Profession Tax is a State level Tax in India on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments.

The following Indian states levy Profession Tax – West Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Madhya Pradesh.

Profession Tax in Maharashtra

In Maharashtra (Maharashtra State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employments Act, 1975), Profession Tax is applicable both on  Individuals &  Organizations (Company, Firm, Proprietary Concern, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Society, Club, Association Of Persons, Corporation or any other corporate body in Maharashtra per the provisions of the Maharashtra Professional Tax Act of 1975.

Profession Tax For Individuals in Maharashtra

Every person residing in Maharashtra engaged in any profession, trade, calling or employment is liable and has to obtain a Certificate of Enrolment from the Profession Tax Authority.

Once this certificate is obtained, the person can discharge their individual tax liability for five years by paying lumpsum amount equal to the amount of Profession Tax for four years in advance, getting relief for one year’s payment.

Exempted Individuals in Maharashtra

The following persons are exempted from the provisions of the Profession Tax Act in Maharashtra :

Senior Citizen above 65 years age.

Handicapped Person with more than 40 % disability or parent of a physically disabled or mentally retarded child.

Profession Tax For Organizations:-

An employer organization is required to get registered under the Profession Tax Act and obtain a Registration Certificateunder which the payment in respect of taxes deducted from employees salaries can be made.

Also as a firm, the organization is required to obtain Enrolment Certificate and pay Profession tax on it’s behalf.

New profession Tax Rates after Maharashtra Government Budget and Provisions

Periodicity of Returns

For employers holding Registration Certificate, the period of returns to be filed on basis of annual tax liability amounts are as follows :

  • Annual Profession Tax Liability < Rs. 5000 – Annual Return.
  • Annual Profession Tax Liability >= Rs. 5000 but < Rs. 20000 – Quarterly Returns.
  • Annual Profession Tax Liability >= Rs. 20000 – Monthly Returns.

Returns are required to be filed on or before the last date of the month to which the return relates.

It should contain details of salaries paid and the amount of tax deducted in respect of the month immediately preceding the month to which the return relates.

Due dates for payment of Profession Tax and for filing the returns in Maharashtra:-

For the persons holding Enrolment Certificate – 30th June.

For any delay in the same, interest @ 1.25% per month will be charged.

Bank payment challans to be received by all Enrolment Certificate holders by mid June.

Profession Tax Penalties

  • Delays in obtaining Enrolment or Registration Certificate – Penalty of Rs. 2/= (Rupees Two) per Day.
  • Providing false information regarding enrolment – Penalty of 3 times tax amount.
  • Non-payment of profession tax – Penalty equal to 10% of the amount of tax can be imposed.

Schedule of rates of tax on professions, trades, callings and employments after Budget:

Although new rates been passed in budget but they shall come into force on such date as the state Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette, appoint. ((Government of Maharashtra appointed the 1st July 2009 to be the date from which new profession rates will  come into force)

