Office of the Principal Secretary & Commissioner of State Goods and Service Tax Department, Government of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

No. CT/2697/2018-C1

Dated 18/05/2018

Circular No. 9/2018

Sub:- SGST Dept.- Reporting of data on application for Refund using RFD-01 to State/Central Tax Authorities- Date-wise data furnishing -instructions issued- reg.

Ref:- (1) E-mail received from GSTN dated 14.05.2018

(2) D.O No. 349/61/2017-GST dated 04/05/2018 of Finance Secretary, Government of India.

In order to effectively monitor the issue of refund claims in GST and its disposal by each States, GSTN has developed a web based tool for which the data for the State has to be entered from the Headquarters. Date wise data collected from each districts has to be consolidated by the Nodal Officer in the Headquarters and the details has to be entered in the tool at the end of each working day. For this purpose 3 proformas are prepared for collecting the data from the districts which are attached as Annexures.

Proforma I

Date wise refund data claimed/sanctioned by States from 1st April 2018 onwards shall be furnished in this proforma.

Proforma II

Date wise refund data regarding sanctioned sent by State to Center from 1st April 2018 onwards shall be furnished in this proforma.

Proforma III

Date wise refund data from 6th November, 2017 to 31st March, 2018 shall be furnished in this proforma.

  • A Nodal Officer will be posted in Headquarters for the above purpose.
  • The Deputy Commissioners are directed to post a Nodal Officer in each district for furnishing the details regarding refund each day in time. The name, e-mail and mobile number of the Nodal Officer may be communicated to “[email protected]”.
  • The amount shall be furnished in whole Rupees.
  • If the data for a particular date till 17th May, 2018 is “NIL” no need to furnish proforma for such date. Absence of proforma for a date will be treated as “Nil” report for that date.
  • The details shall be furnished on daily basis to C Section of Commissionerate in the e-mail id “[email protected]”.
  • The Deputy Commissioners shall ensure the accuracy of the data furnished and the time line fixed shall also be strictly followed as the matter is being monitored both by Chief Secretary and Secretary to Revenue, Government of India.



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