Suppose we want to download some material in our mother tongue from internet, then which is the best way?

OK. I make the question more clear.  Suppose, someone wants to search the term “Balvarta” (Its Gujarati Term, the meaning of which is story for children) and wants the resultant sites in Gujarati, then how to make such type of search?

Most of the techno-savvy persons may answer to use advance search options and select the language from drop down menu, but it is to be very much clear that search engines provide the list of only some of the languages.  In our example, we want to make search in Guajarati language which is not given in list of languages on “Google Search Engine” under the advance search options.  And even by using this facility for say Hindi language, one can not get the satisfactory results.

So, one day, I tried one more technique for making this type of search and got the extra-ordinary result.  I am sharing that with you in following steps.

1.       Open

2.       On the given menus click on “More” and select “Translate”.

3.       Now, select “Gujarati” from language options.

4.       Write “balvarta” in the box given below and press the spacebar.  It will be translated into Guajarti term “બાળવાર્તા”.

5.        Now again open www. and copy-paste this term” બાળવાર્તા” there.

Now, you will find the amazing results as given in following screen shot (attached)


So, enjoy the local search in global engine now…..


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  1. Raj says:

    Thanks a lot, its really great, but there are still shortage of language options like punjabi, marathi, etc. How this can be overcome..


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