Sr. No. Class of Persons Rate of Tax
1. 2. 3.
1. Salary and wage earners. Such persons whose monthly salaries or wages,
(a) exceed rupees 5,000 but do not exceed rupees 10,000 175 per month
(b)  exceed rupees 10,000 2500 per annum, to be paid in the following manner: –
a) rupees two hundred per month except for the month of February;
b) rupees three hundred for the month ofFebruary
2. (a) Legal Practitioners including Solicitor and Notaries; 2500 per annum
(b) Medical Practitioners, including Medical Consultants and Dentists; 2500 per annum
(c) Technical and Professional Consultants, including Architects,Engineers, R.C.C. Consultants, Tax Consultants, Chartered    Accountants,  Actuaries and    Management Consultants; 2500 per annum
(d)Chief Agents, Principal Agents,  Insurance Agents and Surveyors and Loss Assessors registered or licensed under the Insurance Act, 1938, U.T.I.     Agents under U.T.I.  Scheme, N.S.S. agents under postal  Scheme; 2500 per annum
(e)Commission Agents, Dalals and  Brokers (other than estate brokers covered by any other entry elsewhere in     this Schedule); 2500 per annum
(f)All types of Contractors (other than  building contractors covered by any other entry elsewhere in this Schedule); and 2500 per annum
(g)Diamond dressers and diamond polishers; having not less than one year’s standing in the profession. 2500 per annum
3. (a) Members of Association recognised under the Forward Contracts  (Regulations) Act, 1952 2500 per annum
(b) (i) Member of Stock Exchanges  recognised under the Security            Contracts (Regulation) Act,  1956; 2500 per annum
(b) (ii) Remisiers recognised by the Stock  Exchange; 2500 per annum
4. (a) Building Contractors; 2500 per annum
(b) Estate Agents, Brokers or Plumbers, having not less than one year’s standing in the profession. 2500 per annum
5. Directors (other than those nominated by Government) of Companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956, and Banking Companies as defined in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949,Explanation : The term ‘Directors’ for the purpose of this entry will not include the persons who are Directors of the companies whose registered offices are situated outside the State of Maharashtra and who are not residing in the State of Maharashtra. 2500 per annum
6. (a) Bookmakers and Trainers licensed by the Royal Western India Turf Club  Limited; 2500 per annum
(b) Jockeys licensed by the said Club 2500 per annum
7. Self-employed persons in the Motion Picture Industry, Theatre, Orchestra, Television, Modelling or Advertising Industries, as follows:
(a) Writers, Lyricists, Directors, Actors  and Actresses (excluding Junior     Artists), Musicians, Play-back Singers, Cameramen, Recordist, Editors and  Still-Photographers, 2500 per annum
(b) Junior Artists, Production Managers,      Assistant Directors, Assistant Recordists, Assistant Editors and Dancers. 1000 per annum
8. Dealers registered under the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002, or Dealers registered only under the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956, whose annual turnover of sales or purchases,-
(i) is rupees 25 lakh or less 2000 per annum
(ii) exceeds rupees 25 lakh 2500 per annum
9. Occupiers of Factories as defined in the Factories Act, 1948, who are not covered by entry 8 above 2500 per annum
10. (1)(A) Employers of establishments as defined in the Bombay Shops and Establishment Act, 1948, where their establishments are situated within an area to which the aforesaid Act applies, and who are not covered by entry 8 – Such employers of  establishments,-
(a) where no employee is employed 1000 per annum
(b) where not exceeding two  employees are employed 2000 per annum
(c) where more than two employees  are employed 2500 per annum
(B) Employers of establishments as defined in the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948, where their establishments are not situated within an area to which the aforesaid Act applies, and who are not covered by entry 8 –Such employers of establishment,-
(a) where no employee is employed 500 per annum
(b) where not exceeding two employees are employed, 1000 per annum
(c) where more than two employees are employed 2500 per annum
(2) Persons owning / running STD / ISD booths or Cyber Cafes, other than those owned or run by Government or by physically handicapped persons; 1000 per annum
(3) Conductors of Video or Audio Parlours, Video or Audio Cassette Libraries, Video Game Parlours; 2500 per annum
(4) Cable Operators, Film Distributors; 2500 per annum
(5) Persons owning / running marriage halls, conference halls, beauty      parlours, health centres, pool  parlours; 2500 per annum
(6) Persons running / conducting coaching classes of all types 2500 per annum
11. Owners or Lessees of Petrol / Diesel / Oil Pumps and Service Stations / Garages and Workshops of Automobiles 2500 per annum
12. Licensed Foreign Liquor Vendors and employers of Residential Hotels and Theatres as defined in the Bombay Shops and Establishments Act, 1948. 2500 per annum
13. Holders of permits for Transport Vehicles granted under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, which are used or adopted to be used for hire or reward, where any such person holds permit or permits for,-
(a) three wheeler goods vehicles, for  each such vehicle 750 per annum
(b) any taxi, passenger car, for each  such vehicle 1000 per annum
(c) (i) goods vehicles other than those covered by (a) 1500 per annum
(c) (ii) trucks or buses 1500 per annum
for each such vehicle :Provided that the total tax payable by a holder under this entry shall not exceed rupees 2,500 per annum.
14. Money lenders licensed under the Bombay Money-lender Act, 1946 2500 per annum
15. Individuals or Institutions conducting Chit-Funds 2500 per annum
16. Co-operative Societies registered or deemed to be registered under the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960 and engaged in any profession, trade or calling —
(i)  State level Societies 2500 per annum
(ii) Co-operative sugar factories and spinning Mills 2500 per annum
(iii) District level Societies 750 per annum
(iv) Handloom weavers co- operative societies 500 per annum
(v) All other co-operative societies not   covered by clauses (i), (ii),(iii) and (iv)  above. 750 per annum
17. Banking Companies, as defined in the Banking Regulation Act, 1949. 2500 per annum
18. Companies registered under the Companies Act, 1956 and engaged in any profession, trade or calling. 2500 per annum
19. Each Partner of a firm (whether registered or not under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932) engaged in any profession, trade, or calling. 2500 per annum
20. Each Co-parcener (not being a minor) of a Hindu Undivided Family, which is engaged in any profession, trade or calling. 2500 per annum
21. Persons other than those mentioned in any of the preceding entries who are engaged in any profession, trade, calling or employment and in respect of whom anotification is issued under the second proviso to sub-section (2) of section 3 2500 per annum

Note: 1.

Notwithstanding   anything   contained   in   this   Schedule,   where   a   person   is covered   by   more   than   one   entry   of   this   Schedule,   the   highest   rate   of   tax specified under any of those entries shall be applicable in his case.   This provision shall not be applicable to entry 16(iv) of the schedule.

Note: 2.

For the purposes of Entry 8 of the Schedule, the Profession Tax shall be calculated on the basis of the “turnover of sales or purchases” of the previous year.  If there is no previous year for such dealer, the rate of Profession Tax shall   be   Rs.   2000.     The   expressions   “turnover   of   sales”   or   “turnover   of purchases” shall have the same meaning as assigned to them, respectively, under the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act, 2002. ”

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  1. SUNIL B. PAWR says:


    1. Arun Kumar says:

      If the sai authority issued an order in written form then you may able to file a complaint before commissioner disability New Delhi who is competent to look this matter positively and it effected that in future no any official may able to say such word not only with you but with all disable person who’s parents and self employed and suffering this type of problem to pay professional tax


    I am Contractor of M.P. and I Have Recently Started work at Maharashtra so how can i apply for professional tax as required to submit pt challan to HR department

  3. Doshi's Computer Institute says:

    we are charitable trust we are running computer
    Institute in rural area free of charge for training we
    kept 2 Teachers on Rs.10000/-P.M. remurnaration
    shall we deduct PT from their remurnaration.Please
    guide in this issue

  4. Monali says:

    I am owner of an consulting firm, was not working for past 14 months.
    There was no business in this period, I solely handle the firm and has not employees.
    Do I have to pay PTEC, PTRC ?

