F.No. S/22-Gen-04/2017-18/AM(I)

Date: 21.03.2018


Subject: Advance submission of documents for NOC from FSSAI reg.

Attention of all Custom Brokers, Importers, Members of the Trade and other stake holders is invited to the above mentioned subject.

2. The trade has requested for procedure for “submission of necessary documents in advance” for obtaining NOC from FSSAI.

3. The FSSAI Authorities have been consulted in this regard and they have informed the presently followed Foods Import Clearance System (FICS) by them as below:-

Sl. No. Step Basic Prerequisite Remarks
1. Filing of BOE with ICES (Customs) by
Proper CTH code and end use dropdown be selected in EDI NA
2. If applicable, filing of application to FSSAI Advance B/E should be filed and routed to FSSAI for necessary NOC Berthing of vessel or IGM details are not required
3. Scrutiny of application by FSSAI Necessary documents along with agency specific documents (e.g. COO, end use declaration,
certificate of analysis from supplier, etc.) needs to be furnished including specimen copy of label, ingredient list and FSSAI Import
Berthing of vessel or IGM details are not required
4. Payment of inspection and analysis charges by
Applicant should pay such charges online or through Demand Draft Berthing of vessel or IGM details are not required
5. Scheduling appointment for inspection Appointment should be acknowledged by applicant and
importer’s representative or Custom Broker should be present in the CFS where samples needs to be drawn at the time fixed for sampling.
Consignment should be readily
available in CFS
 6. Forwarding Samples to Laboratory for Analysis Article should meet labelling requirements and no visible
spoilage and infestation should be observed. (basic requirement for the imported goods)
If non-conforming, article is rejected
7. Food analysis by laboratory Sample should be fit for analysis (FSSAI officers to ensure) and meet the specifications If not, then article is rejected.
8. Grant of NOC by FSSAI Article should be conforming to the FSSAI requirements and IGM details should be duly furnished in application If non-conforming, rejection certificate is issued.

4. Thus, on going through the above procedure, it is felt that option of advance filing of application for scrutiny is already operational for all applicants including ‘Out of Scope’ articles and applicants can update IGM details at any stage as listed above. It has been further clarified by FSSAI that Entry inward or IGM details are not required at stage of filing of application to FSSAI or scrutiny or documents inspection or during sampling and analysis. IGM details are required only to generate NOC/NCC certificate after analysis since it is part of NOC certificate format.

5. In view of the above, all the Custom Brokers, Exporters, Importers, Members of the Trade and other stake holders are advised to avail the above mentioned facility for expeditious procurement of NOC from FSSAI. In case of any difficulty, the specific issue may be brought to the notice of Deputy/Assistant Commissioner in charge of Appraising Main (Import), NS-III (email address:



Commissioner of Customs (NS-III)

Copy to:

i.  The Chief Commissioner of Customs, Mumbai Zone-II, JNCH.

ii. The Commissioner of Customs, NS-G/ NS-I/ NS-II / NS-IV / NS-V, JNCH.

iii. All Additional / Joint Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.

iv. All Deputy / Assistant Commissioner of Customs, JNCH.

v. All Sections / Groups of NS-G, NS-I, NS-II / NS-III/ NS-IV / NS-V, JNCH.

vi. Representative of BCBA / FIEO for information and circulation among their members for information.

vii. AC/DC, EDI for uploading on JNCH website immediately

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