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Let me give a small and sweet introduction of who am I. I am Rishit Shah. I am a big fan of Tally and currently in the final stage of Chartered Accountancy.

So, what are the shortcuts? Let me tell you that these are not the shortcuts that you hear every day like ALT+F2 and many more like that.

The shortcuts that are capitalized and bolded in red letters in Tally in every menu is what I am talking about.

Still didn’t get it? Open Tally, go to Gateway of Tally. You will come to know of what I am talking about.

Take a look at the picture below:

tally 1

By pressing red K you can directly go to Quick Setup. You don’t have to scroll up and down or use mouse to navigate between the menus in Tally.

These are the shortcuts on which this whole article is about.

Now you must be thinking, that I already know this. Why the hell is this guy telling me what I already know.

But, before you go away, let me tell you that there are more than 100 shortcuts like the one above (the red K) that you just read.

Do know all of them? Well, nobody knows all the shortcuts and by knowing them you will be faster than ever at operating Tally.

By knowing even just some of the basic shortcuts you will save your precious time and you can utilize it somewhere for your benefit.

You can operate Tally much faster than you can even think. By pressing just 4 keys you can go into almost any menu in Tally.

People will think from where to go to this menu and you will be there in a fraction of seconds. And I’m not joking at all. I have tried this and many of my friends have tried this too. The results were amazing.

It works at the speed of light. Let’s start right now.


For learning all the shortcuts that you are going to see in this articles, you will need Tally.ERP 9.

If you don’t have Tally.ERP 9, don’t worry. You can download and install Tally for free (educational version).

After downloading and installing Tally, open Tally.

Create a new company, if you have not created till now.

After creating a company in Tally or if you have already created a company then go to Gateway of Tally.

Once you are at Gateway of Tally start trying the shortcuts listed below one by one.

The basic and simple one which like is ALC. From Gateway of Tally press ALC consecutively and you will directly reach at the ledger creation screen in Tally.

This is something that I call a great time saver and it also reduces the keys that you have to press on keyboard.

Try all the shortcuts listed below and in two or three days you will be a master at operating Tally.

Tally is used by so many professionals and this list of shortcuts will help them in a great manner.

Here is the trick to the shortcuts listed below. I will try to explain with the help of certain suitable examples.

Suppose if you want to alter a ledger you would start like this:

  1. From Gateway of Tally, you will go into Accounts Info.
  2. From Accounts Info., you will go to Ledgers.
  3. In Ledgers you will find the option to Alter.
  4. By pressing Alter you will reach the Ledger Alteration screen finally to alter the ledgers.

With the help of the trick or menu shortcut that are listed in the article below above 3 steps are directly eliminated. Here are they:

  1. From Gateway of Tally, press A, then press L, then press A. What I mean to say is press A+L+A consecutively one by one.
  2. You are already at the Ledger Alteration screen and you can alter the ledgers.

This was a simple example of altering a ledger.

Let’s say you want to go to the CST Register in order to see the status of CST purchases and sales.

Most of the people would go like this:

  1. From Gateway of Tally, they will go to Display.
  2. Then they will scroll down to Statutory Reports.
  3. After that they will choose CST.
  4. Lastly they will scroll down and select CST Register.

But instead by following a simple menu shortcut of DOCS, you can directly reach at CST Register menu in fraction of seconds. It just takes one step instead of four.

There are 100+ shortcuts like this listed in this articles that will be very useful to you.

Start with the basics and go ahead with the advanced like CST and VAT.

The shortcuts are listed in a manner the options are listed in Gateway of Tally so it will be easier for you to refer.


Accounts Info.

In Accounts Info., all the shortcuts start with A.