  5. Priya says:

    I had paid part payment of Rs.23000/- against nov. pt pyt on 20th dec 2015 & 17000/- pyt is still pending to pay , I want to pay this but what interest amount need to add in this amount

    kindly suggest

  6. Rajen C Shah says:

    Calculation upto date for a Taxi Owner doing Business since October 1999, and due to insufficient knowledge , he had not paid any single rupee as Proffessional Tax?

  7. Sanjay says:


    i just want to know if i started deducted PT from my company employees salary what is the process for it and is there i need any additional certificate for PT or not?

  8. manorama says:

    i am in profession as Editor and publisher of a quarterly magazine. the said publishing run on contract led by me. I have no employee in my office. my age is 66 yrs.
    can I get exemption from profession tax.

  9. shradha says:

    Am looking forward to get a new company registration and post registration additional PT form charges are applicable? Do we have to get it done immedietly or next financial year while paying tax in year end. Plz guide me. And anyone who can do the needful is welcome and send me qoutation, plz call me on 9833706714

  10. Ajay Shukla says:

    If any amployee resigns & left organisation in the month of Feb & his Gross Salary is Rs 4000-5000 for the period. How much PT will be deducted from his salary for Feb-15

  11. Milind Joshi says:

    My query is,

    A company having its head office in the Delhi are employing persons in the state of Maharashtra. The company does not have any office in the state of Maharashtra.

    Please let us know whether employees are liable to pay professional tax. Also whether the company is liable to pay tax as employer’s contribution.


  12. Vidyanand Shinde says:

    I am physically handicapped person working in unaided private school, Bhandup. I want to know GR for Income Tax limit & Professional Tax exemption for handicapped person. If anyone know please give me details.

    Vidyanand Shinde

  13. HARIHARAN IYER says:


    My assumption is th word “Senior Citizen” is tho who crosse the age of 60 years.

    Since Sr.Citizens are exempted from paying professional tax, why in that case the age is limited to 65 years.

    Whether a person crossed the age of 60 years and is working in a company, is he liable to pay professional tax or he is exempted from paying PT.

  14. S Nehal says:

    I am NRI since 2007, I have just registration with Medical council and may be based on that I received a notice from PT dept. Can you please clarify whether PT is applicable to me when neither I am residing in India nor earning in Indian Rupees.

  15. Hemraj Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    Hi. I am a tax consultant in Maharashtra. If you have any issues regarding registration, assessment and return filing work in Maharashtra VAT, Profession Tax, Service Tax, IEC kindly let me know. I provide service for the same. My contact details 7303680431.


    Hemraj Sharma

  16. soumya says:

    please let me know how to fill the quarterly return in the online. when I was log in the online and downloaded the Form III B, in that only monthly and yearly options is there, I cant see the Quarterly option. we paid for quarter. now how can I fill the return please let me know

  17. ak says:

    dear sir

    why need to charge professional tax on hard earned money please return at least my principal amount and enjoy interest.
    if any ruling party stops this tax will be benefitted in assembly elections

  18. Sagar patil says:

    if Gross Salary is : 10,500/- ( Monthly )
    & Earned Salary is : 9500/-

    Then what is the Professional Tax in Maharashtra ( 175 or 200 ).

  19. Shabbir Dalal says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am running a small firm of hardware in mumbai. My age is 70yrs. Do I have to pay any professional tax.

    I have pay Professional tax till 2008 there after stopped paying professional tax.

    Kindly let me know

  20. ashok says:

    i have to acquire a company which was incorporated in 1994 and it has not registered for pt. If i register now what is the amount i need to pay and what is the process

  21. aaquib chandiwala says:

    if the salary is 15000/- Gross per month and the attendents is 10% and approx salary after cutting 90% comes to 1500/- so than is PT to be deducted

  22. NITEEN says:


  23. Chetan Deshmukh says:

    Query for Professional Tax Calculation:
    Whether the Professional Tax will be calculated on the sum of Gross Salary & Provident Fund or Gross Salary
    Example: If My Gross Sal is 4500 & PF on (4500X12%) is 540 So, Total amount is 4500+540 = 5040
    So, weather PT calculated on 4500 or 5040.. ??

  24. mali satish says:

    Respected Sir/ Madam,
    I am a employee/ enrolled person of Border Security Force, and presently posted in Maharashtra state where a campus was established by the GOI. I posted to this location i.e. in Maharashtra state in public interest not for my personal interest. I performed the duties at international borders for a period of 10 years and then posted to this location for a max. tenure of 04 years.After then i will be again posted to anywhere in India.

  25. BHUSHAN says:


  26. satish says:

    Hello sir I have got letter from PTO fr PT enrollment I have not yet enrolled but still they ask me to pay fr8yrs along with penalty or they said penalty can be waved now my question is how they can ask me to pay fr 8yr when I am not yet enrolled pls advice me the legality if am not paid

  27. suhas v says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Whether Profession Tax is liable for Over Time Wages, Leave Incashment, Incentive, Bonus, Ex-Gratia

    Pl confirm.


    Suhas V.

