F.No 01/91/110/01/AM19/EC/Vol. II
Government of India
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi

Date: 18th March 2019

Trade Notice No. 50/2018-19


All IEC Holders
All EPC’s
All RAs of DGFT

Subject: Online tiling and processing of applications for export of Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) at DGFT HQ.

DGFT in its endeavour to simplify the filing of application and expediting the processing and issuance of export authorisation has undertaken following measures:

A. Online Filing and processing of applications for export authorisation of restricted items (Non-SCOM ET)

2. Under Para 2.51 of Handbook of Procedure of FTP 2015-20 , Exim Facilitation Committee (EFC) in DGFT (Hqrs.) considers applications for export of Restricted items (Non-SCOMET ) as specified in Appendix-1,2 & 4 of Schedule 2 of the ITC (HS) Classifications of export items. Presently, the applications for export of Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) are filed in hard copy and thereafter, the consultation with the concerned agencies is also done manually.

3. It has been decided that w.e.f. 19.3.2019 the applications by the exporters will be filed online on E-COM module for Export Authorisations (Non-SCOMET Restricted items). Further, the consultation process with administrative departments will also be online.

4. The process for filing online Application is as under:-

i. Link for filing online application: Home Page of DGFT website (www.dgft.gov.in) → Services → Online ECOM applications → Restricted export item (Non-SCOMET).

ii. User manual for filing online application for Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) is available on the DGFT website at (www.dgft.gov.in) → Services → Online ECOM applications → Help → Restricted export item(Non-SCOMET).

5. Following documents are required to be uploaded on the portal :

i. Copy of Purchase Order(s) of firm(s) involved in the export of the item/product.

ii. Aayat Niryat Form (ANF)-1 (Applicants Profile).

iii. Relevant documents as per the Trade Notice No. 35 dated 25.10.2018.

6. No hard copy of the application and documents is required to be submitted to DGFT (HQ).

7. As a transition arrangement, applications shall be accepted off-line also till 31.03.2019. From 01.04.2019, it is mandatory to apply online only.

B. Issue of export authorisation / license by DGFT (Hqrs) for export of Non-SCOMET Restricted items

1. To avoid any delay in grant of export authorizations, it has been decided that w.e.f. 01.04.2019, export authorizations for Restricted items (Non-SCOMET ) shall be issued by the Export Cell, DGFT (Hqrs). The authorizations shall be issued under the signature of FTDO (Non-SCOMET) or any other official designated for the purpose.

2. However, issues relating to revalidation and penal action in terms of FTDR Act, if any related to the export authorization, shall continue to be handled by the concerned jurisdictional Regional Authority as usual, in terms of the existing provision in FTP/HBP.

3. Further, jurisdictional Regional Authorities will continue to issue export authorizations in those Restricted items (Non-SCOMET) cases, against which permissions have been issued by DGFT(Hqrs) before 31.03.2019.

(Soumya Chatopadhyay)
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade
DGFT (Hqrs)
Tel — 011-23063419
E-mail: soumya.caenic.in

Copy to:

1. PS to Hon’ble C1M

2. PS to Hon’ble MOS

3. PSO to Commerce Secretary

4. PPS to DGFT

5. All EFC Members

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