Shortcut Functionality
AGC Create a group
AGD Display individual group
AGA Alter a group
AGR Create multiple groups
AGI Display multiple ledgers
AGT Alter multiple ledgers
ALC Create a ledger
ALD Display individual ledger
ALA Alter a ledger
ALR Create multiple ledgers
ALI Display multiple ledgers
ALT Alter multiple ledgers
ALL See credit limits
ABC Create a budget
ABA Alter a budget
Voucher Types
AVC Create a voucher
AVD Display a voucher
AVA Alter a voucher

Inventory Info.

In Inventory Info., all the shortcuts start with I.

Shortcut Functionality
Stock Groups
IGC Create a stock group
IGD Display individual stock group
IGA Alter individual stock group
IGR Create multiple stock groups
IGI Display multiple stock groups
IGT Alter multiple stock groups
VAT Commodity
ITC Create a VAT commodity
ITD Display a VAT commodity
ITA Alter a VAT commodity
Stock Items
IIC Create a stock item
IID Display individual stock item
IIA Alter a stock item
IIR Create multiple stock item
III Display multiple stock item
IIT Alter multiple stock item
Units of Measures
IUC Create an inventory unit
IUD Display inventory unit
IUA Alter inventory unit
Voucher Types
IVC Create a voucher
IVD Display a voucher
IVA Alter a voucher
Update VAT Info.
IE Update VAT information

QuicK Setup

In Quick Setup, all the shortcuts start with K.

Shortcut Functionality
KN Go to Tally.NET setup
KM Go to Excise for Manufacturer setup
KD Go to Excise for Dealer setup
KV Go to VAT setup
KT Go to TDS setup
KC Go to TCS setup
KS Go to Service Tax setup


Accounting Vouchers

Shortcut Functionality
V Go to accounting voucher creation

Inventory Vouchers

Shortcut Functionality
T Go to inventory voucher creation


ImpOrt of Data

In Import of Data, all the shortcuts start with O.

Shortcut Functionality
OM Imports masters
OV Imports vouchers


In Banking, all the shortcuts start with N.

Shortcut Functionality
NC Go to cheque printing
NR Displays cheque register
NB Go to Bank Reconciliation
NDD Displays Cheque Deposit Slip
NDC Displays Cash Deposit Slip
NP Displays Payment Advice


Shortcut Functionality
B Displays Balance Sheet
P Displays Profit and Loss account
S Displays Stock Summary
R Displays Ratio Analysis


In Display, all the shortcuts start with D.

Shortcut Functionality
Trial Balance
DT Displays Trial Balance
Day Book
DD Displays Day Book
Account Books
DAC Displays Cash/Bank books
DAL Displays a list of ledgers
DAG Displays list of groups
DAV Displays list of groups with vouchers
DAS Displays Sales Register
DAP Displays Purchase Register
DAJ Displays Journal Register
Statements of Accounts
DSOR Displays statements of accounts for outstanding receivables
DSOP Displays statements of accounts for outstanding payables
DSOL Displays statements of accounts outstanding ledger wise
DSOG Displays statements of accounts outstanding group wise
DSS Displays statements of accounts statistics
Inventory Books
DIS Displays stock item
DIG Displays list of groups of stock items
DIT Displays Stock Transfers
DIP Displays physical stock register
DIMS Displays analysis of movement of stocks group wise
DIMI Displays analysis of movement of stocks item wise
DIMG Displays analysis of movement of accounts group wise
DIML Displays analysis of movement of accounts ledger wise
DIMT Displays Transfer Analysis
DIA Displays Ageing Analysis
Statements of Inventory
DET Displays Stock Query in statements of inventory
DEO Displays Cost Estimation in statements of inventory
DEI Displays Item Cost Analysis in statements of inventory
DES Displays statements of inventory statistics
Statutory Info.
DUV Displays VAT classifications
Statutory Reports – VAT
DOVV Displays VAT computation in VAT reports
DOVA Displays VAT forms in VAT reports
DOVE Displays E-VAT forms in VAT reports
DOVC Displays VAT commodity in VAT reports
DOVR Displays VAT register in VAT reports
Statutory Reports – CST
DOCR Displays forms receivable in CST reports
DOCI Displays forms issuable in CST reports
DOCC Displays CST forms in CST reports
DOCE Displays E-CST forms in CST reports
DOCS Displays CST register in CST reports
Cash/Funds Flow
DCC Displays cash flow in Cash/Funds Flow
DCF Displays funds flow in Cash/Funds Flow
DCP Displays cash flow projection in Cash/Funds Flow
Receipts and Payments
DR Displays Receipts and Payments
List of Accounts
DL Displays List of Accounts
Exception Reports
DXN Displays Negative Stock in Exception Reports
DXL Displays Negative Ledgers in Exception Reports
DXR Displays Overdue Receivables in Exception Reports
DXP Displays Overdue Payables in Exception Reports
DXM Displays Memorandum Vouchers in Exception Reports
DXS Displays Post-Dated Vouchers in Exception Reports
DXA Displays E-mail IDs in Exception Reports