  28. Kailas says:

    I have a medical shop and i have a ptec no. now i want to pay ptec from 01.01.2010.
    Kindly inform me the amount to be pay per year.
    My turnover less than 25 lakh.

  29. SANJAY SEDARE says:


  30. Vikram sahni says:

    Dear sir,
    i am working in a Private organisation. my office head office’s is in mumbai but we are placed in Punjab. please tell me this Professional Tax is applicable only in Maharastra or in Punjab also. our finance department is sitting at mumbai. someone told me its is applicable only for mumbai Employees

    kindly reply

  31. dayanand thakurdas says:

    I am retired as a clerk of Public Sector company. I am not doing any incomework . I am just doing social work. I surviving on pension income. Whether I am liable for profession tax

    dayanand thakurdas indapur

  32. Shekhar Vishwanathan says:

    Dear Sir,

    My firm is a Partnership firm having office in Mumbai but registered in Rajasthan with 7 partners (6 from Rajasthan & one belongs to Mumbai). I want to know whether Professional Tax is applicable for our Mumbai Branch.

    Please reply.

  33. Pardeep says:

    Dear Sir

    I belong to Punjab and working with a Company based at Mumbai. every month company deducting 200/- as Maharashtra Professional Tax Act of 1975. Is this tax applicable to me or not. if not Kindly give me the reason with any reffrence

    Thank You

  34. Bipin says:

    My partnership company is registered in Gujarat state…and has VAT number in Mumbai branch office…total four partners and all pay frequent Mumbai visit..stays at Gujarat.. business normally handles by manager getting salary of Rs 5600 per month.
    Do we have to pay professional tax ??in Maharashtra??
    98692 88551

  35. Ashok Pandhi says:

    I am retired Govt officer of Public Sector company. Since I am Law Graduate, I have obtained ‘Sanad’ from Bar council of Maharashtra after my retirement. I am not doing any legal practice. I am just doing social work. I surviving on pension income. Whether I am liable for profession tax eventhough I am not practicing.

    Ashok Pandhi, Mumbai

  36. Jayesh Sarvaiya says:

    I would like to know the following:

    If a person receiving salary (more then Rs.10,000/-) from more then one company, is it necessary that all the company should deduct PT from his salary or any one of them deduct PT?

    Further is any one of them is deducting then while filing the PT returns, how other company should disclose in his PT return?

    kindly suggest.

  37. Shlok Bisht says:

    I want to know that my HO is in Mumbai, and my sitting office is in Delhi, every month Rs 200/- are deducting from My salary as in name of Professional tax, so please tell me that i m liable for it or not.

  38. Satish Korgaonkar says:

    I m employed with a company with headoffice at Hyderabad and presently working in Mumbai,Professional Tax is deducted in Hyderabad as my salary is processed in Hyderabad,the Mumbai Sales Tax office is asking me to pay professional Tax in Mumbai also.Am I liable to pay PT in two different states.Would like to have full details on this issue.

    Satish Korgaonkar

  39. shashank says:

    Dear sir,
    i am working in a Private organisation. my head office’s is in mumbai but my seting office in Punjab. please tell me this Professional Tax applicable on me. yes or not.


    I need a copy of the letter exempting re-employed ex-servicemen from paying professional tax as per government of India , Ministry of Defence etter no 545/ 86 D ( pay/ sers ) dated 13 th Jut 87 that ex servicemen are exempted from payment of professional tax under para 288 ( A) of FR Part I ( 1963 Edn.

    Thanking you,

    Venkatachalapathy G.

  41. N Shankar says:

    Can any one clarify the following ?

    Are the ex servicemen who are re- employed are exempted from professional tax?

    As per instructions issued by government of India , Ministry of Defence etter no 545/ 86 D ( pay/ sers ) dated 13 th Jut 87 that ex servicemen are exempted from payment of professional tax under para 288 ( A) of FR Part I ( 1963 Edn)

    Please clarify.

  42. Omprakash Sharma says:


    My Quires is that our Ltd company taken directly manpower for special work & special period & pay 6000/- casual salary,on this situation it,s liability of Company to pay P.T or deducted P.T from the salary of casual worker.

    Pl give your valuable advice.

    Omprakash Sharma.

  43. subodh magar says:

    my client has given leave encashment to workers. the workers are not retired.
    Whehter professional tax is payable If yes how to calculate the tax liabilty
    Whether any judgemtn is available on same.
    Company is registered in maharashtra

  44. dinesh s jain says:

    partner profession tax (in maharashtra) not paid since 1999 & partner has not taken PTE No. since then. Partner want to take pte no now. so i want to know whether he would require to pay profession tax since 1999 or he would require to pay from 2005-06. please help 

  45. sk says:

    I am a dentist . I have received letter regarding professional tax payment. I do not practice or earn. Do I need to pay the tax?

    please awaiting for your quick assistance on the same for which i would be thankful to you.

  46. ak says:

    I am a post graduate dental student. I have received letter regarding professional tax payment. I do not practise or earn. Do I need to pay the tax?

  47. indrajit pasare says:

    sir,i m a transport oprator since 2000,but not enrolled under now i approchced enrollment as per new notification of govt. of maha.they assesed with int and with it correct to assess int.

  48. susheela says:

    I am a registered medical practitioner with the Maharashtra Medical Council but I am not practicing since graduation. do i need to pay tax.??????????

