this issue and deploy & activate your officers to achieve this goal.

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0 responses to “CBDT chief asks department to widen Tax base”

  1. Varaprasad Daitha says:

    Now a days the expenditure on functions was so high that a normal marriage function were to be celebrated with not less than Rs.10 lakhs and a medium level function not less than Rs. 50 lakhs and something moderate was for about Rs. 1 Crore. The marriages, sagai etc. functions at high end premises like HYCEA etc. would be not less than Rs.10 Crores. Many of the functions are being transmitted over channels.

    This practice is also spreading to II class towns and cities.

    The Income tax department could conduct surveys under section 133A(5) to bring in to the tax net of the extravagant expenses.

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