Suggest what is to be entered in a cell? (Cell Comment)

Cell Comment

Suggest the user as regards what is to be entered in the cell

1.  Select the cell wherein you wish to see the message,

2. Right click and select <Insert Comment>.

3. Type the instruction in the comment box.

Note that the cell comment is displayed only when you move the cursor over the cell.

Change the User Name in the cell comment?

Click the Office button à Excel Options à Popular à Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office. A change here, changes the User name at the start of a comment.

Instead of showing the user name at the start of a comment, you can change to something generic, such as “Sir”.

To do this Click Office Button à Excel Options à Popular. Under the caption ‘Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office’, delete the existing User Name, and type a new entry. Click OK.

This change affects the User Name in all Microsoft Office programs.

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    Demonstration is not clear , should be in flow diagram,

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