  49. susheela says:

    I am a registered medical practitioner with the Maharashtra Medical Council but I am not practicing since graduation. Am I liable to pay professional tax??

  50. S S Shanbhag says:

    I am replying to several questions raised by readers on Profession Tax in the State of Maharashtra.
    1) Irrespective of your income, any professional, who is not handicapped and under the age of 65 years, has to pay Rs2,500 Profession Tax every year.
    2) If you are a handicapped 40% or more, get a medical certificate from any Civil Surgeon or Municipal Hospital, and apply for full exemption of Profession Tax. You apply to your district Profession Tax Officer, who sits in your district Sales Tax Office. If you find it any difficulty, write an application under Right to Information Act, 2005.
    3) About 3 years ago, Maharashtra Government has changed profession tax registration number, and has informed it to all the Profession Tax payers by a challan,sent to their address. Still some people have not received their new numbers. Very few Banks have taken pain to inform profession tax payers to inform their new numbers, while paying the profession tax. Instead Banks have simply refused to accept Profession Tax, by saying that tax payer has quoted wrong profession tax number. If you find any difficulty in knowing your revised profession tax number, then write to your Profession Tax Officer to know your revised profession tax number, by giving him your old profession tax number. If he still does not give you, the write a letter to him under Right to Information Act, 2005.
    Similarly, if you face any difficulty in paying your profession tax online, write a complaint to your Profession Tax Officer, and still he does not reply, write a letter under Right to Information Act, 2005.

  51. Sachin says:

    how to calculated pf tax. one include HRA, DA, TA. ya on total salaries ex. my salaries total 4000. includ 2800 basic 700 hra 500 ta.

  52. R.N.Naik says:

    Whether regd. public trust having a marraige hall is liable to pay Profession tax and liable to deduct profession tax from contract/ part time employees.

  53. ganesh says:

    i am the director of transportation com i have around 15 employee from 3 yrs i never pay processional tax and neither i deduct from employes salary what to do

  54. Joshi says:

    Firm Registered under HUF – Coparceners are already Enrolment certificate holders paying Professional Tax. Does the HUF need to separately pay Profession Tax separately ?

  55. Prince says:

    Dear sir,
    i am working in a Private organisation. my office head office’s is in mumbai but we are placed in delhi. please tell me this Professional Tax is applicable only in Maharastra or in Delhi also. our finance department is sitting at mumbai. what are the Tax Slabs for delhi.

  56. Richard Castelino says:

    If salary of one month is stopped & second month releases . What is the liabilty of profession tax is it one month or two month’s

  57. DIPESH says:


  58. meera says:

    How much professional tax is to be remitted for the F.Y 2011-12 by a person who started working in the month of January 2012 and whose salary is around Rs.15,000/- p.m ?

  59. V R Manoranjan says:

    Sir i want to know that whether a senior citizen running a proprieter firm is exempted from professional tax. If yes,in this case does the firm is liable to pay professional tax seperately. Pls advice and mail me.

  60. makarand says:

    i am  employee of  a psu  working under ministry of heavy industries and appointed in Ahmedabad for 6 years. at that time none of tax under profession was deducted  from my salary so far my knowledge.Now recently i have been transferred in may 2010 in maharashtra.
    there is still none of single penny was deducted from my salary And Now suddenly i got informed that your PT will be deducted from 10-11 and 11-12 because by mistak it is delayed from us

    Please help me out…


  61. sham chinchole says:

    i having disability with 60% in partial deaf and i am maharashtra gov employee
    Can i have exemption in service tax and other taxes
    what is the procedure for it
    please mail me excatly what i do
    where i found the ralated GR

  62. Sanjana Ambavale says:

    I am a employee of the ssi unit at thane (Maharastra state). at time of workers wages is cal. on over time or only on actual present days us

  63. saurabh sinha says:

    i am working at Bangalore based construction company , we awarded one order at Pune and deployed approx 100 workers at Pune . Now the Principal Contractor are asking to take PT Registration at Pune and deposit the PT amount as per Maharashtra PT act for 100 worker ,
     We are deducting  the pt amount  for the 100 worker as per state law of Karnataka and  remit the amount in Karnataka only . Sir It is necessary to take PT registration for PUNE site 
    Pl advice
    saurabh sinha

  64. SATISH says:

    If the person doing job on salary and also doing business , in this condition how he will pay professional tax. Both of side or singal side. Please tell me.

  65. s.k.d. says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am handicapped person with exact 40% disability. So can I get exemption in PTax. & is any process for the same.

    Please confirm.


  66. Dhangare s.k. says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am handicapped person with exact 40% disability. So can I get exemption in PTax. & is any process for the same.

    Please confirm.

    Dhangare s.k.

  67. rajesh says:

    I am working as consultant for an IT company. Shall I have to pay profession tax. Service charge and income tax. What is the ratio for each. shall I have to register for profession tax and service charge. Kindly let me have the needed information.

  68. Jyothi says:

    I am a homoeopathic doctor by profession,registered under Maharastra.but have not been earning any income for past 2 years owing to pregnancy followed by child care.Am I liable to pay any professional tax during this period? Prior to that I worked for 5 and 10 months respectively in 2 different hospitals.I wasnt aware that my former employers did not pay tax on my behalf then.I have not done any private practice. Kindly advise me as to how do i go about my payment of professional tax.