I am very much confident that above listed 100+ shortcuts will make your operation in Tally much more powerful than anyone.

If you are an Articleship going guy or doing job, than your boss will be shocked to see you using Tally this way because even your boss doesn’t know this.

It took me a lot of effort and time to put it up to you but it is totally worth if you are gaining from this. From the start of my professional career I had a motto of sharing and caring.

When I saw and used Tally for the first time, I was amazed as well as very much interested in learning it. By the use of the shortcuts listed above Tally can be used more in a simple and faster way than ever.

Well, I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for reading this article by investing your valuable time.

If you have any queries you can reach me at TallySchool.com or simply email me at rishit@tallyschool.com

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  1. Kanhaiyalal Newasakar says:

    I am impressed to note the shortcuts you have given are very valuable for me.
    I must thank you very much & eagerly awaiting for new ideas.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Madhu says:

    Dear Sir,
    By now you have become C.A. congrates to you. I am using tally 4.5 version and i am happy to use it. I would like to know how to tranfer data from one co to another co. i do not want to write my account which is there in one co to another co can you guide me as to how to transfer group,ledger and all cash entries and bank entries ,journal from one file to newly created co.
    Thanking you in anticipation.

  3. CA Moiz says:

    Hi, Rishit,
    I congratulate and appreciate for your untiring effort to display all the short cuts.
    I am using Tally since its launch of DOS version Tally 4.5, with short cut menus like DAS, DAP, DAL, B,P sicne they are very relevant for the purpose of Accounting and Audit, but I have not extended beyond this, the way you have researched it.
    Still there are lot of short cuts while doing basic voucher entry like Ctrl R in narration to copy etc. To Copy use “Ctrl+Alt+C” and for Paste use “Ctrl+Alt+V”. It is helpful command when you try to open Company in two different directory.
    I find tally excellent accounting package because of its easy of going to voucher level from the Balance Sheet onwards by just pressing enter, enter to our desire level.

    I wish all the best for your CA final and pass will flying colour

  4. Mohd Abdul Wahab says:


    Very nice to see your comments about Tally, but don’t forget that there are major disadvantage that you can’t restore the typical back up as required by you. Because the back up which u take at your convenient time will not remain as it was since latest one which overwrites the existing backup.Hope u understand.

  5. naresh thaker says:

    Hi Rishit,
    My name is Naresh Thaker from Dubai.
    Very nice work and thanks for sharing.
    Tally seems best and much more integrated system
    having enough room for customization unlike few other Indian software. This is my opinion and may differ from other those have worked on multiple similar accounting packages.
    Any way I am wondering if Tally has a ‘CRM’ then why it is not popular as even small business units looks such facilities along with ERP system.

  6. Manohar CH L, Tax Consultant says:

    Hi,Mr.Rishit thanks for timely, nice & very useful Article in the day to day routine of our profession. I am also Tally lover. My Hearty Congrats to you.

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