  69. Manoj says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have query on Profession tax that We have been get notice for P.T. and dept. said to pay from year 2005 to till date. so Kindly request if we will be unable to pay the tax to government then i have question that Govt. will take any action or not?
    Waiting for reply…

  70. jaybabaswami says:

    i hv question rearding 1975 professional tax act in maharashtra.
    i hv reistration in homeopathy council maharashtra in “ dictor.
    myquestion is —m i candidate to fill professional tax thouhg i hvn,t practice in my field.
    pz,give me sm idea.
    wt the law is telling…non practioner should also fill professional tax or only practioner r bounded to do so.

  71. Ramachandran says:

    If a person is director of four companies and he is getting remuneration from all the companies, in that case PT is to be deducted from all the companies or what? please clarify. Suppose if he is getting remuneration from one company and not from other companies in that case what is the method of deductiing professional tax?

  72. Anna says:


    I am a Medico who is registered in Maharashtra but have been working outside of India for the last 10 yrs. Recently I received a letter from professional Tax Officer requesting to pay Professional Tax. I was wondering if my salary is not paid by Govt of Maharashtra do I still need to pay Professional Tax. If not then what are my options?

    Thanks in advance.


  73. Mahesh Shelar says:

    I want to know, if a partner in partnership firm attains 65 years on 24th Aug, 2011. Then is he required to pay the full year’s profession tax ? or he should pay the proportionate prof tax from 1st Apr 2011 to 24 th August, 2011.

    Pls reply.

  74. Bombay Teen Challenge says:

    We are an Charitable organisation(registered under income tax act) working for street children, women used in prostitution & their children, drug addicts. We deduct profession tax of our employees from their salary. I want to know that do we have to pay profession tax for our organisation

  75. Sameer says:

    I am a registered medical practitioner with the Maharashtra Medical Council but I am not practicing since graduation. Am I liable to pay professional tax??

  76. Jainendra Ojha says:

    I need the address of Professional Tax Zonal office at Thane. The website\contact us option seems to be not supporting. Pls help!

  77. jitendra says:

    i m having my own registration under properitory comapny , also i working with one comapny.
    i have made payment for 5 years under my properitory comapny & now the employer is cutting the pt.

    what to do? i am paying double professional tax
    guide me

  78. Santosh V Bhosale. says:

    Sir/ Madam,
    Myself santosh Vilas Bhosale working as a consultant for Govt. Maharashtra project. The institution where i am working they deduct TDS monthly at 10% from my consulting fee, So now tell me shall i pay professional tax extra on my consulting fee.

  79. Narayan says:

    Profession Tax which is paid by Individuals, Is it refundable or not. What are the rules for that? What are New profession Tax Rates for the Year 2011-12? Please reply!

  80. Rahul Bhardwaj says:

    if an employee working in the state where is not applicable, but the h.o. situated in the state where is applicable, so the is deductible from the salary of that employee?

    please confirm me the suggested reading for this.


    rahul bhardwaj

  81. chaitanya says:

    hallo sir,
    i am owner of medical shop in Maharashtra. in my city shop act not applicable in my shop no servent my sales & purchase is less than Rs 500000/-.can i pay professional tax.please tell me

  82. benjamen says:

    I want to know about the professional tax for Individuel and componey. I am going to open my new company regarding that i want to understand about PT.

  83. K.RAMAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    For a senior citizen aged 65 and living in Mumbai, kindly let me know the proceedure to be followed for getting the exemption certificate and shall be thankful where the application to be forwarded.
    Thanking you,

  84. K.RAMAN says:

    Iam aged 65 and as per Profession tax Act, I am exempted. Kindly let me know the proceedures I have to follow for getting the exemption and where i have to submit my application for exemption.I am residing at Mulund (East), Mumbai-400081.

  85. Dilip B Sonawane says:

    Respected Sir,

    We wants new on line profession tax No. My old No. Is PT/R/1/1/21/8897

    Thanking you,we remain.
    Yours Faithfully.
    Dilip Sonawane

  86. sachin salve says:




  87. P R Krishnan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am working for a well known real estate developer in mumbai and i am looking after the labour laws compliance.

    My question is – Do we have to ask the contractor’s to deduct professional tax from the wages of his labourers on monthly basis and submit the copy of PT paid receipt alongwith PF ? The contractors are deduction PT for their permanent employees and I am asking for local workers/labourers ?

  88. R Shivkumar says:

    how do I locate my new professional tax number.I have an old registration number using which I have been paying professional tax regulrly.with change in numbers I am unable to locate or find my new number

  89. Thiagarajan Menon says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are basically a civil contractor, we also sub contract some work to sub contractors. I want to know if the subcontractor does not pay the professional tax, whether the liability will come on the principal contractor? an early reply is appreciated.


  90. SUDHIR KARNIK says:

    If any worker is drawing salary of Rs.4950/- but if he gets Rs.200/- for his extra duty (over time) then he has to pay Prof tax for that month @ Rs.175/- . Please clarify

  91. c. ravi shankara says:

    what are the professional tax slabs in andra pradesh after the presentation of union budget 2011? please provide deteils.

  92. Deepak Jogi says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Question is that if any person do not Contunue for full year i.e Apr. to Mar. (Work From jun. to Mar.) i.e for 10 Months then what should be is deduction in the month of Feb. & why ?


    Thank you


  93. rana says:

    I would like to know a company having a base office in maharashtra and rgistere under profesion Tax Act in Maharashtra and its employees working in various state but salary paid from its base office after deducting PT from employee salary and deposited in Maharashtra.Do you think company required to get registration at various state where its employees is working

  94. jaykumar ganatra says:

    i have company when i am paid profession tax amount behalf of my employee when i am tax amount its my expenses or tax liability when its my expenses under which head entry should record under balance sheet.

  95. Ajay Jagdish Lad says:

    If profession Tax No (Registration Certificate) for Employer is taken on 19.03.2003 then when should be first payment made. In 2002-03 liability was Rs.1700/- and Rs.6800/- paid (amount credited to PT A/c. on 30.06.2003) do I need to pay interest on first year payment and will i be considered under amnesty scheme of pay for four years and get one year free.
    pls guide

  96. sapna says:

    i m working in a company as an HR, in my company labor whose salary is more than 10,000, should i cut professional tax for him..
    plz guide me..

  97. sapna says:

    i am working in a company as an HR, i want to know that if a worker/labor has salary more than 10,000 theh should i cut his profession tax…plz guide me…

  98. PRATIK says:

    i am working in part time & i get salary of rs 2500/- pm if they increase to 3000/- their is question of dedction of profession tax or not

  99. Mahesh Kahat says:

    I am working a company,Gross 13000/- PM, My Question is P Tax Deduction if a month present only 5 days and only 5 days salary calculate.
    So this month salary applicable for P Tax ?

  100. amol midgule says:


    I am salaried & i also have my business of transport but form salary is deducted 175 per month & i also have to pay Rs.2500 for my vehicles whhile it fitness passing from RTO so i am getting deducted double from my salary & own i am paying what is solution to save it.

  101. Dharmesh Shah says:

    Pvt. Ltd. Co. registered in Mahrashtra with ROC, but business is from Daman. No business activity from Maharashtra. Is Profession tax Registration in Maharashtra required as Co.?

  102. Dharmesh Shah says:

    Dear Sir,

    Co. is registered with ROC in Maharashtra. Where as all operation are from Daman.

    Is co. liabile for P.T. in Maharashtra as entity?(not as employer).

    VAT no. etc. is at Daman since all the business is from Daman.

    No business activities in Maharashtra.

    Dharmesh Shah

  103. shama says:

    my company is registered under section 25 of companies act 1956.

    i want to know can we pay tax for 5 years in advance ? what will be the amount ?

  104. Mah says:

    Is there any employee limit to deduct profession tax? Like 10 employees or so, or is it applicable for everybody who crosses 5,000 per month?

    Plus, if one is a director in a company as well as a partner of a firm, is his tax liability Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 2,500 for the year?

    Any answer to my question?

  105. sudhir says:

    our company name is R.G. scientific enterprises ltd. our prof. tax no. is PT/R/I/I/28/6507 our bank is not accepting challan of our employees prof. tax. can we know the reason, whether our no. has been changed or not if yes then can we know our new no.

  106. Sudhakar Patil says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am handicapped person with exact 40% disability. So can I get exemption in PTax. & is any process for the same.

    Please confirm.


  107. Mah says:

    Is there any employee limit to deduct profession tax? Like 10 employees or so, or is it applicable for everybody who crosses 5,000 per month?

    Plus, if one is a director in a company as well as a partner of a firm, is his tax liability Rs. 5,000 or Rs. 2,500 for the year?

  108. rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Company is registered in Maharashtra but Directors residing out of Maharashtra – whether Professional Tax is applicable for Directors or not.



  109. Sagar Pitnaik says:

    Sir, My query is about profession Tax liability in maharashtra is also same at hyderabad, cochin, delhi, kolkatta, bhuvneshwar, bangalore, I am working in a company the Head Office in Mumbai and the salary is paid through mumbai Office for all the branches which is mention above, does Maharashtra PT is applicable to all the above branches employee.

    Please advise.

  110. santosh bhandari says:

    respected sir,
    we are registered under the maharashtra government but our employees are working in karnataka so we are deduting and remitting there in maharashtra , so i want to know that whether it is legally right or wrong..
    thank you sir…

  111. Abhaysingh rajpurohit says:

    We are dealer of mvat and situated in bhayandar east. We deals in gold and diamond jewellery. Where can we deposit theprofession tax ?

  112. Nilesh says:

    What is the last date of payment of Profession tax for the organisation in Mumbai which has deducted the profession tax of its employees ?

    Kindly tell me about the formalities for payment of profession tax

    Kindly inform me about the requirement for filling return of profession tax

  113. Nilesh says:

    What is the last date for payment of Profession Tax for the organisation who has deducted the same from employee’s Salary. What is the procedure for payment of Profession Tax which is deducted from the employee’s Salary in Mumbai

  114. Dr. Suvarna says:

    I am a dentist who is working in college as well as i have started my own dental clinic month before.
    I need assistance in filing my professional tax. Please assist.
    Required Detail for Thane district.

  115. Vishal Nikam- Nashik (MHR) says:

    Thnx for Giving us Important information abt PT ,
    Which was difficult to find on the Website too.

    But Still i want one more information about New Forms, If any Changed …

    Please Send me New PT Forms

    Also i had one Client which is trf from mumbai to nashik
    & its old PT no not found in the both City List of New PT No.

    Pls gudie me how to find out this no, i have old PT No.

  116. Hema R.Iyengar says:

    Dear Sir,

    Whether PT is applicable on Bonus & Leave encashement while calculating F & F for Mumbai & Bangalore

    Pls Advise

  117. Darpan Nillay says:

    Our company is enrolled and registered for P.Tax in the state of W.Bengal. They have deducted the P.Tax for the employees located in Maharashtra but have deposited the tax in W.Bengal. Now the P.Tax dept.of Maharashtra is insisting that the payment deducted for the employees of Maharastra be again paid to the Maharashtra State from the beginning. Are we liable to pay P.Tax again. Please advise

  118. Rahul says:

    My compnay director is an employee of company & also on payroll of Company , Company is registered in Maharashatra under Factory ACT also under Shop & Estabilishment act , we Paid PTAX as a employer PTAX Rs.2500 for fy . Can we deduct PATX from Payroll/ Salary of such employee ? Please reply .

  119. Yash J Mehta says:

    Dear Sir,
    Pls suggest me that i am a Semi wholesallers in Cloth Market and running a Proprietary business and No VAT is applicable. My annual T/O does not exceeds 40 Lakhs. Should I Have to pay Professional Tax? If yes than under which Class of Person?

  120. NATHURAM KADAM says:

    In website of Sales-Tax Department the Profession Tax-New Profession Tax Rate from 1st July-2009 not updated.In this sites the rate of PT shows old. When the site is updated?

  121. nidhi pradhan says:

    we are firm registered in rajasthan
    we want to purchase scrap in maharashtra and sell it off in maharashtra itself.
    how can i register for sales tax id? are there any other legal formalities/registrations i need to complete? are there any agents that can get this done?

  122. SHARAD KUMBHAR says:

    We have opened a branch having its office in Pune having 8 employees and having its technical head office Gurgaon and registered office at New Delhi. We are working as consultants for architects and builders. We make autocad drawings for our clients. Our company is private limited company. Are we required to go for professional tax enrollment? Our all accounting activities are done at Delhi. Our Managing Director and one more director work at New Delhi and Gurgaon respectively. Are we supposed to pay professional tax for both directors or for one director.
    Please guide me.

  123. satyanarayan sen says:

    I would like to know a company having a base office in maharashtra and rgistere under profesion Tax Act in Maharashtra and its employees working in various state but salary paid from its base office after deducting PT from employee salary and deposited in Maharashtra.Do you think company required to get registration at various state where its employees is working

  124. sahil bhasin says:

    I want to know whether salary is the actual salry paid after taking into account the leaves taken or the gross salary ie the salary as decided on paper

  125. kishor says:

    If any employee is applicable for 2500 p/an but in any month he has paid 175 only due to absenteeism shall he pay 2500 per anaum?

  126. ganpati k jha says:

    hi i am ganpati. i am a lic agent. my agency year from first year’s commission is lumsum 12500/-. so i want to know that do i pay proffessional tax.

    ganpati k jha

  127. Dhanraj says:

    please send me the chart of tax liability for year April 2005 to 2010 of person who running shop in Bomby shop act Lice. area and having no vat number and no employee. if possible publish chart liebility wise rate for year wise from 2005

  128. kalpesh says:

    Hi, my queries regarding Payment of Prof. Tax payable by a company are as follows:
    1) Is a Director counted as employee while determining the annual p. Tax Liability of a company? Suppose a Company has one employee & 2 directors, will the company be liable for Rs. 2000/- P. tax or 2500/-
    2) In case a company is formed and established in a middle of year say August 2009, Does it have to pay Prof. tax on proportionate basis or for full year of 2009- 2010.
    3) Further I assume that Prof. Tax is to be deducted only on salary withdrawn. If a person is appointed director of a company in August but takes salary from October onwards, does he have to pay Prof. Tax for 2 months of August & September?
    Kindly respond back as soon as possible.

  129. Binod says:

    Hi, this is Binod from Kolkata, i am a salaried person in a private company, presently i am drawing 11,ooo per month with some part time at home from 2000 to 10000, what is my taxable amount, how can i avoid this, how can i pay it, is there any agent who can help me in payment of tax, kindly send all info at [email protected] or call me +91 9883826210. thanks

  130. Indrani OG says:

    I am a medical doctor and am employed at a hospital which deducts Rs 2500:00 annually towards profession tax from my salary. About a year ago I started my own clinic in addition to my employment. Do I need to pay additional profession tax? I have only one employee. Also, in how much time do I have to obtain a Shops and establishment registration?
    Please help.

  131. ajay says:

    In Maharashtra,

    If, we give sales incentive to our staff he/she get salary from our company.

    We are responsible for deduct professional tax from sales incentive.

  132. Pankaj says:

    i m an insurance agent in the year 2008 but not now & my total earning is just Rs. 1000. I leave the agency after can i eligible for Profession Tax registration.
    pls reply

  133. Shilpi says:

    What does salary means for this purposei.e. only basic salary will b the criteria to see the slab or basic salary + HRA of the employee.

  134. harsha says:


    If a person is NRI, and he is having income in India by way interest from Bank FDR & renting of residential house, then whether he has to pay profession tax?

  135. prabhu says:

    From when the new Professional tax is effective? is it from 1-mar or 4-jun or 18-jun?
    Has the amendment passed in assmebly?

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